Minecraft Compass: Everything You Need To Know

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When you play Minecraft, it’s essential to have a sense of adventure. You can go out in search of different villages, supplies, or other players. Since you can wander off pretty much endlessly in any direction, it’s no surprise that you might end up getting lost as you play. You may retrace your steps back to where you came from if you have a decent sense of direction and can use landmarks to guide you, but your memory can prove to be inaccurate, or you might find that you don’t have a good sense of direction at all. Does this mean you’re lost forever? Not necessarily. This is where the Minecraft compass comes in handy.

What Is A Minecraft Compass?

A Minecraft compass works similarly to a real-life compass. Just as a real-life compass has a needle which always points in the direction of the magnetic north pole, a Minecraft compass will always point toward the world’s spawn point. You don’t even have to have the item in your hand. No matter where the compass is located – whether it is in your hand, on the ground, in your inventory, or anywhere else – it will always point toward the world’s spawn point.

The Minecraft compass is a great tool to help you get the most out of your Minecraft adventures and prevent you from getting lost along the way, or at least help you find where you are if you happen to get lost.

How To Use A Minecraft Compass

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If you’ve ever used a compass in real life, using the Minecraft compass should be rather intuitive. The needle of a Minecraft compass always points to the world’s spawn point, and this will help you a lot if you are a person who is not great with direction or if you tend to travel far from the spawn point during your in-game adventures.

As mentioned before, the Minecraft compass mimics the traditional compass that you might have come across in real life, which has a needle that always points to magnetic north. However, just as a real-life compass can sometimes become inaccurate, especially when exposed to another magnetized object, so can a Minecraft compass.

In Minecraft, upon entering either The Nether or The End, your compass will spin erratically and point any which way, rendering it completely useless in these areas during the entirety of your visit. Once you leave these areas of the game, though, the compass will revert to its normal level of functioning.

Since the Minecraft compass traditionally only points to the world spawn point rather than to a spawn point set by sleeping, many users have felt that they have no other choice than to set up their base near the world spawn point if they ever want to find their way back with the compass. However, if you don’t mind taking advantage of Commands, it’s actually unnecessary to set up your base near the world’s spawn point at all for the compass to be able to help you.

Commands And The Minecraft Compass

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With the addition of Commands, alternatively known as Cheats, users can enter text in the chat that correlates to the action that they want to make in the game. These Commands make actions happen automatically that would not have happened during normal, unassisted gameplay.

In order to take advantage of Commands, you need to ensure that Cheats are turned on in your settings. Keep in mind that when you enable Cheats, you are also disabling achievements in the process. Now, you might rightfully wonder what Commands or Cheats have to do with the Minecraft compass.

The answer to this is that by using Commands, you can actually change the world’s spawn point to whatever you’d like it to be, which will make the compass so much more useful if you don’t have your base set up near the world’s spawn point. All you have to do is open the chat and type “/setworldspawn,” and the new world spawn will be set automatically. Users typically try to set the spawn near their base to easily get back to it after they have strayed from it, but of course, you are free to use this feature of the game however you want.

Many users prefer to play the game unassisted, using no cheats at all, which is okay too. If that’s what you would prefer, feel free to ignore this advice on Commands entirely. Using Commands isn’t for everyone, but it is an option for those who want to personalize their Minecraft experience just a little bit more and make the most out of the limitations of the Minecraft compass.

How To Get A Minecraft Compass

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To use a Minecraft compass, it’s important to know how to get one in the first place. There are three different ways that a user can get a compass for their inventory.

Natural Generation

The first way you can get a Minecraft compass may be as simple as finding one. Compasses can be found within nearly 8% of shipwreck chests and nearly 11% of stronghold library chests. If you’re playing the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, compasses can be found in about 10.5% of stronghold library chests.

Finding a compass is probably the easiest way to get one, but this method relies a lot on chance. If you find one this way, that’s great, but you would probably be better off having a plan set in place to ensure that you end up with a compass if that’s a goal you have in your Minecraft gameplay.


Another way to get a Minecraft compass is by trading goods for it. You can obtain a single compass from a librarian villager for anywhere from 10 to 12 emeralds. The trading system uses a tier system, and a compass is one of the tier 2 trades.


Yet another way to get a compass is by making one yourself by using the crafting table. You need four pieces of Iron Ingot and one piece of Redstone Dust to make a compass from scratch. It might take a little bit more time overall than some of the other methods, but overall, crafting a compass is the only sure way that you will get one.

What Can You Make With A Compass?

