What to Do When Minecraft Crashes on Startup

Playing your favorite video game or using your favorite electronic device can always offer a great way to pass the time. Unfortunately, crashes are pretty common when it comes to such things. Either the game stops working and boots you to the dashboard or home screen of your device, or the device itself refuses to perform any function. Pertaining to the popular sandbox game, Minecraft, if Minecraft crashes on startup, you are completely unable to play the game, thus missing out on a ton of fun, including building your own structures or playing with other players from around the world.

What are you supposed to do when Minecraft crashes on startup? Luckily, there are ways to fix the crash problem, and to ensure that it does not happen again. If you are a Minecraft player who is experiencing the problem, then this guide is that you are looking for to solve the issue!

What Is a Crash in Minecraft?

If this is your first Minecraft crash experience, you don’t have to worry. Within the gaming world, a crash is a very common issue, which can sometimes be resolved with ease.

A crash is a shutdown that occurs out of nowhere. In most cases, when Minecraft experiences a crash, it shuts down, sometimes providing a window telling the player what went wrong. The two most common crashes in Minecraft are “Saving chunks” and “Shutting down internal server.” As a result, the worst thing that can happen because of the crash is the corruption of saved data. That is the one thing you want to avoid because if your saved data is gone, all progress is gone. Always keep a copy of your save folder in case your saved data is wiped out!

It’s safe to assume that you are wondering what causes Minecraft to crash. Well, the answer to that isn’t that simple because there can be multiple reasons. Truth be told, the reason can be different for each player, even though the end result, which is the crash itself, is pretty much the same. As such, in the next section, we will go into detail and explain to you what causes Minecraft to crash.

What Causes Minecraft to Crash?

To put things into perspective, we are going to list the most common reasons first. When Minecraft crashes on startup, it’s mostly because of bugs, mods, and updates. There are other factors, but less common ones like hardware issues, software issues, and certain in-game actions.

Minecraft house
Image by allinonemovie from Pixabay 


Bugs are basically errors that cause the game to produce an unexpected result. For instance, before the beta 1.6.5 update, if a player shift-clicked an item into a full chest, then Minecraft would produce a bug that crashed the game. Bugs can be found in almost every single video game nowadays, and they are usually fixed when the development team releases an update or a patch.


The act of modifying the game in any way can also cause Minecraft to crash. The mod can be incompatible with the current version of Minecraft, may require another mod to operate, or was made by an amateur modder.


Minecraft building
Image by Egnez from Pixabay 

Not having Minecraft up to date can also crash the game. It’s a good idea to update your version of Minecraft whenever you can in order to avoid crashes.


This issue depends on what kind of device you have Minecraft on. Check your graphics card or check to see if your computer can handle Minecraft. Although it’s safe to say that every modern computer can run Minecraft, there can still be a few hardware issues that can create problems.


In most cases, a user’s anti-virus software can cause Minecraft to crash. Disable your anti-virus program and check if you can run Minecraft. If that’s the case, then you know it’s the fault of the anti-virus software program.

In-game Actions 

minecraft steve holding sword
Image by InoxyBuild from Pixabay 

This can pertain to any other game out there. If the game overloads and is unable to process all the actions taking place within itself at the same time, then it will crash. For example, if you blow up a lot of TNT at the same time in Minecraft, then the game will most likely crash.

Now that we know what a crash is and why Minecraft crashes on startup, we are one step closer to figuring out how to fix the issue for good. In the next section, we will explore different solutions to fixing the crash, as well as (hopefully) preventing future crashes from happening.

What to Do When Minecraft Crashes on Startup


Now that you are more familiar with the factors that can cause Minecraft to crash, you can now look at the solutions and test the ones that you think will solve the issue(s). If you know exactly why your version of Minecraft crashes, you can go ahead and read the necessary solution. If not, you can try all provided solutions until you meet the one that fixes the crash.

Solution 1: Restart Your Computer

kids smiling while playing computer games
Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay 

Sometimes, restarting your device can do the trick. Either restart the device or turn it off completely and then turn it back on. If one of the solutions does not work, try the opposite one. If neither works, read on and try the next solution.

Solution 2: Update Minecraft

Like we said in the section above, not updating Minecraft can cause the game to crash. If Minecraft crashes on startup and you know for a fact that you haven’t been updating your game, then you have to let Minecraft update. That should be able to fix the problem.

Solution 3: Update the Graphics Driver

Minecraft can crash if your graphics card driver is out of date. If that’s the case, then the driver will need an update. There are two ways to update the driver: one way is manual while the other way is automatic.


This method is meant for those who have the necessary computer skills and are well-versed in computer terminology. Find out which graphics card you have, go to the graphics card manufacturer’s website, find the corresponding driver, and install it on your computer.


This method is for those who aren’t good with computers. Go to the Driver Easy website, and download and install the program. After installing the program, open it up, and select Scan Now. If the program detects that the graphics card driver must be updated, go ahead and select “Update.”

Solution 4: Reinstall Java

To reinstall Java correctly, go to the Control Panel on your computer, find Programs and Features, and then select Java Runtime Environment. Go ahead and uninstall it. After restarting your device, reinstall Java online and check to see of Minecraft crashes on startup or not.

Solution 5: Turn off VBOs

First, press the Windows logo and R on your keyboard at the same time to open up the Run box. In the box, type in %APPDATA%.minecraft and select OK, which should open up the .minecraft folder. Within the folder, select options .txt and change the useVbo to “false.” Save the file, restart your computer, and relaunch Minecraft.

Solution 5a: Turn off VBOs within Minecraft

minecraft character running at daytime
Image by Milo F from Pixabay 

This solution mainly pertains to Minecraft crashing while you are in-game and not on startup. To do that within Minecraft, go to Settings, then Video Settings, and find the settings that deal with VBOs. Once you find the option called Use VBOs, go ahead and turn that off. See if that is able to stop Minecraft from crashing while in-game.

Solution 6: Close User Account Control

This solution is mostly meant for those who have Minecraft on Windows 10. Open up the search bar and type in Change User Account Control Settings. Once you have access to the settings, lower the bar all the way down so that it says Never notify and select OK.

Solution 7: Find a Way to Stop Overclocking Your CPU

To explain what overclocking means, overclocking is when you set your CPU to run at a higher speed than originally intended. If that happens to be the case, and you overclocked your CPU at one point in time, then you will have to restore the process to its original settings. There are multiple programs that will allow you to do that.

Out of seven different solutions to choose from, one of them should be able to help you out. If you already know what the reason is, ignore the other solutions in order to not corrupt the game’s files by accident. However, if you don’t know the exact reason for the crash, try all solutions until you find the one that works. If for whatever reason your game still crashes, try going online and asking the community for help. You can either visit the Reddit page or the official forums for assistance.


If your version of Minecraft crashes on startup or in-game, you now have multiple solutions at your disposal. Whether the issue is a software issue, a hardware issue, or an issue within Minecraft itself, first, figure out what it is and then apply the appropriate solution. We hope that you find one that works best for you!

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How To Use The Instant Structures Mod In Minecraft

The use of mods to make a player’s Minecraft experience much more fun and exciting is a well-known concept within the community, which would explain why there are thousands if not millions of different mods out there. Mods can turn the game upside down (quite literally in some cases) and make it far more unique than the original version. If you like to experiment with mods and use a lot of mods in your game, you have probably heard of the Instant Structures mod. You always wanted to give it a try but weren’t able to because you didn’t know what it was or what it does.

Luckily for you, we are here to help you and guide you through the process of using the fun mod. In this guide, we will help you install the Instant Structures mod and tell you how to use it properly, step by step.

What Is the Instant Structures Mod?

At one point or another, you may have heard of the name, but most likely asked yourself what the name means. As you might have already guessed, the name deals with structures within the game and the fact that they can be instantly produced means that the mod’s user doesn’t have to put in any effort into building the structure. Believe it or not, but you would be correct in assuming that. However, there is more to it.

As you already know, Minecraft is full of structures. Whether the structure is a dungeon, a house, a mine, a cave, or anything else, structures are an important feature within the game. As such, it can take some time to build a structure, especially if it’s elaborate and complex, which in that case means it can take much longer to build. Players may not have the time, nor the resources to sit there for hours trying to build a particular structure–that’s where the Instant Structures mod comes in. With just a few clicks, players can immediately put out massive and detailed structures within their game.

Here is another example that can be used to demonstrate how useful the mod is. Let’s say you want to build a city and make it look similar to Manhattan or any other metropolitan city. Normally, it would take you days to accomplish that, but with the mod the whole process just takes a few minutes!

Types of Structures Available

Like we already said in the section above, Minecraft has a lot of structures. As such, it would be logical to assume that certain players would want certain structures for their gameplay. But what kind of structures are there and what is their significance?


a village with small field crops

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Perhaps the most common structures within Minecraft, villages can be as small as two to three buildings, medium-sized, or in rare cases, be large and robust. Typically, villages can be created in the Plains, Savanna, or Desert environments and use materials that pertain to the specific environment. Of course, with villages, there are villagers, and players can build additional structures for them.

Desert Temples

cactus in the Minecraft desert

Image Source: Pixabay.com

In Minecraft, desert temples are structures made from sand, sandstone, and wood blocks and feature a secret hidden chamber rigged with explosive traps. As you may have guessed, the secret chamber has plenty of wonderful and useful treasures inside, and it’s up to the player to get inside the chamber without setting off any of the traps. A player can find a desert temple by wandering around the desert, or while mining. Speaking of mining, if you ever encounter a weird sandstone column, that means you are very close to the temple.  

Jungle Temples

a temple in Minecraft

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Just like desert temples, jungle temples also have a secret chamber room protected by traps. However, jungle temples also have redstones—substances that are used to create electrical constructions in Minecraft. One thing that makes jungle temples better than desert temples is that there are plenty of wood resources nearby along with mossy cobblestones.

