How To Build A Minecraft Castle – The Basics Of Building

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Minecraft is a fun, slow-paced game that kids and adults of all ages can play. It is a game made for creating different things, exploring, destroying and even problem solving. It adds the fun by having different types of monsters come out during the night that you can hunt or hide from.  

You can build your own world, shaping the land and building anything you want. From building Minecraft farms and cottages, to grander aspirations like Minecraft castles, palaces or fortresses, the only limiting factor is you own creativity.

About Minecraft

Minecraft building

There are several ways to play Minecraft: You can play in survival mode or creative mode, or even switch between the two of them. It makes the game easier to start in creative to build and stock up lots of supplies to make your life in survival a lot easier.

It can be a lot of fun, whether you are more of a survivalist or a creative person. You can build anything you want, including a Minecraft castle.

History of Minecraft

Minecraft was a “sandbox” game developed first by Swedish game designer Markus Persson. In 2011, Mojang developed it further. Since its release in 2009, over 29 million copies have been sold.

What Game Consoles Can I Use to Play Minecraft?

Minecraft castle

Minecraft can be played on many different devices, including phones, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS3, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and on any computer. It can be bought online or in any game store or large supermarket.

What Are the Differences between Creative and Survival Modes?

Creative and survival are the two different modes that you can choose between while playing Minecraft.

Creative is great for small children and everyone when they just want to create. In creative mode, you immediately have unlimited access to all of the different blocks of materials, and all of the different tools, beds, eggs, and animals. In creative mode, characters are also able to fly.

One of the other positives about creative mode is that while you’re in it your character can’t die no matter what.

Survival is a whole different story. In survival mode, you have to maintain your characters health and diet. You have to go hunting for food, and have to find shelter from the monsters that come out at night. You have to mine for different materials to make tools like axes and pick axes, and once you have those tools you can mine for different minerals and rocks to make tougher and better tools.

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You can tame wolves, using bones from skeletons, and they become your watch dog. They will follow you everywhere, and if it sees a monster it will attack it for you. You can find villages and steal their supplies from their houses and castles. Be careful of the castles though! The wizards live there.

What Different Kinds of Monsters Are There?

Minecraft character

In Minecraft there are lots of different monsters. You may encounter witches, wizards, zombies, baby zombies, skeletons, spiders, creepers, endermen, and slime blobs. These monsters attack you in different ways and inhabit different places. Witches live in the swampy areas of the Minecraft world, and will throw potion at your character to poison them.

You can hear them laughing before they throw the potions at you. Wizards use magic to kill you, they like to stay in buildings, like in the Minecraft castles.

Zombies just like to hit you over and over. Baby zombies do the same, but they are super fast. Skeletons have bows and arrows that they use to shoot you with. Spiders just chase you and bite your character. Creepers will blow up if you get close enough to them.

Slime blobs are usually in the same swampy areas as the witches, they can swim, and they just blob you to death. if you attack a slime blob in an attempt to kill it, it multiplies. The endermen are strange black monsters that can teleport.

Do not look into its eyes if it comes near you, because then it will scream and attack you. It also likes to steal blocks.

Minecraft Tips & Tricks

Creative Mode Tips and Tricks

In creative, you can do anything. You have unlimited supplies, building blocks, access to spawning animals, and you can fly. The best thing to do in creative, is build. You can build anything from scratch, or you could fly all over the map and find a village that has things built already.

The villagers won’t harm you, and they don’t really seem to care if you take over their house.

You could build a farm, and spawn a bunch of animals, or you could build pretty much anything else. Monsters won’t try to hurt you in creative mode, so don’t be scared to explore in the dark. If you do only want to play in the light, get a bed and go to sleep, it will take you straight to sunrise.

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Survival Mode Tips and Tricks

In survival, the bet thing to do is build shelter first. Then, go hunting, find a sheep for wool to make a bed. In survival, monsters can kill you. The next day, start mining to make tools to make the game easier. Whatever blocks you dig up, you get to keep.

Dirt is the easiest to dig, so we would recommend using that for your first shelter.

How to Build a Minecraft Castle

Minecraft: How to Build a Medieval Castle | Huge Medieval Castle Tutorial - Part 1

Step One

Start in creative mode. It will be much easier to build a Minecraft castle in creative mode with the unlimited blocks and building materials. You can always switch it to survival mode once the Minecraft castle is finished.

Step Two

Find a suitable place to build your Minecraft castle. Good places are flat mountain tops, on top of rivers, or maybe even next to a village. It could be in between two mountains, high up in the sky, or even underground.

Step Three

Level out the land. If you were really building a castle, you won’t want a bunch of bumps in the floor – you don’t want that with your Minecraft castle either. Decide on how big you want the castle to be, and clear out the blocks that are in the way.

Step Four (Optional)

If you are super serious about the design of your Minecraft castle, you could get out some pencils and paper and pre sketch what you want it to look like. Decide what type of castle you want. You can add stairs and secret passageways and all sort of surprises.

You can have a color theme, or you could even base it off of a real castle.

Step Five

Start building the base and room outlines. During this step, you should build the outline of the castle, and the outlines of the hallways, rooms, secret passageways, and whatever else you decided to put in your castle earlier.

Step Six

Start building your second level. Build stairs to get up to the second level, maybe even a secret staircase. Just build up the walls from the first level, and create a different room pattern. Different floors could also have different themes.

Step Seven

Continue building up, making as many floors as you like. You could add more rooms or bigger hallways or anything you think would look good in your castle.

Step Eight

Once you’ve finished making the rooms and hallways, consider adding any color of carpet down the middle to make a walkway. You could also put chests in some rooms to keep a bunch of supplies if you wanted to switch over to survival.

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Also add furnaces and crafting tables. You could also put pressure plates near to all of the doors so that they open automatically, making walking through the castle even easier.

Step Nine

Start landscaping around your Minecraft castle. Think about what kind of yard you want around your castle. Do you want pretty gardens and trees? Or do you want it to look deadly? Or Swampy?

Create what effect you want your castle to give off.

Step Ten

Decide if you want an outer wall. It could be helpful to defend yourself in survival mode because it will give you extra protection. If you do decide to build an outer wall, make sure it’s a good portion away from your castle, just in case you later decide to extend your castle.

Build your wall high and put torches all around it so that monsters can’t spawn in your castle or its grounds. Be sure to check if the wall is higher than treetops, otherwise everything can get past your wall.

Step Eleven

Make guard towers on top of your wall. It adds character and again it might just be helpful in survival mode.

Step Twelve

Enjoy being King (or Queen) of your very own, custom built Minecraft castle.


Minecraft is a game with a simple concept that allows gamers to make their playing experience as simple or as complex as they like. It’s a great way to exercise some creativity or even survival skills. Minecraft is a fun game to play with or against others, and it makes building things very fun.

You can battle monsters, find hidden worlds, create portals, find Atlantis, create your own world, take over pre-made castles in survival mode, or even just fly around in creative. You can do very different things in each mode, and you can build anything your heart desires: even a Minecraft castle!

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