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Now that you have a compass, what else can you do with it? Interestingly enough, you can do much more than simply find the world’s spawn point by means of the compass. As with virtually any item you can come across in Minecraft, there is so much more you can create by using a compass on the crafting table, and there’s so much more that you can obtain by trading a compass for maps. The Minecraft compass is a gateway to a variety of other items.


image via: pixabay.com

You can craft an extremely useful item by using a compass – a map. To do this, you will need to have a compass and eight pieces of paper on the crafting table. This will create a blank map. Maps are always blank at first, but over time they will fill up with information about the location as you travel around the Minecraft world. This map is called an “Empty Locator Map” or an “Empty Map” when it first shows up in your inventory.

If you’re using the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, you can then add the empty map and yet another compass onto the crafting table to make a map with a location marker on it. Basic maps don’t show you where you are automatically.


image via: pixabay.com

If you want to trade your compass for something else, you can get a single emerald for it if you sell it to a cartographer villager.

If you want to obtain an Ocean Explorer Map or a Woodland Explorer Map, a compass is part of the cost, along with a hefty amount of emeralds. To get an Ocean Explorer Map from a cartographer, you will need to hand over one compass and anywhere from 12 to 20 emeralds. If you would like to get a Woodland Explorer Map, the cost is a single compass and anywhere from 16 to 28 emeralds.


A compass is a very important item in Minecraft. A compass can be used to make maps, traded for emeralds and explorer maps, or simply be used help you get back to the world’s spawn point. Using a compass alone might not always be the most helpful thing, especially if your base is further away from the world’s spawn point than you might like it to be. Luckily, this is nothing a little cheat or a map can’t fix.

Now that you have a little more information on how a Minecraft compass works and what you can do with it, you can get back to playing Minecraft with an extra dose of knowledge about compasses to help guide you as you play. Just add the compass to your hotbar, and you’ll see the red arrow pointing you to your spawn.

How To Use The Minecraft Banner Maker

Minecraft banners first appeared in Version 1.8 of the game and have been a fun feature of the game ever since. Banners are highly customizable, and you can make them into nearly any color or pattern you could dream of. Luckily, with all the options for your banner available to you, it’s easy to make banners just to your liking using the in-game Minecraft banner maker.

What Are Minecraft Banners?

minecraft town
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Minecraft banners are crafted in the game using a stick and some wool. The banner will always turn out to be the color of the wool being used, but there are tons of ways to further customize the banner by using the Minecraft banner maker. Banners can be placed pretty much anywhere in the game, including on walls and the ground. Most notably, though, banners are often used as a design on shields.

What Is the Minecraft Banner Maker?

minecraft tower
Image via: Pixabay

What we will call the Minecraft banner maker can be used to craft many more in-game objects other than banners. The Minecraft banner maker is most commonly known as the crafting table.

When you first begin playing Minecraft, you are supplied with a 2-by-2 crafting grid. It’s useful at first, and you can make simple items with it, but as you advance in the game, you will soon see the need to upgrade to the bigger and better-crafting table. The crafting table is a 3-by-3 grid that can be used to make a variety of different objects such as weapons, tools, armor, and of course, banners.

How to Use the Minecraft Banner Maker

minecraft bridge
Image via: Pixabay

The Minecraft banner maker, or crafting table, is simple to use once you get the hang of it. Customizing a banner is a precise process, with the exact turnout depending on the colors of dye and items you have, and where you place these pieces of dye and items on the grid. Luckily, some steps can help ensure that you get the Minecraft banner of your dreams.

How to Create a Blank Banner

minecraft house
Image via: Pixabay

To get a fully customized banner, you must first start with a blank one. To create a blank banner, you will use the crafting grid as your Minecraft banner maker. To create a banner, you need to have six pieces of wool and one stick and then place them all on the crafting grid. Now that you have a banner, you get to let your imagination run wild and make it look pretty much any way you want it to.

How to Make a Banner Pattern

To make a pattern on your banner, you must re-add your banner to the crafting table. While you can’t draw on your banner in Minecraft just yet, you can place items on the grid to create your banner just as you’d like it. Since you can use up to six patterns per banner, banners can become quite intricate. So as you look through the instructions on how to create each pattern, you might think of combinations of patterns you want to use together to make the perfect Minecraft banner.

How to Make Halves

minecraft statues
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The proper way to divide your banner into colored halves is by using a pattern of six dyes arranged either to the left, right, top, or bottom of the crafting table. If you’d rather divide your banner diagonally, you can use a pattern of three pieces of dye in any of the corners, corresponding to where you would like the color to be on your banner.

How to Make Stripes

To make a stripe on your banner, you can create a section of three pieces of dye on your crafting table, lined up either vertically or horizontally depending on how you would like the stripe to show up on your banner. Alternatively, if you would like a vertical stripe pattern on your banner, there’s a way to do this too.