Witch Huts

Witch huts are some of the simplest structures in Minecraft. Consisting of just a small house, witch huts can be commonly found in swampy environments. Needless to say, the huts have a witch living inside, an aggressive character who will try to attack players. Although there is never any loot inside of a witch hut, there is a crafting table which can be used to construct various things.

Abandoned Mineshafts

Being one of the most useful structures in Minecraft, mineshafts can save players plenty of time because everything has already been dug out for them. Inside mineshafts, players can find fence posts, wood blocks, and mine cart rails, which are all full of harvestable materials. Plus, the mine carts themselves can contain loot for players to take! However, mineshafts can prove to be complex structures because they can fuse with other mineshafts, thus creating a labyrinth-like location that can take hours to explore and fully loot.  


When you think of dungeons, you normally picture a large area full of enemies, treasures, and a boss somewhere within, right? In Minecraft, dungeons are actually between 5×5 and 7×7 blocks wide and contain zero to two chests along with a block that spawns enemies. One notable thing about dungeons is that they are the only area in the game where you can find music discs inside of the loot chests.


top of a fort in Minecraft game

Image Source: Pixabay.com

As the name might suggest, strongholds are enormous fortresses and are the most castle-like structures in the game. They are incredibly rare and can prove to be difficult to find although they are definitely worth it. The first reason why a stronghold is important to explore is because it makes for a very durable and secure home, along with having loot like gold, enchanted books, swords, and diamonds. Strongholds also have a Portal Room, a room with a portal which players can use to travel to The End.

These are just some of the most important structures in the game. There are many more different structures such as hills, coral reefs, mountains, and other terrains that players can come across.

In the next section, we will guide you through the process of installing and using the Instant Structures mod so that you can begin choosing and placing your favorite structures in the game and creating fun worlds!

How to Use the Instant Structures Mod in Minecraft

Before you can begin using the mod, there are two things you have to know about it. First, the mod is mainly used to browse thousands of different structures, and two, the mod is used to place those structures. The website from which you can download the mod from, instant-structures-mod, makes a great analogy to Google and Spotify. The mod is like Google because you can use it as a search engine to find things you want, and like Spotify because it stores the structures so that you can easily manage them.

To download and install the mod, go to the website (mentioned in the paragraph above), select for which version of Minecraft you want the mod for, and just download and install it like any other application and program. Next, we will talk about searching for structures and placing them.


Once you open up the Instant Structures mod, you can browse for structures by typing keywords into the search field. After you find the structure you want to use, open the context menu and choose the “Place Structure” option. It’s also worth to note that placeable structures are stored in your library. And that’s all there is to it. Every structure you choose to use will be saved and will also be available to you whenever you open Minecraft!


After you save your structures, open up Minecraft and select the Place Structure item. Next, either right-click or left-click on the screen to place your structure! The Instant Structure mod also allows you to rotate, mirror, and adjust the orientation of the structure, meaning that you can adjust any structure to the area, no matter what it is! Aside from changing the dimensions, you can also flatten a surface and mark an area where the structure will stand.

It’s a good idea to select an area before you place a structure. You want the area to be open enough, especially if you plan on placing multiple structures at the same time. Other than that, it’s that easy! Just download the mod, select your desired structure, and then use the in-game tool to place the structure!


If you are the creative type but don’t have the time to sit there and make your own structures, the Instant Structures mod can be seen as a savior. It saves a lot of time, has elaborate and very detailed structures, and just makes the entire Minecraft experience more fun and exciting! We hope that you manage to find the structures that you are looking for and construct worlds, cities, and towns, that are going to make your fellow Minecraft players and friends excited and intrigued at the same time!

Featured Image Source: CC BY 2.0, MaggiCraft via Flickr

Top 10 Minecraft Minigame Servers

Minecraft is a game that took the world by storm several years ago with its main survival mode style of play and ability to break down blocks made of various materials and build almost anything you want. Monsters come out at night, and it’s up to you to find a way to survive by whatever means possible. But with the ability to build anything comes the ability to craft different styles of play on private Minecraft computer servers.  If you get bored playing the normal survival mode, you can always search for Minecraft minigame servers which offer different game variants that are often very creative.

Product FAQ

1. What Are Minecraft Minigame Servers?

Minicraft minigame servers are special places online where, rather than playing the regular Minecraft game, you can play short, special games that have been created by other players.

2. What Does a Minecraft Minigame Server Do?

A Minecraft minigame server is a virtual place found on the internet. It has its own address, and if players know this address, they can join the server and play the games. The minigame server is a room for people to commune in, similar to a chat room. However, rather than chatting, you get to play games.

3. How Does a Minecraft Minigame Server Work?

Certain computer programmers or Minecraft players create a minigame and upload it to an online server. Online servers have an address, and if this address is shared, other players can go to this address and play the minigames.  

4. Where Can You Buy Them?

Minigame servers cannot be bought; they are shared online by developers who choose to create them. As long as you have already purchased Minecraft, you can find an address to a minigame server that interests you and join.

How We Reviewed

Laptop with mindcraft 3d effect
Image by Simon H. from Pixabay 

The following Minecraft minigame servers were reviewed based on the following parameters—game variety, server reliability, website professionalism, community motivation, and community size. While some of these are niche servers, others appeal to a broad audience. We believe the ability to reach a broad audience is the sign of a superior server.

In addition, some servers have more uptime than others, and we feel uptime can affect a player’s enjoyment of the server. A server that goes down often can be frustrating; thus, servers which stay up longer tend to be superior and mean that they have a great tech support team that is working to provide you with the best experience possible.

Also, first impressions are everything. The first impression a server gives off is through its website, and a professional looking website has a lot to say about the team that is caring for the server and making sure that it is the best that it can be. A poorly put together website may mean that there are not many funds for the server or that the owners simply do not care enough to boost its presentation.

The best servers tend to interact with the community a lot and get them excited about playing the game. This can come in the form of contests or objectives which ultimately lead to rewards.  

And finally, the last thing we looked at was community size. Some servers, although they may be great, are just too small to reach a broad audience. We believe that the amount of players on a server is a measure of the server’s popularity as well as the satisfaction of the community of players.  

What We Reviewed

  • ExtremeCraft.net
  • mc.blockdrop.org
  • mc.snapcraft.net
  • skykingdoms.net
  • mc-central.net
  • play.universemc.us
  • play.cubecraft.net
  • play.jartexnetwork.com
  • rexcraftia.com
  • play.battleasya.com



If you’re looking for Minecraft minigame servers that have a lot of variety, ExtremeCraft.net will give you that. After joining, you have eleven different modes to choose from that offer variants on the classic game—creative modes, RPG mode, and much more. In addition, there are tons of members here with a great tech team that keeps adding more to the server and keeping it running smoothly. It currently has 667 people playing and is online 99.3% of the time. If you are looking for lots of fun modes with reliability, this is a great one to try out.


  • A variety of game modes
  • Decent amount of members
  • 99.3% uptime


  • Very basic
  • Clunky website



This is another great server that is really playful (no pun intended!). Just by looking at their website, you can tell that they have a passion for the game. ExtremeCraft.net has all of the games they offer except for their newest game called “City Life.” In this new game, you get to play arcade games and essentially win prizes such as gadgets, suits, or emotes. This server currently has 550 players and is rapidly growing. It also has a 99.6% uptime rate, meaning you will hardly get kicked out of the server at all.


  • Has the exclusive game “City Life”       
  • Server is rapidly growing
  • 99.6% uptime


  • Doesn’t have as many games as other servers overall



If you want a lot of people to play with, this is one of the Minecraft minigame servers you’ll want to be a part of. With 1,288 people playing on this one, it is massive and dense. Another special thing about it is that they have two custom minigames that you won’t find in other places—Earthgames and Zombie. The fact that there are so many people on this server tells you that it’s a lot of fun and people really enjoy what they are experiencing. It’s worth taking a look at solely to try out their custom games and see if you like them or not.


  • Many players (1,288)     
  • Two original minigames to try out
  • 99.4% uptime


  • Could be too crowded for some people
  • Not as tight-knit as other smaller groups



Skykingdoms.net is based out of the UK, and it is one of the smallest Minecraft minigame servers out there. It only has 189 players. Don’t let the small size turn you away, however, because although it is small, it has some interesting games that other servers don’t have.  For example, they have games such as Quake and a variant of Survival that has slime and lucky blocks. Ultimately, you’re in for a different experience considering you will have less competition and a few more ways to play each game.


  • Features the game Quake 
  • Features Survival with slime and lucky blocks
  • Less competition
  • 99.6% uptime


  • Very small population
  • May be forced to play certain minigames depending on how many people are playing at the time



This is a massive server with 2,288 active players. It also has a 100% uptime, which is excellent. You can’t get any better than that. They have all the essential games you would want to play and even give away prizes to the winners. You can get Paypal Rewards for winning minigames, which is a big incentive for you to try your best. They also give you the option to vote for their website every day, and the top voters every month get a $25 gift certificate to use in their web store. The web store has all kinds of upgrades that will help you out when playing the minigames, so you can gain an advantage.


  • Tons of games      
  • Paypal Rewards given out after every playing season
  • Gift certificates given out for voting for their server
  • 100% uptime
  • Professional staff
  • Forum for chat available
  • They have a web store
  • 2,288 active players
  • Ability to apply for leadership positions


  • Might be too crowded for some players’ taste





UniverseMC is another one of the smaller Minecraft minigame servers, but it still has a great community. It only has 121 people on the server, but this just means it is a group of tight-knit people.  Although it is small, it does offer seven game types including their own original game, Earthgames. They have a few of the basic well-known game variants as well, and people are not disappointed with their experiences from the server.  What is really admirable is that though they are small, they have a 100% uptime, meaning you won’t have to worry about the server going down in the middle of a game.

