Top 10 Best Minecraft Magic Mods

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Minecraft magic mods allow the typical Minecraft player to make their game, well, more magical. All of the mods are there to change the game for the better or to just change the game completely. Magical mods give the player access to become a witch, wizard, sorcerer, or whatever their nerdy heart enjoys. While vanilla Minecraft isn’t a stranger to magical happenings such as enchantments, potions, and dragons, adding mods to the mix does make the game entirely new.

This list includes some of the best Minecraft mods with the added bonus of having magical elements. While some are incomplete, they’re all there to enjoy in various ways. So here is just the start of Minecraft magic mods!

Minecraft Magic Mods FAQ

1. What Is Minecraft? 

Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows users to create anything they wish. Using mods, players can go much further into the game and create entirely new worlds, items, bosses, and campaigns. Using Minecraft mods enhances the experience and makes a whole new game with every mod.

2. What Do Minecraft Magic Mods Do? 

Like with any mod that changes the game in some form, Minecraft magic mods give the player some sort of magical aspects whether these be items, abilities, or something else. More often than not, the player is given new items to create spells or similar functions.

3. How Do Minecraft Magic Mods Work? 

To install the mod, you’ll usually need Minecraft Forge already installed on your computer. For the mod itself, they’re all different. Most come with a separate file to explain the mod while others explain as you play or in some other fashion. Most Minecraft magic mods use vanilla items or items already in the game to craft new items that the player can use to cast spells or do something else.

4. Where Can You Find Minecraft Magic Mods? 

There are Minecraft magic mods and many other projects available at You should also feel free to search for more, but this website is a popular hub for Minecraft creators.

5. Why Are There Unfinished Minecraft Magic Mods on This List?

Just because a mod isn’t one hundred percent complete doesn’t mean that you can’t install and start playing it. As the mod updates, the creator will allow you to update your already installed mod pack. The incomplete percentage is simply to warn you of potential bugs and that more updates will be on the way.

How We Reviewed

All of these mods, while most not complete yet, have reputable developers and lots of interesting aspects to add to your game. If you’re looking for Minecraft magic mods to enhance your gaming experience, this is a great place to start your search.

Overall Price Range of Minecraft Magic Mods

All of these Minecraft magic mods and similar ones found elsewhere are available for free. While some creators may ask for donations, there will be very rare instances you’ll have to pay for a mod. Always make sure there isn’t another one available for free before you buy. As for Minecraft itself, you can buy the game at for around $27. Console versions are available through retailers.

What We Reviewed

  • Magic Dust Mod by Wixey99
  • mcEXP Heroes – Magic & Adventure Add-on for mcEXP
  • MMORPG MOD – Tibia Minecraft MOD
  • Extra Minerals
  • ExtraGems
  • End Teleporters – A Balanced and Quick Way to Travel Around Your Minecraft Worlds
  • The Harry Potter Mod
  • Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle Mod
  • CTD Mythos
  • Age of Weapons

Magic Dust Mod by Wixey99

minecraft dust mod
Image source: Planet Minecraft


To start off the list, we have a mod that’s simple to use and doesn’t do anything too game breaking. The Magic Dust mod allows the player to put certain items on the ground and turn those into new items to use for magical purposes. The player can make artifacts that give different abilities; summons for various mobs; and spells for status effects, changing the environment, and other things. This mod is for version 1.13.2.


  • This mod is for 1.13 version of Minecraft
  • Simple to figure out and use


  • Doesn’t have a lot of room to grow
  • Is almost too basic

mcEXP Heroes – Magic & Adventure Add-on for mcEXP

minecraft moon
Image source: Planet Minecraft


While this is more of an add-on for another mod than a mod itself, mcEXP Heroes had to be included for the abilities alone. Once the player creates a wand with a stick, diamond, and blaze powder, spells like magic missile and fireball can be cast. This one also adds four new bosses. The Necromancer is in the overworld, Aereolueus is in the sky, Aquarius is in the water, and Magmora is beneath the lava in the Nether. This mod is definitely worth trying out. This mod works on version 1.13.


  • Easy to get the hang of
  • Adds some exploration elements


  • Must have the original mcEXP installed before the Heroes add-on will work
  • Only fifty percent complete

MMORPG MOD – Tibia Minecraft MOD

minecraft chests
Image source: Planet Minecraft


Tibia is a massive mod that turns Minecraft into an entirely new game. The Tibia Minecraft Mod turns the game into a massive-multiplayer roleplaying game where the player can be a knight, paladin, sorcerer, or druid. Additions to the game include magic, runes, backpacks, and much more. Tibia promises a fantastic new experience if modded Minecraft is something you are after. This mod runs on version 1.10 but promises to update to 1.12 in an upcoming release.


  • Massive amounts of new items, abilities, creatures, locations, etc.
  • Changes the game completely


  • Only sixty percent complete
  • While the alpha version is available to download, it only works in creative mode

Extra Minerals

minecraft materials
Image source: Planet Minecraft


While not very magical, the extra minerals mod certainly lives up to its name. In addition to the vanilla minerals, you also get amethysts, sapphires, rubies, pink diamonds, and silver. Pink diamonds can be crafted into tools and armor and silver can be crafted into a sword. All of the new minerals, except silver, can be crafted into rings to enhance potions. There are plans to add topaz, necklaces, and customizable armor and weapons. The mod works on version 1.12.2.