Image via: Pixabay

Simply use four pieces of dye on the crafting grid, place two of them on the top corners and then place a second piece of dye underneath each of the first two pieces of dye. Once you do this, your banner will have four vertical stripes on it.

How to Make Crosses

If you would like a cross consisting of a vertical stripe and a horizontal stripe, make sure that the three middle sections on the grid are covered in dye – both horizontally and vertically. This will only take five pieces of dye. If you would like a diagonal cross on your banner, you will put one piece of dye in the middle, and then another piece of dye in each of the four corners, also requiring only five pieces of dye.

How to Make Gradients

minecraft city
Image via: Pixabay

To make a gradient, you will need four pieces of dye. To make the color gradient go from top to bottom, put two pieces in each of the top corners, and then one in the middle of the grid, and another one just below it. To make the color gradient go from bottom to top, all you will need to do is reverse this. Put two dyes in each of the bottom corners, one dye in the very center of the grid, and another just above it – in the top center section of the grid.

How to Make Brickwork Patterns

To make a brickwork pattern, you must put a brick block on the crafting table. This will make a very simple black and white brickwork pattern. To spice it up and add color, add some dye to the crafting table along with the brick block to further customize your banner.

How to Make Borders

To make a plain border, you will need eight pieces of dye, placed along every edge of the crafting grid. To make a more elegant border, you can use one piece of dye and a piece of vine. This makes for a more intricate and fancy border.

How to Make Shapes

minecraft character running
Image via: Pixabay

Shapes are fairly easy to do, but there’s a lot to memorize.

To make a square in the corner of your banner, you can place a single piece of dye in any of the corners on the crafting table.

To make a triangle on either the top or the bottom of your banner, you will need three pieces of dye. To make a triangle at the top, you will need to put a piece of dye in each of the top corners, and one in the very middle of the grid. Inversely, to do this at the bottom of the banner, do the opposite, with a piece of dye in each of the bottom corners, and one in the very center of the grid.

To make a set of teeth on either the top or bottom of your banner, you will also need three pieces of dye. The pattern for this is very similar for making a triangle, so try not to get them confused. To make a set of teeth at the top, you will need to have one piece of dye in the center of the top row and one on either side of the middle row, using three pieces of dye in total. To do this at the bottom, do the exact opposite. Leaving the two pieces of dye on either side of the middle row, add the third piece of dye to the center of the bottom row.

To make a circle in the center of your banner, add one piece of dye to the center of the crafting table.

To make a diamond shape in the center of your banner, you will need four pieces of dye, each placed in the center of each side of the grid.

How to Make Icons

You can make icons by adding any of a number of different items to the crafting grid. Simply adding an item will give you an icon in plain black, but you can spice this up by adding a dye along with the item to give it some color. There are a few different items that can be used to make an icon on a banner. For example, placing a Creeper Head on the crafting table will result in a Creeper face on your banner.

How to Reuse a Banner Pattern

Considering how complex banners can become once you’ve used the six allotted patterns, it’s a good thing that you won’t need to go through all the steps again to produce an identical banner later on. You can reuse the pattern time and time again provided that you are using the same color of wool as you did to make the original banner. All you must do is copy your previous design onto a blank banner of the same color wool by using the crafting table.


Minecraft is full of customizable options, and banners are no exception to this rule. Banners can be made as simply or as extravagantly as you’d like, and luckily, the in-game Minecraft banner maker makes every step of this process easy. There’s no better way to show your flair on your walls or your shield than by using a banner.

Top 10 Minecraft Faction Servers

Minecraft Faction Servers

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, having the distinction of the most concurrent players at any one time for a single game. This block-built world has expanded beyond the initial survival adventure and spawned different ways to play, some expanding into worlds with friends. Minecraft faction servers are one of the top-rated versions of the game, pitting large teams of players against one and other for dominance over the vast lands of Minecraft.

This list will introduce you to the top ten Minecraft faction servers currently accepting new members. If you are looking for a new challenge in Minecraft with a team play element, then this list of Faction based servers will be an excellent place to start.

Product FAQ

Before we discuss the various Minecraft faction servers you can join, we want to cover the basics you need to know to make an informed decision about which faction to join.

1. What Are Minecraft Faction Servers?

Minecraft offers a bunch of different game styles to choose from, each one offering a different game-play experience. One of the most popular styles of Minecraft is called Factions. A Minecraft faction server is a dedicated world where hundreds of players can join up in the same game and play at the same time.

