Top 10 Minecraft Faction Servers

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Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, having the distinction of the most concurrent players at any one time for a single game. This block-built world has expanded beyond the initial survival adventure and spawned different ways to play, some expanding into worlds with friends.

Minecraft faction servers are one of the top-rated versions of the game, pitting large teams of players against one and other for dominance over the vast lands of Minecraft.

This list will introduce you to the top ten Minecraft faction servers currently accepting new members. If you are looking for a new challenge in Minecraft with a team play element, then this list of Faction based servers will be an excellent place to start.

Before we discuss the various Minecraft faction servers you can join, we want to cover the basics you need to know to make an informed decision about which faction to join.

What Are Minecraft Faction Servers?

Minecraft offers a bunch of different game styles to choose from, each one offering a different game-play experience. One of the most popular styles of Minecraft is called Factions.

A Minecraft faction server is a dedicated world where hundreds of players can join up in the same game and play at the same time.

How Do You Play Minecraft Factions?

These Minecraft servers allow you to join up with a group of fellow players with the united goal of building a fortress to protect your valuables from the other factions in the world, which is self-contained on that server.

The specific rules for each of the servers may differ, but the primary goal is always the same: be the best and strongest faction, and thus dominate your world.

Who Can Play on Minecraft Faction Servers?

Anyone with a good internet connection and a basic understanding of the mechanics of the game can join up on any of these servers. There are wonderful starting options in each world that allow you to step into the faction experience and build your character one fight at a time.

There are no restrictions on who can join as long as you obey the server specific rules and obey the commands of the appointed admins.

How Is Each Server Different?

Each of these Minecraft faction servers offers a different team play experience. Each one has a custom built play area where the world can offer vastly different options for defense and attack of the rival factions.

Be careful when making your decision for which servers to join as each one posts different rules of what is allowed in battle and how you can fairly attack the other factions. It’s always a good note to make sure the individual faction will respond well to your specific play style.

Can You Join More Than One Server?

One of the awesome parts about these multi-network factions games is you can join as many as you want. There’s really no way for these servers to demand you restrict yourself to just one game mode, so try multiple servers or even maintain simultaneous characters in different Minecraft faction servers without repercussions.

How We Reviewed

We reviewed some of the most popular Minecraft faction servers on the multi-player platform. We looked at reliability, user scores, the suite of options, and the overall playability for each server. After that, we compiled a list of the best and broke down the best and worst features of each one.

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Overall Price Range of This Product (and Similar Products)

Each of these servers is free to join—even the ones that have a pre-approval or application process for full membership. Though they cost nothing for an initial play, all the Minecraft faction servers we reviewed have perks and special items available for anyone that’s kind enough to donate to their server community.

This isn’t a nefarious way for them to rake in the bucks on the most played game in the world because running an efficient and reliable server for thousands of players requires money and expert time.

Because of these necessary running costs, these server administrators offer fun and powerful perks for people that spend real money to help them maintain the community at the highest standards. Most donation packages range from $5 up to $250, with a wide variety of options and special packages.

What We Reviewed


Strongcraft is working hard to grow the number of daily users, so they are offering a lot of incentives for any new payer to join their faction ranks and vote for them every chance they get. The team here earns the daily votes with a clean and streamlined faction experience.

This is a great community of servers to get into and make some new friends, and maybe a few enemies.


  • Clean and streamlined design of the faction maps
  • Strong vote incentives
  • Clean and streamlined design of the faction maps


  • Few perk options


Strongcraft has a system like most where you can exchange money for in-game currency. The prices range from $5 to $100 in most cases.

Where to Play

You can find the entire list of Strongcraft servers at this link:


The team at Snapcraft work every day to make sure the game experience on their servers gets better and better. This is one of the most updated server networks on this list, with almost daily additions and style updates to the Minecraft factions servers.

These are some fastest growing, dedicated groups of players and admins around. These admins and designers just want to deliver a superior faction experience.


  • Diverse modes of play
  • Daily competitions and reward opportunities


  • Still developing back-end team


The Snapcraft network offers perk packages that start around $20 and go up to $170, with a wide variety of extended packages you can buy for the game.

Where to Play

The Snapcraft server list can be found at the following link:


Hypixel is an old network of game servers for Minecraft, an empire that’s been built on a strict line of quality and dedication. The design and admin teams for this server family have put together the largest group of playable worlds in the Minecraft universe. This is one of the top performing Minecraft faction servers on this list.