  • Tight-knit   
  • Features their original game, Earthgames
  • Contains several of the basic server minigames
  • 100% uptime


  • Very small
  • Lacking several basic server minigames



Cubecraft isn’t walking among the giants, but with its 1232 members, it is still pretty large when it comes to Minecraft minigame servers. It has a lot of the same features and games as MC-Cental; however, the one noticeable thing it is missing compared to MC-Central is the competition promotion. They have leaderboards but do not offer rewards to those who win in the games. The forums, marketplace, games, and voting ability are all there, but if you’re looking to win prizes, you might just want to look elsewhere.


  • Fairly large with 1232 members         
  • Has a store
  • Has a forum
  • 99.6% uptime


  • No prizes to win



This is one of the most basic Minecraft minigame servers to where there really isn’t too much to say about it. It features only the most basic games that most of the other servers have. It is also pretty small with only 456 members. They have big plans, as their website is absolutely amazing with all sorts of features (forums, leaderboards, store, voting, etc). However, they just don’t have that many members yet. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad server, but there really isn’t too much special about it besides the professionalism of their website.


  • Amazing-looking website            
  • Lots of features to take advantage of
  • 98.8% uptime


  • Very few players
  • Only features the basic games



Rexcraftia is niche as far as Minecraft minigame servers are concerned as it is designed for one thing—survival mode with objectives. With only 84 people on the server, it is made to make the most out of survival mode and has been tweaked by the owner. The owner of the server has customized everything from the weapons to the scenery. In addition, it is made for PVP and allows you to gain rewards for finishing dungeons and explore the unique world the owner has made. If you love PVP survival mode in Minecraft, this will provide you with an experience you have never seen before.


  • A completely customized world            
  • PVP survival mode at its finest
  • 98.9% uptime


  • Only survival mode
  • Extremely low amount of players



This is another niche server because it is geared towards those who live in Asia and those who want to connect with the people of Asia. It offers many of the basic minigames that other Minecraft minigame servers offer and is home to 92 players. Because the server is based in the Philippines, there may be a language barrier between those in American and those in Asia. For some, this is a learning experience while others may feel this is not their cup of tea. Their website does not have too much to offer besides an online store, but it is still very professionally put together.


  • Great for Americans wanting to connect with the people of Asia  
  • Great for Asian-Americans who want to connect back with their countries
  • Have an online store
  • 98.8% uptime


  • Very small community
  • Language barrier can become a problem when connecting with other server members

The Verdict

Without a doubt, MC-Central is hands down the best of the Minecraft minigame servers. It has everything a Minecraft player could want from a variety of classic and original games, contests with rewards, a professional website, 100% uptime, and a whopping 2,288 players. There is a little something for everyone here, and those who like to meet other players will surely enjoy it. This isn’t to say that the other sites we have reviewed here are bad by any means. But MC-Central is an amazing server that reaches a large audience and does what it does best—help you make the most of Minecraft.

Featured Image: Image by Chickenonline from Pixabay

How To Keep Inventory In Minecraft

minecraft game
image by pixabay

Oh no, you died and all your inventory is gone! Whether you finally got eaten by that zombie or you fell into a pit of lava, having to respawn with zero items is no fun. Luckily, if you know how to keep inventory in Minecraft after you die, then there’s no need to suffer this fate again. Keeping your inventory involves using a cheat code that you can easily plug into the console, and it can save you a lot of hassle. You’ll still go back to your spawn point when you die, but at least you won’t be empty-handed!

Storing Your Items

Before we go into how to keep inventory in Minecraft when you die, let’s go over some things that you can do without a cheat code. In order to safeguard against the loss of your items in the first place, you’ll want to take on some of these habits:

  • Avoid walking around with very valuable items on your person
  • Make a large chest to store expensive or hard-to-find items
  • Don’t mine straight down; you could fall into a deep cavern or into lava and lose everything
  • Keep your chest of items near a respawn point (your bed), so that you don’t forget where you put it
  • If you’re about to do something risky, rid yourself of every item that isn’t absolutely necessary for the task

You should especially be careful around lava, because there’s no way to go back and recover the items if you lose them in there. Items that fall in lava get burned up, which is not something you want after working so hard to craft that diamond pickaxe.

How to Keep Inventory in Minecraft in a Wooden Chest

If you’re running out of room in your pocket and you’re a newbie to Minecraft, you may not realize that you can store more items in a wooden chest. You can make a wooden chest very easily, but first you need to have a wooden craft table and some wooden planks.

Harvest some wood from nearby trees and craft them into planks by pressing “E” and dropping them into your 2 x 2 crafting grid. Once you have the planks, put one into each spot in your crafting grid, and you should have a crafting table. From there, you can use the rest of the planks to craft your chest and store your items.

To make a chest, take eight planks of wood of any kind and put them on your craft table. Arrange them in all of the gridded slots except for the middle one. This should result in a chest where you can store a lot of inventory. It has 27 slots where you can place bundles of items.

Gaming has been a great way to get to know people. That’s part of what I love about games, that they are social. -Rich Sommer

If you need more room than that, you can make a large chest. You can build one of these by simply making two small chests on your crafting table and then placing them side by side in the environment. They will naturally fuse to form a large chest, which has 54 storage slots.

Besides building chests, you can also find them. They are common in areas like dungeons or in villages. Very often, they will have loot in them, so you might even find something interesting waiting for you in there. You can also store your own loot in these chests if you want; just remember where you put your stuff!

Chests can also be handy when you’re mining, since you only have so much room in your pockets for the tons of cobblestone that you will be accumulating.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Inventory After You Die

In theory, you can recover your items even if you don’t know how to keep inventory in Minecraft using the cheat code. You can simply go back to the place where you died and you might find that your items are still floating around waiting for you.

This isn’t always feasible, though. For example, you might have died somewhere really far away from your spawn point, and you don’t know how to get there again, or you simply don’t want to travel that far. You might have also lost them somewhere dangerous, like in a dungeon, and you don’t want to face endless skeletons and zombies just to get your stuff back. You can also lose your stuff somewhere where it’s all but impossible to recover, such as a lava flow or in an underwater cavern that would be hard to dive in.

If you learn how to keep inventory in Minecraft when you die, then this changes the game a little. There are a few benefits that you’ll notice right away:

  • You won’t have to worry so much about taking risks
  • You can carry around your valuable stuff with you everywhere without having to necessarily hide it in a chest
  • Naturally, you save a lot of time because you won’t have to remake your tools every time you die

Also keep in mind, though, that using the cheat code takes away one of the few consequences to dying in Minecraft. You may find that this then makes the game too easy. It may solve an annoying problem, but it also takes away your incentive to obey the laws of physics in the game. That might not be what you’re looking for if you want a challenge, but of course you won’t know for sure unless you try playing like this.

How to Keep Inventory in Minecraft After You Die

Let’s say you just fell off a cliff and your inventory was scattered all over the place. How do you recover it without going to the location of your death and picking up all of that stuff? Well, in a case like that, it’s actually too late!

To be able to keep your items after you die, you’ll after set the cheat command before you die. Once you’ve already lost your items, it will be too late to recover them without actually going to the place where you died. If this is what happened to you, then take heart: learn how to keep inventory in Minecraft now, and this won’t happen to you again in the future.

Here is how to keep inventory in Minecraft after you die:

1. Open Up a Chat Window

minecraft ship

How this is done will depend on the version of Minecraft that you have, but you will have to open this dialog to be able to interface with the software. On the PC—including Windows, Mac, and Linux—you can open the chat box by pressing T. On the Nintendo Switch or the Xbox One, press on the right arrow button on the D-pad. In Minecraft Pocket Edition, you’ll want to tap the little speech bubble icon at the top.

2. Input the Cheat Code

close up hand on keyboard

Once the window is open, input this command into the console:

/gamerule keepInventory true

Press Enter or whichever button on your machine is used to confirm, and now the cheat code should take effect.

As the syntax implies, there is basically a binary condition in the software that controls whether you keep your inventory or not, and you are setting this to “true.” If you want to switch it back, so that you lose your inventory when you die, you can set it to “false” at a later time.

3. Test to Make Sure That You Did It Right

boy crying looking at his cellphone

Now you’ll want to test to see if you put the command in correctly. Store all of your valuable items in a chest just in case, but keep a few of the less critical things that you don’t mind losing in your standard pocket inventory. Now do something to injure your avatar. Have the player jump from a cliff or swim in some water for too long.

It doesn’t matter what you do; just make sure that you have a spawn point that you actually want to go back to. Build a bed and sleep in it for a night if you want to set your respawn location to somewhere specific.

After you die and come back, check your inventory to see if the items that you were carrying are still on you. If they are, then you’ve successfully learned how to keep inventory in Minecraft! You will now always respawn with your items after you die, unless you set the “keepInventory” condition back to “false.”

Now you can enjoy walking around at night without the fear of losing your stuff, though keep in mind that you will always end up waking up at your most recent spawn point.


Once you know how to keep inventory in Minecraft after you die, survival mode gets a bit easier. You don’t have to worry as much about avoiding spiders or falling off huge embankments. You can freely swim underwater without risking losing all your stuff if you get lost and can’t come up for air. It takes away one of the core challenges of survival mode, but if you’ve been dying a lot lately and you’re sick of having to go back to look for all your stuff, then this might just be the cheat code that you need.

Top 5 Best Minecraft Challenges

minecraft towers

In a game like Minecraft, it’s very easy to do everything the game wants you to do. That’s why the sandbox aspect is so handy, as to allow you to do whatever you like beyond the confines of what the game says. This is one of the reasons added Minecraft is so fun. However, if you are unable or just don’t want to download mods, you’ll have to find another way to fill your days in-game. This is where Minecraft challenges come in.

Minecraft challenges are missions that one person comes up with and presents to the community online. The players pick them up and run, playing the game with this challenge in mind or finding a whole new way to play. The point is to have fun and find creative ways to see the game like never before. Out of all the Minecraft challenges out there, we compiled the best we could find in this list.