2. How Do You Play Minecraft Factions?

These Minecraft servers allow you to join up with a group of fellow players with the united goal of building a fortress to protect your valuables from the other factions in the world, which is self-contained on that server. The specific rules for each of the servers may differ, but the primary goal is always the same: be the best and strongest faction, and thus dominate your world.

Minecraft Landscape
Image via Pixabay

3. Who Can Play on Minecraft Faction Servers?

Anyone with a good internet connection and a basic understanding of the mechanics of the game can join up on any of these servers. There are wonderful starting options in each world that allow you to step into the faction experience and build your character one fight at a time. There are no restrictions on who can join as long as you obey the server specific rules and obey the commands of the appointed admins.

4. How Is Each Server Different?

Each of these Minecraft faction servers offers a different team play experience. Each one has a custom built play area where the world can offer vastly different options for defense and attack of the rival factions. Be careful when making your decision for which servers to join as each one posts different rules of what is allowed in battle and how you can fairly attack the other factions. It’s always a good note to make sure the individual faction will respond well to your specific play style.

Minecraft Castle
Image via Pixabay

5. Can You Join More Than One Server?

One of the awesome parts about these multi-network factions games is you can join as many as you want. There’s really no way for these servers to demand you restrict yourself to just one game mode, so try multiple servers or even maintain simultaneous characters in different Minecraft faction servers without repercussions.

How We Reviewed

We reviewed some of the most popular Minecraft faction servers on the multi-player platform. We looked at reliability, user scores, the suite of options, and the overall playability for each server. After that, we compiled a list of the best and broke down the best and worst features of each one.

Overall Price Range of This Product (and Similar Products)

Each of these servers is free to join—even the ones that have a pre-approval or application process for full membership. Though they cost nothing for an initial play, all the Minecraft faction servers we reviewed have perks and special items available for anyone that’s kind enough to donate to their server community. This isn’t a nefarious way for them to rake in the bucks on the most played game in the world because running an efficient and reliable server for thousands of players requires money and expert time.

Because of these necessary running costs, these server administrators offer fun and powerful perks for people that spend real money to help them maintain the community at the highest standards. Most donation packages range from $5 up to $250, with a wide variety of options and special packages.

Minecraft Ingame
Image via Pixabay

What We Reviewed



Strongcraft Logo
Image via Strongcraft

Strongcraft is working hard to grow the number of daily users, so they are offering a lot of incentives for any new payer to join their faction ranks and vote for them every chance they get. The team here earns the daily votes with a clean and streamlined faction experience. This is a great community of servers to get into and make some new friends, and maybe a few enemies.


Clean and streamlined design of the faction maps

● Strong vote incentives
● Clean and streamlined design of the faction maps


● Few perk options


Strongcraft has a system like most where you can exchange money for in-game currency. The prices range from $5 to $100 in most cases.

Where to Play

You can find the entire list of Strongcraft servers at this link: play.strongcraft.org


Image via Snapcraft

The team at Snapcraft work every day to make sure the game experience on their servers gets better and better. This is one of the most updated server networks on this list, with almost daily additions and style updates to the Minecraft factions servers. These are some fastest growing, dedicated groups of players and admins around. These admins and designers just want to deliver a superior faction experience.


● Diverse modes of play
● Daily competitions and reward opportunities


● Still developing back-end team


The Snapcraft network offers perk packages that start around $20 and go up to $170, with a wide variety of extended packages you can buy for the game.

Where to Play

The Snapcraft server list can be found at the following link: play.snapcraft.net


Hypixel Logo
Image via Hypixel

Hypixel is an old network of game servers for Minecraft, an empire that’s been built on a strict line of quality and dedication. The design and admin teams for this server family have put together the largest group of playable worlds in the Minecraft universe. This is one of the top performing Minecraft faction servers on this list.


● A high number of daily repeat users
● A huge network of players


● Challenging field of players


The Hypixel network of Minecraft faction servers are all connected through a central purchase house, so you can trade using items purchased with real-world money. Sellers set the prices, which vary widely.

Where to Play

The Hypixel network of servers can be accessed at the following link: https://hypixel.net/


Manacube Logo
Image via Manacube

Manacube is a stylized collection of servers that have a well thought out rule set and good looking designs. This is still a growing community, so there is room for the Minecraft faction servers to expand into new territories and find new leaders in the team ranks.


● Fun game designs
● Great admin and staff


● Still a growing community


Manacube has an internal purchase system for trading real money for the in-game currency. The prices start around $5 and go up to $100 for expanded game packages.

