How To Make An End Portal In Minecraft

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From Xbox to PS4, to PC, the DS and Wii, there are so many consoles to play games on. In the vast realm of video games, there are a few that stand out. It’s very hard to make a stand out video game in this market. Some of the most memorable games – the ones players know by word of mouth – include Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and most surprisingly, Minecraft.

If you mention Minecraft at a Con, most likely everyone will know the game. There are hundreds of tutorials online dedicated to it, including “how to make an end portal,” “how to make a castle” and “how to make a compass.” 

So, what is Minecraft? To begin, Minecraft is a multi-player survival game. You do not have quests or goals like you do in role play games. Instead, you fight to survive. Between literally fighting monsters to building your home, cooking your food, and making armor to protect yourself, it’s a true survival game.

The game can be broken up into a few main categories.

The Basics Of Minecraft

Minecraft Beginners Guide - Part 1 - Tools, Weapons, Food and Surviving

When you spawn in, you can choose to add a “bonus chest” into your world. If you decide on this, a chest will spawn close to your spawning location, giving you tools, food, and even armor to get you started in the game.


The first tool you will use in Minecraft is your fist. If you don’t opt for the bonus chest, you will have to punch nearby trees to get their wood. Only when you get the wood can you begin crafting things like a crafting table, torches, furnaces, and so much more.

Once you craft your crafting table, you will need a wooden pickaxe to mine for coal and stone. Stone allows you to create stone tools and a furnace where you can smelt ingots and cook your food. To get gold, diamonds, and other materials like emeralds and red stone, you need iron tools.

Tools vary in durability depending on their material. Wood is the least durable, followed by gold, iron, and then diamond.

The Health Bar

You have ten hearts in your health bar that indicate how much health you have. A hit from a Monster can range from one to four stars, depending on the Monster you are fighting. You only heal if your food bar is full. If you have only nine food symbols filled, you will not heal from hits.

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You will typically instantly begin healing during battle.

The Food Bar

As with the health bar, you have ten little food symbols that indicate how hungry your character is. If your food bar gets to three food symbols, you cannot run in the game. With four or more full food symbols, you can run. In Minecraft, you can starve to death!

But don’t worry, there are so many foods you can eat to boost your food bar. Cooked chicken, beef, and pork will give you three food symbols. A raw beetroot will give you one food bar, a baked potato will give you three, and so forth.

Your Armor Rating

There are armors to protect you from harm and reduce the damage received. With ten armor icons to fill, like the other bars, choosing what armor to wear can change your Minecraft experience. Each armor type has a specific rating that fills your armor icons, and you can make armor out of several materials.

Leather has the smallest armor rating. You can get leather from cows, horses, and other item drops. The second weakest armor is gold armor. You can mine gold ore from mines and smelt them into ingots in a furnace.

The third strongest armor is iron or chain mail armor. Similar to gold, you can mine for iron ore underground and smelt the ore into ingots at a furnace. Lastly, there is diamond armor. Though you can mine for diamonds underground, they do not need to be smelted into ingots. Once mined by an iron pickaxe, the diamonds come out of the earth as whole diamonds.

The world of Minecraft is so much more intricate than these simple divisions, and as you play through the game, you will find more and more adventure.

How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft

How to make an End Portal in Minecraft (PC/XBOX/PS4)

To make your end portal, you will need twelve Eyes of Ender and twelve End Portal frames. You can get the Eyes of Ender during game play by fighting the Endermen in the server. We will go over how to make an end portal with these materials.

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Set up your portal frames. They need to be three by three by three by three, so a giant square. Next, add the Eyes of Ender. Each portal frame needs one eye. The last eye will activate the portal, so don’t stand inside of it.

The End

The End is where the End portal leads you. This is where all the Endermen live and where you must defeat the Enderdragon before you can leave. The Enderdragon is huge, scary, and is a super hard boss to defeat.

He siphons power from several sources in his “nest” of sorts, and when you destroy those sources, it can’t heal from damage.

Instead of Following the “How to Make an End Portal” Guide

It seems impossible to make the End Portal frames, so isn’t there another way of getting to an End portal rather than following the “How to Make an End Portal” guide? Yes, there is!

In each server of Minecraft, there is a naturally occurring End Portal. The bad news is that you will still need the Eyes of Ender, which means fighting a ton of the Endermen. Once you have your Ender Eyes, you have to throw them. The Eyes will fly through the air in the direction of the End Portal.

You can tell you found the portal when the Ender Eyes start to hover over a specific spot. Next, you dig down until you find the stone fortress underground, holding the End Portal. Be wary, for the End Portal will be over a pit of lava and often is in the same room as a Monster Spawner, meaning it will be surrounded by Monsters until you destroy the spawner.

Minecraft as a Game

Minecraft is the second best selling game ever. According to Mojang, the company that produced Minecraft, there are over 90 million active users of Minecraft monthly. It’s a multi-player video game, but you can always play alone.

Minecraft has several modes, including Survival and Creative modes. They have a series of mini games to play as well, and they even have a version of infinite worlds, so your adventuring never ends. In each Minecraft server, there are different biomes with various animals dwelling in them.

There are underwater cities with fish and dolphins, jungles with ocelots and parrots, and biomes of ice with polar bears. In a smattering of Biomes, there will be a village or two, with villagers you can trade goods with.

To start your game, you will need tools. The basic tools in Minecraft are the pickaxe, shovel, hoe, axe, and sword. You can make these tools out of wood, stone, iron, gold, or diamond, each varying in durability.

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Diamond tools last the longest and have the highest armor ratings, while gold has horrible durability and is better used in breeding horses.

Summarizing How to Make an End Portal

You will need twelve End Portal Frames and twelve Eyes of Ender. Option A is building your portal, by putting the portal frames in a large square. Then, you will be adding the Eyes of Ender, and that will activate the End Portal.

Option B is avoiding the “how to make an End Portal” guide methods. It isn’t an easy way, but it is your only other option. You can throw your Ender Eyes up in the air, and they will travel in the direction of the End Portal. Once they reach the End Portal, they will hover over the area you will need to dig into to find the portal.

You will still need Eyes of Ender to add to the End Portal, but you might get lucky and end up with an eye or two already in their End Portal Frames. Always keep in mind that your End Portal will be over a pit of lava, and in the same room as a monster spawner! Eliminate the spawner first

To conclude, there are tons of how-to videos to answer any of your burning Minecraft questions, from “how to make an End Portal”, to “how to make a Pirate Ship”, you are bound to find your answers. Minecraft has tons of fun additions to enhance your game play, from the underwater worlds, to the Nether, to enchanting armor or weapons and brewing potions.

Once you delve into the world of Minecraft, you will understand how it has over 90 million players active each month and how it was the second best selling game ever made. 

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