Product FAQ

1. What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game created to allow players to build and craft and mine whatever they desired. In the game, blocks are used by players to build anything they can imagine, from weapons to buildings.

2. What Do Minecraft Challenges Do?

Minecraft challenges are ideas of how to play the game without creating a map or asking the players to download mods or texture packs. They’re simply missions or new premises and let loose on the world.

3. How Do Minecraft Challenges Work?

The person coming up with the challenge shares their idea online. The idea consists of missions or a new way to play the game to make it new; and potentially harder. The player takes these challenges and creates a new server or seed to begin their challenge.

4. Where Can You Find Minecraft Challenges?

Minecraft challenges can be found online in various places. A great place to start looking is MinecraftForum.net. 

How We Reviewed

The basic principle of Minecraft challenges is that they have to be fun! We made this list with fun and creative ideas in mind. All of the Minecraft challenges listed here don’t require extra downloads unless you want to make the experience different for your own reasons.

Overall Price Range of This Product (and Similar Products)

Minecraft challenges don’t cost a thing as they’re simply story ideas: not even a map to share to the community. Minecraft itself can be purchased for PC at Minecraft.net for around $27 or from retailers on consoles.

Overall Price Range of This Product (and Similar Products)

minecraft challenge
image by pixabay
  • Post Nuclear War Challenge
  • The Floor Is Lava Challenge
  • The Tree Spirit Challenge
  • Water Spirit Challenge
  • The Mercenary Challenge

Post Nuclear War Challenge


This challenge is something you can do in vanilla Minecraft without downloading a mod. The Last Days Texture Pack and Solar Apocalypse Mod are recommended but not required. Basically, this challenge is all about living underground after the nuclear war has wiped out civilization. Everything above ground, including the sun, is too dangerous now. 

All of your resources must be found underground. Even the shelter itself must be three blocks thick on all sides to keep out the radiation. Assuming you’re looking for a way to win this challenge, you can either wait 180 Minecraft days for the radiation to wear off, dig a three-by-three tunnel 256 blocks away from base, or create a cure by making five Regeneration II potions.


  • The outside world is completely off-limits during the day
  • You may be able to scavenge after sunset but not for very long
  • Everything outside of the base is contaminated
  • You can’t eat anything from the overworld, and all loot from overworld mobs are off-limits completely
  • Water is also contaminated: if you need water, you’ll have to find a spring or lake in caves
  • The shelter has to have walls that are three blocks thick, and the outer layer must be smooth stone
  • Any entrance to the outside must have an airlock or a room with doors on each end
  • The airlock needs to contain a safe water source to clean any items you’re bringing in, but the aforementioned ones are still off-limits
  • All rooms except farms must be kept small

If you want the challenge to be harder, assume that everything is also extremely cold. You must burn one unit of coal in every room of your base every day or else freeze to death. Once you go to the nether and get some netherack, you can build a fireplace or a heating room, which would negate the use of coal consumption.


  • You should give yourself one Minecraft day to collect supplies in the overworld before the proverbial blast
  • Building a full set of armor should protect you from the radiation, but leave the armor outside in a chest
  • Mushrooms are a great way to eat during these harsh times, so consider building a mushroom farm
  • You can have windows in your base so long as they’re as thick as the walls

The Floor Is Lava Challenge


You’ve played this before, right? The same rules apply in Minecraft. You can’t touch the ground. Any naturally occurring dirt, stone, grass, water, or sand means instant death.

You start this challenge by entering a new seed with a spawn chest. Find your chest, jump on top of it, and never touch the ground again. Some extra challenges included are building a tree house, building a dark platform for loot, obtaining one of every animal, building a cobble generator, building a farm, and building a tree farm. This might sound a lot like skyblocks: well, it is! 


  • If you touch the ground, you must kill your character and destroy all the loot on your person
  • You can still mine but as you get deeper, the lava gets hotter: place one block of cobblestone between you and the lava for every ten blocks below sea level you are
  • Some blocks are too heavy to build sky bridges with
  • Wood and leaves are light enough to build with 
  • Heavy structures need support with pillars
  • No flammable block can be placed on the ground
  • If flammable blocks touch the ground, you’ll have to destroy them as if they’ve burned up
  • All mobs are fire resistant and can walk on the ground: you’ll have to lure them to you
  • Mined materials can be used like regular blocks
  • Being in water is enough to survive in the lava, but there must be a source block touching you


  • Mobs can be lured in with a fishing rod or wheat
  • To destroy loot, you can either throw it into fire, lava, cactus, or any other block that deals damage
  • For mining, stone bricks count for three blocks of cobblestone

The Tree Spirit Challenge


This challenge is a little like the lava one, but a little more aching. The first step is to find a tree and chop it down, collecting all the logs and saplings while leaving the bottom log alone. Then you hop up on your log and you begin the challenge. You can now only go where there are tree logs connected to the center-most log.


  • Start the game in a new seed
  • Pick a single tree in any area to cut down and use while leaving the bottom log alone
  • You cannot move away from your tree
  • So long as the log is directly next to, under, or on top of you, you cannot mine or dig or fight anything
  • You can chop down other trees but you can’t use their logs to build on
  • The only logs you can use are from the saplings of the original tree
  • You can build with any materials; but remember that you’re a tree, not a castle
  • Play on easy or normal as peaceful removes most of the challenge and takes away bone meal
  • You can replace the center log to be more aesthetic if you like, so long as that block is also fragile, like wool or glowstone
  • If the center block is somehow destroyed, the challenge is over


  • If your source tree drops no saplings, just get saplings from another tree to start out with
  • Use dirt to create a shelter on your first night
  • Be extremely wary of any fire
  • Consider building water locks to automatically dispense water anywhere blocks are destroyed
  • A fishing rod can be extremely useful

The Water Spirit Challenge


This is another challenge where the player has restricted movement. In this case, you cannot leave the nearest water source you spawned in and can start with a diamond armor set, diamond tool set, and a single bucket. Your mission is to expand to other water sources and grow your empire.


  • Most important rule: never leave the water
  • If you build a house out of dirt, you cannot place a chest inside it
  • Whenever possible, make a house out of glass
  • Connect every water source you can find
  • You must stay connected to the home water or the water you spawned near
  • Any monsters that touch the water must be killed, except for monsters that live inside the water, which are optional targets
  • If a slime touches your water, you must break the connection to their position and get rid any water from it that’s in buckets


  • Luring your enemy into deeper water and striking them from below gives you an advantage
  • When making a house, empty all of the water except the bottom layer
  • To travel far, use two water source blocks and alternate
  • Pour water behind animals or objects to push them out to sea

The Mercenary Challenge


If you were looking for a more freeing and combative challenge, this is the one for you! The premise is that you wake up in a new land with nothing except your skills as a swordsman. Complete missions to access new materials and equipment to survive and create your paradise. Each mission is divided into stages; creating something similar to a roleplaying game without any mods.


  • Stage zero is all about finding a village: be sure to find a good one with lots of NPCs.
  • Build a small home for yourself or take an abandoned house, then begin your first mission
  • Patrol the town all night with extremely basic tools, gathering any loot dropped by mobs and freedom to use the village’s farm
  • In stage one, you can use wood and stone swords, leather armor, and bows, as well as tame wolves 
  • You must build a central compound that contains your quarters (bed, chest, and painting), storage room (one double chest), and a meeting room (two by three table and two chairs)
  • Build a wall around the village to keep out all hostile mobs, including spiders, then light the entire village
  • Be rewarded with the ability to use metals
  • In stage two, you can use iron and gold
  • You must build a blacksmith shop with a furnace, workbench, and anvil
  • Then build a watchtower at least ten blocks high
  • Connect all buildings by a wall enclosing your area
  • Then explore caves and destroy a mob spawner
  • Be rewarded with the use of enchantments and potions
  • In stage three, you can use enchantments
  • You must build a nether portal, a library, and an alchemy workshop
  • Then go into the nether, find a nether fortress, and retrieve lava from a lava well
  • Be rewarded with the use of diamond tools
  • In stage four, you can use everything
  • You must build a throne room with a big chair and vaulting ceiling, as well as a treasury to contain valuables and a monument to yourself
  • Go to The End and defeat the dragon


  • You can complete other quests that you can think of and fortify your village even more
  • Create a chest to house all of your gold and valuables
  • Incorporate redstone into your game

The Verdict


There are a lot of challenges out there for you to try out, and the ones listed here are a lot of fun to try some time. However, the most fun one sounds like the Mercenary Challenge. It doesn’t restrict you, and you’re able to complete missions. However, the Mercenary Challenge does have a clear ending. If you want something for the long haul, pretending that the floor is lava might just do the trick. No matter what you decide to do, remember to stay chill about the more difficult rules and have fun.

Top 10 Minecraft RPG Servers

Minecraft has been on the world stage for almost a decade now. The most popular post-Tetris game of all time, Minecraft has captured the hearts and minds of millions of builders around the world. One reason this game is so popular has to do with the shared community online where groups of players can come together on public servers and experience the world of Minecraft with other players at the same time. The top version of this game can be found on a group of Minecreaft RPG servers where the vanilla core of the game is partnered with a classic Role Playing set of mechanics.

Product FAQ

Before we get into the finer details of what to expect when playing on Minecreaft RPG servers, we want to address some common questions new players have when joining this vast community of diverse players and unique worlds.

What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a survival-based game where the player must gather resources, build shelter, and fight monsters to live. Each world map in Minecraft is procedurally generated, so every single time you play a new world it’s a brand new experience. There are different biomes that can generate in any order and shape, each with their own breeds of animals and plants to harvest. The world is yours to chop, dig, and mine, all for the purpose of finding the elusive nether portal and then make your way to the End Island. Everything you do in this world is to build your strength and weapons up as much as possible so you can defeat the Ender Dragon and save the kingdom.

What Are Minecreaft RPG Servers?