Where to Play

You can find the Manacube server list at this link: play.manacube.net


PrimeMC Logo
Image via PrimeMC

The Prime network for Minecraft is a great collection of playable game modes with articulate design and well thought out rule sets. This is still a growing network, so the people at Prime are working hard every day with new build and faction upgrades to drive a more consistent play base of users.


● Great daily promotions
● Generous donation packages        


● Low daily player count


Prime MC has an excellent barter system in place, making the real world money you spend stretch a lot further than you would see on other Minecraft faction servers. The prices start as low as $2 and go up to around $60 for the more advanced add-ons.

Where to Play

You can register to gain access to Prime MC at the following link: https://primemc.org


Conspiracycraft is one of the newer entries on this list, but that doesn’t take away from the gorgeous collection of worlds and game styles they have built. An expert team of designers has built some detailed and immersive worlds for you to survive and fight in. The Minecraft factions servers listed in this network are fun, reliable, and easy to learn.


● Beautiful and unique map designs
● Immersive game play


● Limited mod capabilities


This network has a few purchase options if you want to rank up faster. The rank awards start at around $5 and go up from there, sometimes having packages around the $150 mark.

Where to Play

You can gain access to the Conspiracy Craft network of servers at this link: play.conspiracycraft.net


MC Central is one of the best-reviewed collections of multi-player worlds we played. This network is a fine collection of the favorite game styles in Minecraft, and factions modes are right at the top. These are challenges for even the most seasoned warrior, so bring your diamond sword and enchanted helmet to your faction and fight for prizes and glory.


● Amazing game design
● Lots of game styles to choose


● Expensive high-end rewards


MC Central is one of the Minecraft faction servers that have a global trading system, allowing the real-world currency to exchange hands through their auction network. Prices for add-on items start around $10.

Where to Play

You can find the MC Central server access at the following link: https://www.mccentral.org/


Mineverse Logo
Image via Mineverse

The people at Mineverse have dedicated themselves to building the best PvP maps available on the Minecraft network of multi-player servers. This dedication to fine detail sometimes leads to extended wait times for new content and updates to game-play, but that’s often worth it for the quality of design and implementation of this family of Minecraft faction servers.


● Dedicated new build team    
● Inexpensive donation packages


● Long waits between updates


Mineverse has a more limited purchase system, offering donation options that start around $5.

Where to Play

You can access the Mineverse server list through the following link: mineverse.com


Purpleprison logo
Image via Purple Prison

Purple Prison is a massive community of players dedicated to maximizing the excitement of Minecraft. What started as an exclusive prison network has blossomed into a multi-play style series of individual servers. With generous donation packages and reliable connections, this is a strong contender for the best Minecraft faction server.


● Challenging faction play
● A friendly community of gamers


● Difficult play settings


The Purple Prison network has an expanded auction system, especially when you compare it to the other Minecraft faction servers. The prices start around $5 for a basic contribution and top at around $100. There is no max spending cap for individual players.

Where to Play

You can access the Purple Prison server at this link: purpleprison.co


Momentonetwork Logo
Image via Momento

The Moment Network is a collection of game style servers that have been up and running reliably since 2014. The dedicated community of managers and administrators are well-reviewed and loved by the community of long-time players. The Minecraft faction servers on the Momento Network are fun and massive, giving way to large groups of crusaders fighting for territory.


● Reliable network of players
● Dedicated and communicative admins


● Expensive perk packages in the beginning


This is one of the more expensive Minecraft faction servers, making the ranking system more “pay-to-play” than some other entries on this list. The prices start out around $10 for basic rewards and go up from there, with no max-spending limit for players.

Where to Play

You can connect to the Moment Network at this link: momentonetwork.net

The Verdict

This was a full list of Minecraft faction servers, with each network offering their unique brand of massive multi-player play. All the server families offer an excellent play experience and a chance to meet and bond with other lovers of this game. We are compelled to pick a favorite from the ten: MC Central. This massive network of well-worn, reliable, detail oriented servers is the best experience when you’re looking for massive faction battles.

We believe the best experience of faction play, especially for a beginning player, can be found on the MC Central network. It was reliable, creative, and has a beloved team of admins. We single out MC Central as the best of the top Minecraft faction servers.

How to Build a Minecraft Tower: A Complete Guide

minecraft tower
Image from Pixabay

Building things in Minecraft is something that every player does in some way or another. Whether you are building a temporary shelter to weather the night, a mob grinder to harvest resources, a farm for food or a vast stone fortress, re-shaping Minecraft’s game world should be a familiar concept. In this article, we will go over the steps to build a basic Minecraft tower, as well as some other helpful tips and tricks that can be useful in your future Minecraft projects.

