How To Survive In Minecraft Hunger Games

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Minecraft, one of the all-time best-selling video game titles in existence, gives its players the ability to search and find resources to build and craft new things with the end goal of beating the game. But creativity isn’t the only thing you’ll see, because as soon as you visit a popular server, you’ll encounter the Minecraft Hunger Games.

The Minecraft Hunger Games is very similar to the “Hunger Games” movie and Battle Royale titles. A specific number of people spawn together in the middle of the map, and as soon as the timer reaches zero, the game begins. Many people make the mistake of rushing to the middle of the spawn where some of the best loot is located but a majority of these players lose their lives immediately.

So, if you want to find out how you can be the one to survive and potentially even win, then keep reading!

Getting in and Starting the Game

Just as previously mentioned, the very first thing you have to do is to find a server. There are multiple that feature a hunger games mode, but the top three most popular servers are MC-central, Hypixel, and Mineplex.

Moving on to the actual game, all the players currently available in the mode’s lobby will be teleported to the arena and get locked to place in pedestals forming a circle around the central spawn. As soon as the game begins the players can move.

We will start with some basic things you need to know so you don’t die immediately, and then we will move on to how you can stay alive for a longer time in the game.

Don’t Go for the Center

Probably the biggest mistake that new Minecraft Hunger Games players make is to rush for the center. This can result in two things. Firstly, you may get there and open the same chest as the person next to you or you may get killed by a lucky player who got a diamond sword.

The bottom line is that if you play without caution, the game will end for you before it even begins.

Know What to Look For

The safest option would be to turn away from the spawn and run immediately into a less popular spot such as a farm or a graveyard. Not only do these spots have lots of food, but you are very likely to find some good armor and weapons, especially in the latter.

If in any case, you have to fight for a chest. If you end up opening it at the same time as some other player and there is a weapon, then pick that first before any other items. Knowing the basic keyboard shortcuts will be vital in a round of Minecraft Hunger Games.

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When looting a chest, remember to push Shift while clicking on an item in order to instantly move it to your inventory or back to the chest. When dropping items to free up space, hover over them and push Q to dispense each one by one or Ctrl + Q to get rid of the whole stack.  

How to Stay Alive in Minecraft Hunger Games

If you want to stay alive, then you have to learn how to get away from enemies who are trying to catch you. So, how will you escape them?

Constantly Sprinting and Jumping

This is where most of the beginners fail. When running and jumping at the same time your character is going to build momentum meaning that your maximum speed is bigger than it would be if you were only walking or running.

Jumping will chew through your hunger back quickly, though, so try not to use it as much when not needed. When trying to evade enemies and you have to go through a forest area, then sprint and jump whenever passing below trees.

This will get you out of the closed area faster while your pursuers stay behind.

Keeping Healthy and Saturated

You’d think that armor is your best friend when playing but that’s not correct – food is. After all, they are called Minecraft Hunger Games for a reason.

When sprinting around the playing field, you’ll eventually run out of saturation, meaning that your stamina will drop, making you unable to run or regenerate lost health points. Always try to have full health and saturation, and if you haven’t found a shield, then equip some food in your empty hand for quick access.

Repel the Enemy and Turn the Tides

When being followed by an enemy while out of stamina or if you want to increase the space between you, then your best option would be to try to fend him off. This can be done very efficiently if you have an enchanted bow with Punch or any other item such as a stick or a fishing pole with Knockback.

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Other than that, a cleverly placed water bucket will slow the enemy down while you disappear in the horizon. You can also use eggs and snowballs.

But what do we mean by turning the tides? Being outnumbered or not having any substantial armor doesn’t necessarily mean bad news for you. Fire is your best friend in Hunger Games. Equip a lava bucket, and if you don’t have one, try using some flint and steel to ignite the ground beneath you as you jump over it.

Eventually, the enemy will cross over it and start taking some damage, allowing you to either flee or turn around and come face to face with him.

Don’t Go in the Water

If you don’t want to sink to the bottom, then you should never purposely jump in the water unless you can hop on lily pads or blocks located on the surface. If you are playing in solo games, then the enemy will most likely snipe you with his bow as soon as you go in the water.

This used to be extremely easy in the previous versions as you’d be very slow. In 1.13, you can swim fast so go deep and zig zag continuously to avoid getting hit by arrows.

With the exception of open oceans, lakes or any other small area of water is a dead zone, as you can easily get surrounded from the shore by potential enemies, decreasing the success percentage of making it out alive.

Become a Ninja

Minecraft Hunger Games are hard to win, especially during the last minutes, as your name tag will give away your hiding spot. Always shift when you want to hide or ambush someone, as your name tag’s opacity is lowered, making it harder for you to get spotted.

Additional Tips for Gameplay

Here are some tips and strategies you can use in any point throughout the game.

Going Offensive

If you get fully equipped relatively early in the game, then the best strategy is to be offensive. Hunt down enemies and corner them to get the advantage. One of the best ways to get kills is to get to high ground, equip a bow, and try to snipe anyone who passes by.

Higher ground can double as a hiding spot. Some examples are a high building, a tree’s top, a mountain, or even a sniper’s tower.

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Be Conservative

Suppose you have two hunger bars missing and your food options are limited to a steak and an apple. You should try eating the apple first as the extra saturation from the steak would go to waste. On the other hand, if you are playing on a Minecraft Hunger Games server that has updated to the 1.13 version, then this shouldn’t play such a big role, as extra saturation is added on top of the ten basic bars.

You should also be conservative in ammunition such as arrows and potions, especially the battle-related ones like Strength, Regeneration, and Poison.

Know When and How to Attack

Chances are that most of the players in a Minecraft Hunger Games round aren’t newcomers and will know how to fight. If you approach them by continually swinging your sword around, you’ll be dead before you even realize it. Here is what you have to remember to win the majority of your fights.

When attacking, you should jump in order to increase your chances of getting a critical hit. Also, don’t move in a straight line, but instead zig zag and jump around the enemy while striking him.

This makes you harder to hit, improving the chances of winning the fight.

Conclusion – How To Win Minecraft Hunger Games

Reaching the final point of our post, we’d like to provide what we like referring to as the golden rule of Minecraft Hunger Games. When you are in the top five, avoid any encounter you can until you absolutely have to attack.

Needless to say how many times we have finished someone, they killed the third remaining player while he had low HP. Remember this, no matter how strong your weapons are or how good your armor is, your brain is the best thing you have.

To learn how to use it and you will rise to the top!

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