RPG servers are specific worlds shared by different players that have a role-playing element to them. Most RPG-based servers use a ranking system where the players work to build individual stats for their character. In typical role-playing fashion, many of these servers work to create an immersive and detailed world. The point of role-playing games is to get as into the fantasy as you can, which Minecraft makes easy with an infinite and unique world for every player to explore.

How Are Minecraft RPG Servers Different?

These particular servers are usually more fantasy-oriented than others. While Skyblock and Island Warfare servers are all aimed towards creative builds and competition, these RPG servers aim for a more narrative fantasy story. The RPG servers are more PvE based, urging players to form teams with one and other to go against bigger bosses. These servers foster a community of players that work to build their fantasy empires and defeat the central NPC villains.

How Do You Join the Servers?

Each server has its own IP address that you need to enter the Multiplayer menu of the Java edition of Minecraft. You can find each of the server IP addresses at the main websites and forums for the communities. We have included links to all the main hubs of the ten server communities. Just click on the attached links and find the IP address for the server. Copy that IP address and enter it into the appropriate dialog box in the game and you can instantly connect.

Does Playing on the Servers Cost Money?

Mojang, the maker of Minecraft, issued a set of rules several years ago outlining what these server communities can do. In exchange for the ability to mod and update the vanilla version of the game, the servers had to agree not to charge for usage. This means every community is free to join and free to play continuously. Now, this doesn’t mean there’s no room for cash in these games. Each server needs hardware, software, and human technical support to function. These resources require money to operate. The servers run on donations from the users, and they reward these donors accordingly with special perks, tools, and magical abilities. Each server community has a different set of donor packages available, so it’s worth looking into them before you commit to spending real money in-game.

How We Reviewed: The Best Minecreaft RPG Servers


We looked at ten of the most popular Minecreaft RPG servers people are playing around the world. There are literally hundreds of servers to choose from, so having enough positive votes and community reactions to propel you to this list is already a great sign. We looked at each of these Minecreaft RPG servers for their playability, rule enforcement, and overall world design, and compared these features with one another. We have taken care to call out the strengths and weaknesses of each server and discuss the reasons it made the top ten list.

What We Reviewed

Lord of the Craft
Purple Prison
Mana Cube
Royal Legacy



Herocraft is the best server for someone looking to get started in these communities. The friendly and supportive team of players will help you set up your beginning house and maybe even show you how to build your farming perks. This is a great place to learn the ropes of RPG games and how to get the best experience from playing. The role-playing is really embraced on HeroCraft, making it one of our favorite Minecreaft RPG servers.


Generous perk packages for donors

Great for beginner


Might be oversimplified

Where You Can Play This Server

You can find more information about this server or apply for membership at the following link:



MassiveCraft stands out amongst the other Minecreaft RPG servers because it’s also a dedicated Factions server too. This combination of Faction war with the character building of an RPG makes for an exciting team-making game where you must rely on your other faction members to build up in order to defend your castles and forts. You can work with dozens of other players to put together your perfect fortress, making walls, weapons, and various defenses all to prepare for the impending massive attack.


Great team building experience

Great combination of RPG and Faction play


Brutal battles

Where You Can Play This Server

You can find more information about Massivecraft and gain access to the server at the following link:

Lord of the Craft


Lord of the Craft has been the number one RPG server for a long time. Launched in 2011, this server offers an immersive Lord of the Rings style role-playing experience. The staff members are committed to getting the details right in this world, so there are tons of elements to enjoy. The experience of the moderators adds to a clean and eventful play experience, with little time for trolls and griefers to come in and ruin the fun. The vanilla version of the game is enhanced by the style and fantasy of this server.


Fun environment to play in  

Mature and experienced build staff


Lag can build over time

Where You Can Play This Server

Visit the Lord of the Craft site at the following link for more information about this server: https:



Desteria aims to be a family-friendly community, offering a place where players of all ages can come and enjoy the Minecraft role-playing experience. There’s a diverse and active staff of moderators that are friendly are communicative with the players. This is the perfect place for someone to start if they are new to playing on Minecreaft RPG servers. The perk packages are nice, but they are more expensive when compared to some other Minecreaft RPG servers on this list.


Frequent game updates from staff  

Fast and fun games


Expensive perk packages

Where You Can Play This Server

Desteria is available at the following link where you can join and sign up for immediate access to the server:

Purple Prison


The Purple Prison started as an exclusive collection of Prison style servers. After years of development and growth, it has become one of the biggest server communities around, giving thousands of players a world to dig in every week. There are some clever mini-game designs in here, like some novel integration of RPG style elements into Skyblock or Survival versions of the game. There is definitely something for everyone at Purple Prison.


Great community interaction

Clever game designs and levels


Confusing game mechanics

Where You Can Play This Server

You can find more information about the Purple Prison server at the following link:

Mana Cube


Mana Cube is the gold standard for Minecreaft RPG servers, and the player loyalty proves it. This is the most active server community, with a nearly perfect rating for player retention. The daily user count is never below 100, making it an adventurous and quick moving community. The game designs are flawless as are the creative builds used to house the worlds. These are great designs by people that truly love Minecraft and classic role-playing games.


Superior RAM and lag support

Excellent game designs and rule sets


Competitive mini games

Where You Can Play This Server

The forums, applications, and more information for Mana Cube can be found at their main website:



Teldaria was once known as DestinyMC, and will soon be known as that again. The original creators of the OG RPG have returned to reformat this stagnant server community and bring the newest version to the masses. The Teldaria family of Minecreaft RPG servers offers an old-style RPG mechanic, with ranging stats and rising weapon costs. There are real challenges to building the perfect character, but the fine-tuning of stats and defined character traits make it easy to get your player right where you want them to be, as long as you’re willing to put the time into it.


An experienced team of admins

Reliable game build


Confusing name changes

Where You Can Play This Server

Teldaria can be found and accessed through the following link:

Royal Legacy


The Royal Legacy family of servers is a bit of a mess at first glance, but don’t let that fool you, because there are a lot of great games right beneath the surface. This is one of those types of Minecreaft RPG servers that tries to throw everything at you, only Royal Legacy keeps it all together without bursting at the seams. The perks are worth the donation prices on this server, making it one of the few worth spending real money on.


Great world design

Lots of donor perks


Sloppy user interface

Where You Can Play This Server

The Royal Legacy family of Minecreaft RPG servers can be accessed the following link:



Castia has more contests than any of the other Minecreaft RPG servers, so if you’re looking for daily challenges, this one is perfect. This collection of servers was created by the same developer team that brought the original CastiaMC build, so there are a lot of familiar core mechanics in this RPG server. If you like to be creative and design, especially hyperrealistic landmarks and things like that, then this is the server for you.


Frequent design contests with prizes

Superior lag control


Delayed admin response

Where You Can Play This Server

You can find more information about the Castia server at their website:



ExtremeCraft has been around for a while, so this is one of the more defined Minecreaft RPG servers. This collection of Mini-Games, Survival Maps, and other play styles come together to make a great overall playing experience. There are well known and experienced admins who are always available and always willing to assist you. This is a strict server with severe punishments for breaking the rules, so be sure to read them carefully before agreeing to join.


Experienced staff

Many worlds to choose


Strict rule enforcement

Where You Can Play This Server

The ExtremeCraft network of Minecreaft RPG servers can be found at the following website:

The Verdict


These were all amazing Minecreaft RPG servers, each one with their own features and modifications. It’s difficult to single out one in the bunch, but we have to say that Mana Cube gave us the best overall playing experience. Each of these servers has their own set of rules and variations, but Mana Cube did the best in balancing these new features with the original core version of Minecraft. We recommend trying Mana Cube first if you only have the time and energy to devote to a single server as this one will give you the best experience.

Image by Donna Sloan from Pixabay

Top 10 Fun Minecraft Servers

Custom servers have created a million games out of the single phenomenon that we call Minecraft. No longer are players confined to digging in the earth, building cobblestone castles, and defending their fort with arrows shot from a bow made from spider webs. Today “Minecraft” can be a shooter, an MMORPG, a massive combat scenario, or even a wizardly retreat into alchemy. No shortage of fun Minecraft servers exists.

But this is precisely the problem! With so many fun Minecraft servers to choose between, which is the one to focus on? Fear not, dear Minecraft players, for we have delved into the most fun Minecraft servers on the internet, and we have narrowed that list down to a very manageable ten.

Product FAQ

two Minecraft characters fighting

Image Source: Pexels.com

1. What Are Minecraft Servers?

Minecraft can be played online in worlds hosted by custom servers. These often include completely new ways to play Minecraft like Minekart, which makes the mining game into a game resembling Mario Kart.

2. Where Can You Find Fun Minecraft Servers?

Minecraftservers.org provides a great database of Minecraft servers you can join. However, finding the fun ones is a bit harder. Ultimately, you need to test the fun factor of each server yourself, but we can help with that processes by cutting out the crap. 

3. Do You Have to Pay to Join One of the Fun Minecraft Servers?

Minecraft servers are often free! Some try to offer you microtransactions to make money, and these are of varying success.

How We Reviewed

zombies in Minecraft

Image Source: Pexels.com

Fun is the primary factor when considering a Minecraft server. However, the way this fun is produced will tell you a lot about the game. That’s why we listed the key features of each server we reviewed alongside its playstyle and the rules the server expects its players to follow. 

Overall Price Range of Minecraft Servers

Generally, you can find a Minecraft server with a lot of players, offering a unique way to play (and maybe multiple), with useful mods and add-ons for free. We would discourage you from servers that have too many paygates.

What We Reviewed

● Mineplex
● PrimeMC
● Brawl
● Hypixel Network
● Grand Theft Minecart
● Desteria
● Mineage Factions
● ExtremeCraft.net
● Minewind
● MineHeroes.net




Mineplex holds more players than any other Minecraft server. This massive size means that you can explore multiple arenas in which to fight and numerous zones that offer many mini-games to play. We love that you can log into this server and instantly be greeted by thousands of other players at any given time. (At the time of this article, over eight thousand were playing Mineplex.)