Introduction to Minecraft

If you are reading this article, then the odds are good that you’re already plenty familiar with Minecraft already and don’t need a fancy introduction to it. As video games go, Minecraft is one of the most popular games, not just in the last few years but of all time. And the game is getting better and better as time goes on.

In July of 2018, the 1.13 version of the game was released. Dubbed ‘The Update Aquatic,’ this latest update overhauled several aspects of Minecraft, most notably the game’s oceans. In addition to the seas, there were many technical improvements and bug fixes as well, showing that despite being in development for almost 10 years, the game is still being maintained by dedicated developers.

Much of the game’s popularity can perhaps be attributed to its free-form and open-ended gameplay. Beyond a basic goal of reaching the End and defeating the Ender Dragon, Minecraft as a whole leaves gameplay objectives solely in the hands of the player.

Benefits of Building a Tower

Back on topic, building a Minecraft tower (or any defensive structure for that matter) has several benefits, both tactically and appearance-wise. Keeping a degree of separation from your player avatar and the ground is a good idea, especially in Survival Mode.

Most of the game’s numerous hostile Mobs spawn on the ground, in poorly lit or unlit areas of the world. Therefore, having a measure of security in the form of distance and strong walls is a good thing. And this is best represented in the form of a tower made of stone bricks.

A Minecraft tower also looks good when designed properly. Through careful use of cosmetic blocks and greebles (the technical term for fine details that make something more visually interesting), you can transform an otherwise plain-looking tower into something visually striking and impressive.

How to Build a Minecraft Tower

What Tools You Will Need

Before we go out and get started, there are different items you are going to want in your inventory, especially if you are playing on Survival Mode:

  1. Weapons. Minecraft’s world is treacherous, so having a weapon to fend off those dangers should be common sense at this point. Bring an enchanted sword of you can.
  2. Armor. For the same reason as above, having a good set of armor protecting you can be the difference between life and death. We recommend iron armor or stronger.
  3. Tools. Pickaxes, lumber axes and shovels will all probably be necessary to some degree. Bring spares just in case your tools break.
  4. Food. It wouldn’t do you any good to starve to death while laying the groundwork of your next construction project, so bring along a stack of food. We recommend pork chops.
  5. Potions. If you can spare them, having a few Potions of Healing in your quick bar can be useful in many situations, especially combat.
  6. Torches. As mentioned above, Minecraft’s hostile Mobs spawn in poorly lit areas. So be sure to light your build area with plenty of torches.

What Blocks You Will Need

Understandably, your building materials are going to be the essential part of building a Minecraft tower. While these are recommended, they are just a guideline. This being Minecraft, feel free to substitute blocks for another kind if you desire it. One tip we can offer you regarding this is replacing sandstone for the stone bricks if you are building in the desert.

  1. 5-6 Stacks of Stone Bricks. In this build, Stone bricks will form the majority of the tower, mainly the walls.
  2. 1 Stack of Stone Brick Stairs. Stairs can serve not only as stairs, but they can double as decorations in the forms of crenellations and arrow slits.
  3. 1 Stack of Cobblestone Blocks. Cobblestone blocks will serve as the base and first floor of the tower.
  4. 1-2 Stacks of Oak Wood Slabs. Oakwood slabs will serve as the floor of any levels between the ground floor and roof, as well as the roof itself.
  5. Other Blocks. A door, ladders, torches, a trapdoor, and a few other blocks are either necessary or optional. Refer to the instructions below.

With the above said, we can move on.

Step 1: A Flat Place to Start

Before you start your Minecraft tower, you are going to want to find a flat and level place to build on. Preferably, high on a hill or a mountain. The reasoning here is that when your tower is itself high up, it will be harder to reach by both hostile mobs and players alike.

Having a height advantage against attackers is also advantageous, allowing you to fire arrows or throw potions down at them with ease. Water and lava buckets can also be used offensively from the top of the tower, adding yet another obstacle any would be attackers would have to contend with.

If the place you want to build isn’t flat and level to your liking, you can, of course, level it flat using your shovel and pickaxe, or by adding dirt and cobblestone to create a large and flat area. A roughly 9-by-9 block area should be adequate for this tower.

Step 2: Lay the Foundation

Once you have cleared or leveled out the appropriate area for your Minecraft tower, the next step is to lay the foundation. As outlined above, we are going for a foundation of cobblestone blocks, seven blocks in diameter.

If you are unsure at this part, the following website has a useful tool for checking circle size and shape in Minecraft: (https://www.plotz.co.uk/plotz-model.php?model=Ellipse). Otherwise, you’ll know you’ve got the right shape when the outermost sides are three blocks long, and the total number of placed blocks is 37.