  • A high number of daily repeat users
  • A huge network of players


  • Challenging field of players


The Hypixel network of Minecraft faction servers are all connected through a central purchase house, so you can trade using items purchased with real-world money. Sellers set the prices, which vary widely.

Where to Play

The Hypixel network of servers can be accessed at the following link:


Manacube is a stylized collection of servers that have a well thought out rule set and good looking designs. This is still a growing community, so there is room for the Minecraft faction servers to expand into new territories and find new leaders in the team ranks.

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● Fun game designs
● Great admin and staff


● Still a growing community


Manacube has an internal purchase system for trading real money for the in-game currency. The prices start around $5 and go up to $100 for expanded game packages.

Where to Play

You can find the Manacube server list at this link:


The Prime network for Minecraft is a great collection of playable game modes with articulate design and well thought out rule sets. This is still a growing network, so the people at Prime are working hard every day with new build and faction upgrades to drive a more consistent play base of users.


  • Great daily promotions
  • Generous donation packages        


  • Low daily player count


Prime MC has an excellent barter system in place, making the real world money you spend stretch a lot further than you would see on other Minecraft faction servers. The prices start as low as $2 and go up to around $60 for the more advanced add-ons.

Where to Play

You can register to gain access to Prime MC at the following link:


Conspiracycraft is one of the newer entries on this list, but that doesn’t take away from the gorgeous collection of worlds and game styles they have built. An expert team of designers has built some detailed and immersive worlds for you to survive and fight in.

The Minecraft factions servers listed in this network are fun, reliable, and easy to learn.


  • Beautiful and unique map designs
  • Immersive game play


  • Limited mod capabilities


This network has a few purchase options if you want to rank up faster. The rank awards start at around $5 and go up from there, sometimes having packages around the $150 mark.

Where to Play

You can gain access to the Conspiracy Craft network of servers at this link:


MC Central is one of the best-reviewed collections of multi-player worlds we played. This network is a fine collection of the favorite game styles in Minecraft, and factions modes are right at the top.

These are challenges for even the most seasoned warrior, so bring your diamond sword and enchanted helmet to your faction and fight for prizes and glory.


  • Amazing game design
  • Lots of game styles to choose


  • Expensive high-end rewards


MC Central is one of the Minecraft faction servers that have a global trading system, allowing the real-world currency to exchange hands through their auction network. Prices for add-on items start around $10.

Where to Play

You can find the MC Central server access at the following link:


The people at Mineverse have dedicated themselves to building the best PvP maps available on the Minecraft network of multi-player servers. This dedication to fine detail sometimes leads to extended wait times for new content and updates to game-play, but that’s often worth it for the quality of design and implementation of this family of Minecraft faction servers.


  • Dedicated new build team    
  • Inexpensive donation packages
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  • Long waits between updates


Mineverse has a more limited purchase system, offering donation options that start around $5.

Where to Play

You can access the Mineverse server list through the following link:


Purple Prison is a massive community of players dedicated to maximizing the excitement of Minecraft. What started as an exclusive prison network has blossomed into a multi-play style series of individual servers.

With generous donation packages and reliable connections, this is a strong contender for the best Minecraft faction server.


  • Challenging faction play
  • A friendly community of gamers


  • Difficult play settings


The Purple Prison network has an expanded auction system, especially when you compare it to the other Minecraft faction servers. The prices start around $5 for a basic contribution and top at around $100. There is no max spending cap for individual players.

Where to Play

You can access the Purple Prison server at this link:


The Moment Network is a collection of game style servers that have been up and running reliably since 2014. The dedicated community of managers and administrators are well-reviewed and loved by the community of long-time players.

The Minecraft faction servers on the Momento Network are fun and massive, giving way to large groups of crusaders fighting for territory.


  • Reliable network of players
  • Dedicated and communicative admins


  • Expensive perk packages in the beginning


This is one of the more expensive Minecraft faction servers, making the ranking system more “pay-to-play” than some other entries on this list. The prices start out around $10 for basic rewards and go up from there, with no max-spending limit for players.

Where to Play

You can connect to the Moment Network at this link:

The Verdict

This was a full list of Minecraft faction servers, with each network offering their unique brand of massive multi-player play. All the server families offer an excellent play experience and a chance to meet and bond with other lovers of this game.

We are compelled to pick a favorite from the ten: MC Central. This massive network of well-worn, reliable, detail oriented servers is the best experience when you’re looking for massive faction battles.

We believe the best experience of faction play, especially for a beginning player, can be found on the MC Central network. It was reliable, creative, and has a beloved team of admins. We single out MC Central as the best of the top Minecraft faction servers.

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