If you’ve ever played a studio-built MMO like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy 14, then you know the level of detail to expect in Mineplex. Sure, it’s all processed through the blocky retro-graphics of Minecraft, but you wouldn’t want it any other way, would you?

One of our favorite features is that you can play Minekart, a blocky recreation of Mario Kart, in Mineplex. So if you’re itching to race, pick up powerups, and lap your friends instead of building forts to stave off nightly zombie attacks, this mini-game is for you.


– Many mini-game options
– Huge amount of players
– Feels studio-built


– Many players mean many rules
– Sometimes a more intimate experience beats a massive experience

Gameplay Style

Gameplay is highly varied. Get mining or indulge in one of the many mini-games. The style is very MMORPG.

Learn More


The rules change depending on whether you’re playing Minekart (a version of Mario Kart), Minestrike (a version of Counter Strike), Super Smash Mobs, or any of the other mini-games.




PrimeMC provides several game modes that we found worth playing. The server offers SkyBlock, Survival, Prison, and Factions game modes. These four game modes offer a diversity of experience. SkyBlock, for example, offers the player the opportunity to be marooned on one of PrimeMC’s custom islands, provided with only the minimal tools to survive. In SkyBlock, you can attempt to become SkyBlock King, exploring the pocket dimension’s three custom islands. As a radical alternative, you can also fight your way to the top of the prison block or try to escape in the Prison mode.


– Plenty of jumping space
– Durable construction
– Easy to assemble
– 360-degree enclosure
– UV-resistant netting and mat
– Padded frame
– Meets or exceeds STM safety standards
– U-shaped legs add stability
– Cheap


– Can sometimes be difficult to connect to servers
– Limited options as a “one-stop shop”

Gameplay Style

It varies. On one hand, you’ve got the more socially focused SkyBlock with its marriages and cosmetics. On the other, you have Prison break scenarios.

Learn More


You can be banned for using your account for advertising. You can also be banned if you swear too much.




Creativity is great and all. Open worlds with peaceful goals are the revolution that Minecraft sparked, after all! But sometimes you still want to brawl, and that’s what this server is for: beating each other up, and boy, it feels good.

With a big community of combatants, Brawl offers a wide variety of entertaining and unique combat-focused game modes. You’ve got gun combat, fast-paced action mini-games, and even classic survival modes. Action is the name of this game.


– Fast-paced
– Combat-focused
– Multiple combat modes


– Not for the faint of heart
– Around a hundred or so users at any given time

Gameplay Style

Beat-’em-up, shoot-’em-up…Brawl!

Learn More


Keep cursing to a minimum. No hate speech. Pretty standard stuff. But they also provide a list of acceptable and unacceptable mods, which is really helpful.

Hypixel Network



Is there a series more classic than Zelda? Well, Minecraft has come close. So close, that a version of Minecraft has consumed the Zelda world and spat out an unholy union of the two. That’s right, you’ve explored the world of Hyrule. Now explore the pixelart world of Hypixel.

Hypixel is a fantasy server full of temples, swords, and dungeons. You fantasy freaks are sure to love this, and it’s one of the most fun Minecraft servers out there.


– High fantasy
– Multiple game types
– Nostalgia


– Oddly familiar
– Can be difficult to connect sometimes

Gameplay Style

Although the high fantasy theme permeates this server set, Hypixel actually offers many styles of play within its setting.

Learn More


Don’t Dox, don’t cheat, respect all your fellow players, and you ought to be fine in Hypixel.

Grand Theft Minecart



You’ve played Grand Theft Auto. You’ve played Grand Theft Horse (also known as Red Dead Redemption). But where the cartwheel really meets the track is Grand Theft Minecart. Offering fully realized GTA style gameplay, Grand Theft Minecart easily makes our list of the best Minecraft servers.

The server boasts maps, guns, houses, and vehicles, all of which are inspired in the GTA saga.


– GTA gameplay
– Crazy fun chaos
– Thrill of theft plus the ability to craft


– Too rambunctious for some
– Some players are dissatisfied with the lack of refund system

Gameplay Style

If you’ve played GTA, you know the gameplay style that marks this as one of the most fun Minecraft servers out there. If you don’t, simply check YouTube for a GTA let’s play video.

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Crime is the name of the game, but beware of the cops! Gather stars through your crimes and you’ll be hunted down.




What is it about constraints that make choices fun? Why is it more fun to choose between being a sorcerer or a warrior or a druid than to make up a fantasy archetype from scratch? We may never know, but if you long to be a mage inside of the world of Minecraft, then Desteria will provide one of the most fun Minecraft servers for you.

Using a type of RPG system, Desteria provides a Class System, a Custom Skills System, a Custom Level System, a King of the Hill Mode, and even bosses to fight.


– Class system
– Custom RPG systems
– Bosses to fight


– Only for the RPG fans
– Can be difficult to access for beginners

Gameplay Style

Role-playing game is the style here. If you love leveling up your wizard to get that next spell slot, this is the Minecraft community for you.

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Don’t badger people and don’t spew excess negativity and you should get along just fine in the world of Deseteria.

Mineage Factions



If you’ve ever enjoyed the faction and PvP zoning of Runescape, Mineage Factions is one of the most fun Minecraft servers for massive warfare. The scope of its battles is simply titanic. If that intrigues you, you are not likely to find a more fun Minecraft server in the gargantuan battle department.


– Huge battles
– Marries Runescape with Minecraft Combat


– Limited game types
– Not for the peaceniks

Gameplay Style

This gameplay involves massive raids requiring massive coordination equaling massive chaos on the ground. If you like big battles you can get lost in, there’s probably not a more fun Minecraft server out there.

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Mineage Factions upholds the community standards that one would expect from a functioning Minecraft community.




This is a hub for discussion over the most fun Minecraft servers as well as one a host of some of the most fun Minecraft servers itself; we love ExtremeCraft.net. Don’t let the name scare you away, though. The only thing truly extreme is how much fun you’ll have in one of their many game modes that ExtremeCraft combines: Survival, Hunger Games, Factions, and they even throw in RPG elements.


– Elements of survival, faction, and RPGs
– Active community
– Nice website


– Can feel limited in options
– Occasional connectivity issues

Gameplay Style

ExtremeCraft combines Survival, Hunger Games, Factions, and RPG elements into a unique playstyle.

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Like many servers, it is against the rules to cheat, hack other players, use unallowed mods, or use exploits.




Sometimes life gives you lemons and then spills your lemonade. That’s what being griefed can feel like in Minecraft. You really have two options when setting up a server. Either ban griefing or embrace the chaos. Minewind is the latter, and its unique brand of nuts is really what makes it one of the most fun Minecraft servers to-date.


– Absolute chaos
– Grief to your heart’s content
– Just survive!


– Not for peaceniks
– Can often be too crazy to get a foothold

Gameplay Style

Backstabbing, establishing, hiding, and carving out your secret base are the purpose of this server. Can you survive the nightly raids?

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Although the punishments for messing with other players are not present, the basic rules about respecting others still are.




Sometimes you want to be a hero, not just a miner. Thankfully MineHeroes combines both heroism and mining into a single most fun Minecraft server experience. Mine Heroes provides some of the best opportunities for role-playing in the Minecraft world.


– Role-playing focused
– Includes cosmetics
– Custom enchantment system
– Around 700 people on at any given time


– Site can be difficult to navigate
– Not everyone likes playing make believe when they play a video game

Gameplay Style

This server includes role-playing, custom looks, and custom magics.

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Don’t abuse people verbally or otherwise and don’t spam and you should stay on the moderators’ good sides.

The Verdict

There are nearly too many factors to narrow down when evaluating what makes the most fun Minecraft server out there. If absolute variety and player count are your thing, you will not find a better Minecraft experience than Mineplex.

However, if you are looking for a more focused experience (as many of the Minecraft veterans are), then we’d suggest you look into one of the Minecraft servers that provide custom systems alongside offering rules that change the way Minecraft is played. A custom RPG system goes far to immerse players into a world, and ultimately it keeps you interested long enough in the server to build real connections.

If we could pick abstractly, we would choose whichever community engages you the most. But if we had to give our top seal to just one, the most fun Minecraft server is MineHeroes.net.

Featured Image Source: Pixabay.com

How To Install Minecraft Mods

Image source: pixabay

Mods (or to be more specific, the act of modifying a game and its files) are one of the best things out there in the video game industry. Through mods, players can greatly enhance their game and play through it from a completely different angle, an experience that is sure to bring plenty of fun and good times. Due to mods, the game can either have an extended life cycle or become something memorable to the player base and the community. As a result, knowing how to install Minecraft mods is extremely important if you play the game frequently and wish to enhance the overall experience.

Although the main purpose in Minecraft is to try to survive while building various things, mods can really turn the game into a whole new, different experience. Through this guide, we will teach you how to install Minecraft mods into your version of Minecraft correctly.

What Are Minecraft Mods?

Before we can even begin explaining how to install Minecraft mods, it’s best to acquaint ourselves with the mods and understand how they work and what they do.

In Minecraft, players can create their own mods and share those mods with others within the community. However, the fun doesn’t necessarily have to end there, because it is also possible to remix other players’ mods, thus creating a constant evolution of the ways to play the game. A simple and generic mod can become the next big thing within the Minecraft community if a bunch of players download it and enhance it with their very own ideas and designs.

Although there are mods that can, for example, change your inventory or add a new element or feature into the game, there are also mods known as resource packages. Resource packages are images that replace the original versions within Minecraft so that objects end up looking different. For instance, you can install a resource package mod that changes the game’s sky into a far more realistic version, thus adding more depth, realism, and shadow into the game. 

Why Is There a Need for Minecraft Mods?