Step 3: The Door and Walls

Next, begin placing stone bricks around the edge of the foundation, leaving a space for a door in the middle of one side of the ring. There are several doors to choose from here. We recommend using the spruce version of the wooden door as it helps to provide a nice medieval aesthetic to a given build. Once the first two ‘rings’ of stone brick blocks are placed, continue adding rings of stone bricks upward. At four blocks high you should have used about 62 blocks, discounting the two blocks unused in place of the door. This means that every four additional blocks of height in our tower will require at the most 64 blocks or one full stack of stone bricks. 

The tower we will be building here will be 12 blocks in height, meaning about three stacks of blocks total. However, feel free to add or remove layers if you feel the need to.

Step 4: Stairs or Ladders?

Now that we’ve completed the lower and central portions of the Minecraft tower, we can work on the upper portion. First, however, we should add a way to reach the top from the ground more easily. You have a couple of options here: You can use a simple wooden ladder that reaches from the ground floor to the top, or you can place a staircase going up and down.

Both of these approaches have their own advantages and disadvantages, but for simplicity’s sake, we recommend using ladders. Placing the ladder is straightforward: simply attach it to any of the interior walls of the tower, reaching up to the top. Add or remove as many ladder blocks as you need to, depending on the height of the tower.

Step 5: Topping it Off

Once you are satisfied regarding the height of the tower, we can now go about topping the Minecraft tower off. First, start by using stone brick blocks to make a 9-block diameter circle around the top of the middle section of the tower. Again, you can refer to the website linked above here. The 9×9 ring should be about 20 blocks in total. Fill the ring in with either up-facing wood slabs (wood slabs placed in the ‘upper’ portion of a block space) or more stone brick blocks, leaving space for either the ladder or the staircase as mentioned previously.

Once you’ve laid down the floor/roof of your tower, you can start to work on the crenelations. I.e., the decorative notches that form the tops of castle walls or battlements. These are easy and simple to do in Minecraft. 

First, add a second 9×9 ring of blocks, forming a low wall around the top. Next, add alternating blocks around the rim of the top of the tower. There are a couple of different layouts, so feel free to experiment here to see what’s more comfortable with you. We recommend placing blocks on the corners of the outermost sides.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Congratulations! Your tower is complete. Now all you need to do is add the finishing touches. You can add furniture in the form of a bed, chests, furnaces and crafting tables. Add lighting by placing torches on the inner walls. You can even go the extra step and add additional floors inside the tower, dramatically increasing the available space to build on. You can hang custom banners on the sides of the tower’s crown, as a way of giving your personal touch to the building. Finally, if you want to add some variety and uniqueness to the outside, consider using vines or mossy stone brick blocks to give your tower an air of age and weathering. You can also add arrow slits in the walls of the tower by combining stone brick stairs with their upside-down variants.


There are many things to build in Minecraft. Whether it’s a house, a castle or something else, a degree of skill and some effort can make anything look good. With that said, we hope this guide for building a Minecraft tower is of help to you.

How To Build A Minecraft Barn: The Tips and Tricks

simple minecraft barn
Image from Pixabay

Minecraft is so exciting when you gather resources to build something epic. However, building can also be a little frustrating, especially when you need the structure you are building to survive, but a Minecraft barn is just for storing cattle and various farming tools and items. So, for the sake of survival, the barn is not really something to stress over. In this tutorial, we will just focus on making a basic Minecraft barn. If you are new to Minecraft or just refreshing your memory, making a barn for your cattle and various animals is fairly simple. However, before we jump into the steps, let us briefly overview some basic information about a Minecraft barn and why it is significant in the game.

Why You Need a Minecraft Barn

Minecraft offers worlds upon worlds of pure adventure, along with complete control over the things within each created world. However, survival in the game is entirely dependent on resources found within the world. With these resources, the player will be able to craft and build a shelter, as well as other various buildings. Players can also add crops and collect harvest by planting seeds. Ideally, the barn would be in proximity of where crops are planted and harvested.

The Importance of a Minecraft Barn

minecraft game 3d
Image from Pixabay

A Minecraft barn is a self-made structure where you can keep various animals that produce some kind of resource. This structure protects cattle from zombies, skeletons and spiders, as well as the occasional witch or enderman. It also keeps the animals from spawning and despawning and keeps them in the chosen pens. Barns keep the player stocked with resources like beef, milk, pork, eggs and wool. What is great about having resources nearby is that the less distance you travel, the slower your stamina depletes. There would also be less enemies to fight if you have to travel at night. All the way around, the barn is a necessary structure for survival in the game.

