We can offer a refund in the following situations:

  • If you accidentally made your purchase more than once
  • If your card or account was used without your permission
  • If, after visiting our technical support resources, you are unable to run your game, and refund request is sent within 15 days of purchase

If this is the case, please contact customer support, provide the order number(s) or transaction ID(s) from the purchase, and specify which one(s) need refunded. We are unable to make a refund without an order number or transaction ID, verifying that you own the account.

According to the Terms and Conditions listed on prepaid cards purchased at a retail store, we are unable to offer refunds for those cards.

Different editions of Minecraft are not interchangeable, as the systems they run on are not compatible.

As with most other online services, we do not typically offer refunds for other reasons.