Image source: pixabay

Now, before you find out how to install Minecraft mods, there is just one more thing that you need to know, and that is the purpose of Minecraft mods. Why do Minecraft players need mods?

As we have stated at the beginning, mods are generally used to either change or enhance the overall experience and feel of the game. Take the resource packages that we talked about in the previous section. Would you rather survive in a Minecraft world that has the boring, default, and unoriginal sky, or would you rather have a far more realistic sky that makes the world feel more alive and unique?

Resource packages aren’t the only things that can be considered mods in Minecraft. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different mods out there, each one bringing something completely different to the table. Do you have problems with managing items and things you acquire? It’s not a problem, because there is a mod for that! Perhaps you wish to be challenged and want to take on tougher and scarier enemies? Well, there is a mod that takes care of that! Whatever your needs are, there is sure to be a mod for it.

How To Install Minecraft Mods

With the basics of mods and what they are and do out of the way, it’s time to finally answer the question of how to install Minecraft mods. But before you can download and install your favorite mods, there are a few things you need to take care of first.

Back Up Your Game Files and World

Since mods tend to mess around with the game and its files, there is always a chance that something could go wrong, especially if the creator behind the mod is a novice and is inexperienced. As a result of that, it’s best to back up the game’s files and keep them safe from any potential harm that a mod might cause.

The three most important files that pertain to Minecraft are minecraft.jar, .minecraft/saves, and .minecraft/stats. Those are the three files you want to back up. In order to back up those files, all you have to do is simply create a new folder and copy the files into the new folder. That way, if something goes wrong, all you will have to do is copy the files back into the original Minecraft folder.

Now that we have that out of the way, the next thing you want to do is download Minecraft Forge.

Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge is a program that is associated with Minecraft and mods pertaining to the game. This is the program you will use to install your mods.

The first thing you will have to do is download the application itself by going to the following website: files.minecraftforge.net. Find the version that you need and then download it and make sure it corresponds with your version of Minecraft. If it is your very first time downloading the application, choose the “Recommended” option.

Once you have downloaded Minecraft Forge, you then have to install the application, and after successfully installing Minecraft Forge, you must open up Minecraft itself. After you have opened up Minecraft, look in the profile drop-down menu, and you should see that you now have a new profile called Forge. Select Forge and launch the game. The good news is that you are now halfway there to knowing how to install Minecraft mods.

minecraft woods
Image source: pixabay

Downloading a Mod

Finding a mod for Minecraft can be done pretty much anywhere on the internet, but that can create a bunch of problems. For example, the mod might not be compatible with Minecraft Forge, might not work at all, or might be corrupted. The safest and best places to download mods are PlanetMinecraft and ResourcePack. The mods from those two websites are safe to download and install without creating any unnecessary problems.

To download the mod, all you have to do is simply download it. All of the mods will either come in a ZIP, RAR, or JAR format. Make sure you have the corresponding program so you can unzip the mod itself after downloading it.

Installing a Mod

Now comes the part of figuring out how to install Minecraft mods.

To properly install the mod, all you have to do is copy the entire zip file of the mod into the mods folder that Forge has created in the .minecraft folder. Once you have managed to transport the mod from its zip file to the Forge file folder, you will need to open up Minecraft again. Minecraft Forge will check the folder to see if there are any changes. If there are, then the mod installation process was done correctly, and you have managed to install your mod.

As far as resource packages go, they are opened from the Options menu within Minecraft itself. Simply navigate to the Options menu, and you should be able to see the resource packages selection on the screen.

minecraft house
Image source: pixabay

A Few Things to Mention

Before you can begin enjoying your mods, it’s best to keep some things in mind. Always read the instructions that come with each mod. They can be found either on the website where you downloaded the mod or as a text file within the zip file. If Minecraft freezes or crashes when launching the mod, make sure that the mod’s version is compatible with Minecraft’s; the same goes for Minecraft Forge. Make sure that the mod is also compatible with the program.

If the versions do match but the mod still crashes, perhaps the mod needs another mod to run properly. Read the mod’s instructions for possible answers or clues. Again, be sure to back up your three most important files pertaining to Minecraft: minecraft.jar, .minecraft/saves, and .minecraft/stats


You finally know how to install Minecraft mods. Well done! If you followed all the instructions precisely, you shouldn’t experience any problems with Minecraft or any mod you might have downloaded.  

With Minecraft being extremely popular and played by millions all over the world, it’s no surprise it has so many unique mods. And since you now know how to install Minecraft mods, you can now join many other players and have a completely different and unique experience while playing.  If you wish to test the entire installation process, there are two very simple mods you can download right now. Lucky Block is one mod that was inspired by the memorable yellow blocks from Super Mario. This mod provides players with a block that generates a completely random item upon harvesting it. From over 100 different items to choose from, what will the Lucky Block give you?

TooManyItems is a second mod you can use that helps you organize, sort, and manage all the items you collect during gameplay. With additional buttons and a useful inventory search tool, you are sure to feel more comfortable when browsing and searching through your items. Hopefully, the next time you launch Minecraft with mods, you will be able to enjoy a whole new experience.  

Top 10 Minecraft Creative Servers

If you have never played Minecraft, you likely have at least heard of it or know someone who plays it. Minecraft has dominated almost every aspect of pop culture, casting its spell on everything from feature films to Legos since it was released. It has even been used by the tourism industry. Mojang, the game’s developer based in Sweden, has sold more than 54 million copies of Minecraft, earning $128 million. It’s no wonder that there are hundreds of different Minecraft creative servers that players can join.

Minecraft is a huge, open-ended, first-person game centered on crafting and exploration. When it was first released, Survival and Creative were the original game modes. Creative mode allowed anyone to enter their own personal game world and spend infinite amounts of time building everything and anything they can imagine without gathering resources or fighting creatures. The various Minecraft creative servers offer players a predominantly creative world where they can create with friends and other Minecraft players. 

What Are Minecraft Creative Servers?

As you may have guessed from the name, Minecraft creative servers are centered on creative play. The players have the ability to fly and may go anywhere they wish within the game world. Players have unlimited resources at their fingertips and cannot be harmed by obstacles in the game such as aggressive mobs, drowning, or falling into lava.

Creative mode is comparable to playing with an endless assortment of virtual Lego blocks. It’s great for kids because there isn’t anything in the game to scare them, they have endless resources, and they do not have to perform any survival tasks such as mining resources or gathering food. It’s also great for those who want to build massive cities or recreate buildings from their favorite books, movies, or TV shows.

Hosting and Maintaining a Server

minecraft castle
Image by pixabay

Minecraft provides several tools for players to host and maintain a creative server. Be aware, however, that there are several requirements that servers must meet to run smoothly and efficiently:

  • They must use the default multiplayer software – it’s free and available by Mojang for Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix-like systems
  • Servers must be open to LAN if you want to play with others on your network
  • You must enable external server clients if you want to add plugins to a server (Spigot, Bukkit, Sponge)
  • You can use a rented server to host your Minecraft world, but you do have to pay for this server space.
  • You can use Realms, Mojang’s official hosting service, which allows a limited number of players onto a server

Servers are normally run by operators and administrators. Usually, the administrator takes responsibility for the server. This could be because it is running from their hardware, or maybe they just have authority over the server.

Typically, operators help administrators moderate a server and head off griefers (players who prevent other players from having fun) and unruly players. Administrators and operators alike have access to multiple commands so that they can keep the server running smoothly. Players use the /op  command or edit the ops.json in the server directory in order to be assigned as an administrator or operator on default servers.

It is possible to play local servers on remote local networks without an internet connection as they do not exactly require access to minecraft.net. Local servers use minecraft.net as a database consisting of a list of accounts, thwarting griefers and hackers from using phony names while on such a server. This, along with other settings, can be changed by editing the server.properties text file. By default, if the file has been revised, the game world is saved in the “world” folder every 30 seconds by the server.

Kick Messages

minecraft library
Image by pixabay

If a player has difficulty connecting to a server or an operator kicks a player, a kick message is displayed. Following is a list of kick messages that might be displayed and what they mean:

  • End of Stream – Server has ceased to send data to the client
  • Internal Server Error:java.net.Minecraft – server is sending unknown information to the client
  • Internal exception:java.io.IOException:Received string length longer than the maximum allowed ({[Number]}>256) – a chat message exceeded the max characters allowed
  • Internal Server Error – server generated an exception when handling the client’s request
  • Disconnected – player disconnected using the Disconnect button in the main menu
  • Illegal characters in chat – player attempted to use certain characters in chat that are not allowed
  • disconnect.spam – the player is sending chat messages too rapidly
  • Read timed out – server can’t find the player’s connection
  • Bad login – client running in offline mode and unable to connect to an authenticated server
  • Outdated client (Please us {version}) – server is running a more updated version of Minecraft than the client is
  • Outdated server (I’m still on {version}) – the player is running a more updated version of Minecraft than the server is
  • You have been IP banned – the player’s IP has been banned
  • Kicked by an operator – the player has been disconnected using the /kick command by a server operator
  • Flying is not enabled on this server – the player tried to fly for longer than five seconds in Survival or Adventure mode
  • Attempting to attack an invalid entity – the player is trying to hit him/herself
  • Illegal stance – happens when the player is too high or low in the Minecraft world
  • Illegal position – the player is beyond X/Z: ±30,000,000 (±32,000,000 in 1.6.4 and lower.)
  • You have died. Game over, man, it’s game over! – the player is dead but attempted to join in Hardcore mode
  • You have been idle for too long! – the player was idle for longer than allowed
  • Out of Memory! – this happens when the player’s computer memory is at 100%
  • You are banned from this server({reason} Your ban will be removed on {date}) – the player is, and will remain, banned until pardoned by an admin

Best Creative Minecraft Servers

At its heart, Minecraft is a multi-player experience. There is no greater feeling than building a huge project with a bunch of friends, or even your boyfriend or girlfriend. Minecraft creative servers are the best to do just that because you do not need to spend time mining for crafting material and building supplies. You can just center your attention on a shared dream or vision. Here are the 10 best creative Minecraft servers.


minecraft castle
Image by pixabay

This is currently thought to be among the absolute best Minecraft creative servers. A1Craft offers a 100% up-time. This server frequently has a couple hundred players on it, regardless of what time it is. The community has been built up a lot with available game modes matching the diversified playerbase. Options include Creative, Skyblock, Hunger Games, Towny, Skywars, and others.


minecraft temple
Image by pixabay

This server also offers 100% up-time and calls itself the best Minecraft server ever made. Typically, there are more than two-thousand players active on this server at any time. Play options include Adventure, Creative, Skyblock, MMO, and MineZ.


minecraft trees
Image by pixabay

This server provides a 99% up-time and usually has around 500 players at a time. While they don’t consider themselves the best Minecraft server, they do have an impressive creative community. Other play options besides Creative include Pixelmon, Hunger Games, Skyblock, and Prison, to name a few.