  • A mod that adds in new materials is always welcome
  • The rings and necklaces interact with vanilla effects


  • Only thirty-five percent complete
  • Doesn’t have a lot of magical properties right now


minecraft book shelves
Image source: Planet Minecraft


Again, getting new materials to work with is always a pleasure. In this case, the ExtraGems mod gives us emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, topaz, and crystals. While emeralds are already a part of the game, this mod allows them to spawn more often and be used in crafting. All of the gems, in fact, can be made into tools, weapons, and armor. There’s the bonus of using these gems to create amulets that give the player buffs like speed, luck, health, etc. This mod is available for version 1.12.2.


  • Adds lots of new gems and ores to your game
  • The amulets provide a whole new aspect to love


  • Not very magical other than the amulets
  • New gems are great but that’s all there is

End Teleporters – A Balanced and Quick Way to Travel around Your Minecraft Worlds

minecraft teleporter
Image source: Planet Minecraft


Teleporting is probably one of the best skills a magical mod pack can offer to the player. Since ender eyes already teleport players around, this mod pack uses materials from the end to create teleporters. By using a new block called the ender frame, the player can build teleporters to transmit themselves all over the map. While the materials needed are vanilla and expensive, the price is worth the reward. This mod is available on version 1.12.2.


  • By using materials in-game, the player can teleport anywhere another teleporter exists
  • Is very easy to use and get started provided the materials are available


  • Expensive to make but the reward is worth the trouble
  • Only adds mechanics and one new item
  • Not very magical other than the one ability, no matter how useful

The Harry Potter Mod

minecraft harry potter mod
Image source: Planet Minecraft


If you were looking for Minecraft magic mods to be more like Harry Potter and Hogwarts, then this is definitely the mod for you. This mod has everything, from owls to brooms to even Voldemort as a boss. There are new biomes, new armor sets, new mobs, and loads of spells. From herbology to patronus casting, this mod has everything for any Harry Potter fan. The Harry Potter mod currently runs on version 1.12.2.


  • This mod is super steeped in magic
  • Adds new landscapes, bosses, and other things to explore and use


  • Only ninety-five percent complete
  • Sometimes creates endless biomes

Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle Mod

minecraft dark chronicle mod
Image source: Planet Minecraft


In the event you were ever thinking there aren’t enough items in Minecraft, this mod is here to change that perception. Based on the PlayStation 2 game, Dark Cloud 2, this mod adds items from the video game. There are 109 new weapons, fourteen new ores, three new biomes, and the ability to dye iron ingots. There are tons of weapons and items to create, some of them even using blaze powder as ammunition, and lots of new crafting recipes. This mod uses version 1.12.2.


  • Absolutely tons of new items to create and enjoy
  • In addition to weapons, adds a lot of new exploration options


  • Only sixty percent completed
  • Lots of weapons but not a lot of magic-based items

CTD Mythos

ctd mythos
Image source: Planet Minecraft


The CTD Mythos mod promises a lot of magical potential with the added element of Greek mythology being a major influence. There are a lot of crafting items available that give different status effects when in the inventory, as well as wands, weapons, and shears that remove souls. Even though this mod is only announced and not available, it certainly sounds exciting. It’ll be available on version 1.12.2.


  • Lots of new items to work with
  • Plays off of mythology and other magical elements


  • Still on zero percent after being announced more than six months ago
  • So far, only has a few items announced

Age of Weapons

age of weapons
Image source: Planet Minecraft


This is yet another mod with a ton of weapons. This one is unique because it allows the player to work through time periods of different weapons and levels of advancement. There are swords, hammers, bows, axes, guns, daggers, staves, and everything in between from the stone age to the future. The mod also adds new tools, blocks, items, workbench, and armor. The Age of Weapons mod is available on version 1.12.2.


  • Adds a ton of new weapons to the game
  • Has fantasy and mystic categories


  • Only eighty-five percent complete
  • Has magical items but isn’t a magic based mod

The Verdict

While not many of the mods on this list are finished, just going with ExtraGems and Magic Dust may leave some left to be desired. By far, the best magic mod on this list seems to be Tibia. We can only hope that Tibia won’t be stuck in development forever, as the mod was first published in January of 2017, but the ideas and passion behind this idea allow players wanting to explore more.

That said, mod developers aren’t getting paid to create these. They make all of these mods in their spare time for fun, whether they just enjoy making mods or they wanted something to enjoy with their friends. The point is if something seems to be taking a long time to get finished, don’t get impatient. Pet projects on this scale take a lot of time to create.

While you’re waiting, feel free to explore other aspects mods have to offer. Aside from the realm of magic, there are mods for automation, combat, mobs, farming, mining, building, crafting, and anything else you may enjoy. Keep an eye out for anything you’re interested in and allow yourself to have an open mind when it comes to new mods. You never know what new favorite thing you’ll stumble on next.

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