Bradlion Network

minecraft island
Image by pixabay

There are more than two thousand players in this server every night. Along with Creative, players can enjoy PvP, Faction, and MCMMO. Although Bradlion does not offer many game modes, the ones it does offer are done exceptionally well.

EDAWG878 Creative

minecraft tower
Image by pixabay

Players from this server can be found all over Google and YouTube showing off some of the builds achieved in the game. EDAWG787 features a community of more than 300 players. Aside from Creative mode, Roleplay, Spigot, and PvP are available as well.

Mineslam Network

minecraft woods
Image by pixabay

Among Minecraft creative servers, Mineslam Network is definitely one of the best. At 10:00 am you will find more than 200 players in this server. Mineslam has a 99% up-time and frequently has over 100 players online at any time. As it is a chiefly Creative server, Mineslam is well known for its elegant builds.

DRC Network

minecraft beach
Image by pixabay

This server sports some magnificent player homes and a few sizable cities. With more than 400 players, DRC is fast becoming one of the best creative Minecraft servers to join.


minecraft lanterns
Image by pixabay

A lot of people might be familiar with SquadCraft from various YouTube videos. Along with Creative, this server offers Faction, Prison, MineZ mode, and more.


minecraft house
Image by pixabay

Despite its sinister name and the fact that most of the server seems to be built with a style comparable to the Spawn comics, some players may find this server quite interesting. For instance, their welcome sign consists of burning Nether Rock and hangs in the sky.


minecraft mountain
Image by pixabay

This server currently has one of the biggest in-game economies in Minecraft. Residents have built entire cathedrals, Roman-styled cities, military forts, pirate ships, and much more. Minecraft creative servers like this one allow players to really thrive.


Ultimately, the style and type of Minecraft server you choose is entirely your choice. Just like in game mode, a multiplayer server comes with its own community. That community is every bit as important as the structure you are thinking about designing for a creative experience. You want to make certain you feel welcome on the server and enjoy playing with the other players.

Join one of these Minecraft creative servers, locate some players, and share an idea for building together in a glorious manner. Although the majority of people playing in Creative mode already have an idea in mind, they are often open to new ideas or collaborating with others on large builds.

How To Survive In Minecraft Hunger Games

Minecraft, one of the all-time best-selling video game titles in existence, gives its players the ability to search and find resources to build and craft new things with the end goal of beating the game. But creativity isn’t the only thing you’ll see, because as soon as you visit a popular server, you’ll encounter the Minecraft Hunger Games.

The Minecraft Hunger Games is very similar to the “Hunger Games” movie and Battle Royale titles. A specific number of people spawn together in the middle of the map, and as soon as the timer reaches zero, the game begins. Many people make the mistake of rushing to the middle of the spawn where some of the best loot is located but a majority of these players lose their lives immediately. So, if you want to find out how you can be the one to survive and potentially even win, then keep reading!

Getting in and Starting the Game

Just as previously mentioned, the very first thing you have to do is to find a server. There are multiple that feature a hunger games mode, but the top three most popular servers are MC-central, Hypixel, and Mineplex. Moving on to the actual game, all the players currently available in the mode’s lobby will be teleported to the arena and get locked to place in pedestals forming a circle around the central spawn. As soon as the game begins the players can move.

We will start with some basic things you need to know so you don’t die immediately, and then we will move on to how you can stay alive for a longer time in the game.

Don’t Go for the Center

minecraft character in desert
Image by flickr

Probably the biggest mistake that new Minecraft Hunger Games players make is to rush for the center. This can result in two things. Firstly, you may get there and open the same chest as the person next to you or you may get killed by a lucky player who got a diamond sword. The bottom line is that if you play without caution, the game will end for you before it even begins.

Know What to Look For

minecraft game
Image by flickr

The safest option would be to turn away from the spawn and run immediately into a less popular spot such as a farm or a graveyard. Not only do these spots have lots of food, but you are very likely to find some good armor and weapons, especially in the latter.

If in any case, you have to fight for a chest. If you end up opening it at the same time as some other player and there is a weapon, then pick that first before any other items. Knowing the basic keyboard shortcuts will be vital in a round of Minecraft Hunger Games. When looting a chest, remember to push Shift while clicking on an item in order to instantly move it to your inventory or back to the chest. When dropping items to free up space, hover over them and push Q to dispense each one by one or Ctrl + Q to get rid of the whole stack.  

How to Stay Alive in Minecraft Hunger Games

minecraft character
Image by pixabay

If you want to stay alive, then you have to learn how to get away from enemies who are trying to catch you. So, how will you escape them?

Constantly Sprinting and Jumping

playing minecraft
Image by flickr

This is where most of the beginners fail. When running and jumping at the same time your character is going to build momentum meaning that your maximum speed is bigger than it would be if you were only walking or running.

Jumping will chew through your hunger back quickly, though, so try not to use it as much when not needed. When trying to evade enemies and you have to go through a forest area, then sprint and jump whenever passing below trees. This will get you out of the closed area faster while your pursuers stay behind.

Keeping Healthy and Saturated

minecraft houses
Image by pixabay

You’d think that armor is your best friend when playing but that’s not correct – food is. After all, they are called Minecraft Hunger Games for a reason. When sprinting around the playing field, you’ll eventually run out of saturation, meaning that your stamina will drop, making you unable to run or regenerate lost health points. Always try to have full health and saturation, and if you haven’t found a shield, then equip some food in your empty hand for quick access.

Repel the Enemy and Turn the Tides

minecraft characters
Image by pixabay

When being followed by an enemy while out of stamina or if you want to increase the space between you, then your best option would be to try to fend him off. This can be done very efficiently if you have an enchanted bow with Punch or any other item such as a stick or a fishing pole with Knockback. Other than that, a cleverly placed water bucket will slow the enemy down while you disappear in the horizon. You can also use eggs and snowballs.

But what do we mean by turning the tides? Being outnumbered or not having any substantial armor doesn’t necessarily mean bad news for you. Fire is your best friend in Hunger Games. Equip a lava bucket, and if you don’t have one, try using some flint and steel to ignite the ground beneath you as you jump over it. Eventually, the enemy will cross over it and start taking some damage, allowing you to either flee or turn around and come face to face with him.

Don’t Go in the Water

lake in minecraft
Image by pixabay

If you don’t want to sink to the bottom, then you should never purposely jump in the water unless you can hop on lily pads or blocks located on the surface. If you are playing in solo games, then the enemy will most likely snipe you with his bow as soon as you go in the water. This used to be extremely easy in the previous versions as you’d be very slow. In 1.13, you can swim fast so go deep and zig zag continuously to avoid getting hit by arrows.

With the exception of open oceans, lakes or any other small area of water is a dead zone, as you can easily get surrounded from the shore by potential enemies, decreasing the success percentage of making it out alive.

Become a Ninja

minecraft hunger games character
Image by pixabay

Minecraft Hunger Games are hard to win, especially during the last minutes, as your name tag will give away your hiding spot. Always shift when you want to hide or ambush someone, as your name tag’s opacity is lowered, making it harder for you to get spotted.

Additional Tips for Gameplay

playing minecraft hunger games
Image by pixabay

Here are some tips and strategies you can use in any point throughout the game.

Going Offensive

If you get fully equipped relatively early in the game, then the best strategy is to be offensive. Hunt down enemies and corner them to get the advantage. One of the best ways to get kills is to get to high ground, equip a bow, and try to snipe anyone who passes by. Higher ground can double as a hiding spot. Some examples are a high building, a tree’s top, a mountain, or even a sniper’s tower.

Be Conservative

Suppose you have two hunger bars missing and your food options are limited to a steak and an apple. You should try eating the apple first as the extra saturation from the steak would go to waste. On the other hand, if you are playing on a Minecraft Hunger Games server that has updated to the 1.13 version, then this shouldn’t play such a big role, as extra saturation is added on top of the ten basic bars. You should also be conservative in ammunition such as arrows and potions, especially the battle-related ones like Strength, Regeneration, and Poison.

Know When and How to Attack

Chances are that most of the players in a Minecraft Hunger Games round aren’t newcomers and will know how to fight. If you approach them by continually swinging your sword around, you’ll be dead before you even realize it. Here is what you have to remember to win the majority of your fights. When attacking, you should jump in order to increase your chances of getting a critical hit. Also, don’t move in a straight line, but instead zig zag and jump around the enemy while striking him. This makes you harder to hit, improving the chances of winning the fight.

Conclusion – How To Win Minecraft Hunger Games

Reaching the final point of our post, we’d like to provide what we like referring to as the golden rule of Minecraft Hunger Games. When you are in the top five, avoid any encounter you can until you absolutely have to attack. Needless to say how many times we have finished someone, they killed the third remaining player while he had low HP. Remember this, no matter how strong your weapons are or how good your armor is, your brain is the best thing you have. To learn how to use it and you will rise to the top!