How to Build a Minecraft Barn

Brief Overview

Before the building starts, all the necessary resources must be gathered and crafted into building materials for the planned structure. If you want to build freely with all the items in Minecraft already in your inventory, just change the gamemode from “survival” to “creator” and build away! However, we are sticking to the former for this build to keep things casual and fair.

Prep Materials

Venture out into the wilderness to gather materials of your choice, and put them in a large chest near the area you will build on. You will need some space in your inventory for later. Be sure that you have enough of the right resources. To prepare for building a Minecraft barn, gather as many as desired of the following materials below:

  • Logs to craft into wooden planks                
  • Fencing Torches
  • Wooden doors
  • Signs
  • Pickaxes
  • Axes
  • Shovels
  • Hay
  • Glass/windows

Digging the Floor

Dig one block down and remove blocks in the shape of a large rectangle or square. Fill in the hole with blocks of your choice for the floor. Make this barn as big as you would like in length, width or height. However, do try to keep the base and walls of the barn at an even number of blocks. An odd number of blocks will make your building a bit funky, but if you do not mind it, go for it. It will still be a barn and hardly noticeable once the barn is finished.

Putting Up Some Walls

Now that you have the layout of the floor of the barn, it is time to build walls. Make the walls as tall as you would like the barn to be by adding layers of blocks around the floor. Build the outside walls up at least to where you would like to place the second floor. However, do not add the floor, yet. It will be easier to build the stables inside. Stables will keep the cattle from leaving your farm and protect against the beasts of the night.

Inside the Barn

Make a doorway in the wall by removing two blocks in any wall. This will give you the ability to enter the structure and start on stables for the animals. Each pen should be at least two blocks wide and three blocks long. If the barn is large enough, feel free to make the stables bigger. Make sure that you have a hallway through the middle of the barn for easy access to the stables. If it helps to see exactly how much space is desired for, as well as in between the stables for the animals, set up a stall outside of the structure and place any large animal within it using a lead. Find the perfect stable layout for the barn and the animals.

Time for the Stables

Building stables will be the most intensive part of the barn. Section off each stable by adding wooden fencing between and around each stall and insert a wooden gate in the front. Place hay in the stalls for food, use it to make the floor and in or around each stall, if desired. The layout of the stables is up to the player and can be done in a number of ways. Besides, it is not a complete barn if does not hold a ridiculous amount of hay, which is not only for eating, but for covering the barn floor, and feeding cows and other animals.

Upward onto the Attic

After the stables are done, you can now apply a layer of wooden planks over the top of your fist floor. The attic can be accessible by adding a ladder and making a hole in the floor. It is a normal trait for a basic barn of this style, and it could be used for storage or serve as a second floor of stables. Put a bed up there if you would like to stay close to something you may be working on or establish a spawning point.

Put a Roof over Their Heads

The roof is a little tricky. To achieve an A-frame style roof, place an extra layer of blocks on the surrounding walls. Then, place another layer on the outside of that addition and on top of the blocks for the walls. Delete the first layer you added, as this will provide a somewhat stair-like result. Repeat until the blocks meet in the middle of the roof. Fill in various open spaces in the front and back of the barn with blocks, stairs or slabs. This gives the roof a more realistic trim and shingles. Another option is creating a roof all your own. A flatter roof can be achieved in the same fashion, as you can simply add a smaller amount of layers.  The roof could also feature small side windows or patios, so get as fancy as your heart desires.

Rein in the Cattle

Add additional blocks to finish the details of the barn like the doors and windows, chests for storage, and torches for light inside and out to keep the monsters away at night. Add anything that achieves the desired look of your barn. The last thing to do is to move your cattle inside and let them provide you with sustenance. Cows, sheep, chicken, eggs, pigs, fish and rabbits are all sources of energy that you can cook to perfection in the brick oven. Catch fish nearby, or make a source of water and craft a fishing pole to catch a variety of fish from source water.  


Once you have finished the barn and brought in all the animals, you can get back to fighting for your survival. Hopefully, this tutorial was helpful for new players, parents, and even all the devout Minecraft players. While building can get confusing at times, the more you build, the more you learn. Dozens of reliable Minecraft video tutorials are available via YouTube for just about everything you can think of and every problem that you could run into.

However, not only is it just really cool to build a barn, but it is very important for the players’ chances of survival. The barn is meant to provide resources like milk, eggs and various meats. Having the barn makes finding food much less stressful, and a lot less time and stamina can be spent on wandering to find animals to kill for meat, eggs and milk. Tame wolves and horses to venture onward and upward, and you can have them carry items and wear armor. The wolves, when tamed, will attack hostile mobs to protect the player. However, they can only sustain so much damage before they inevitably die and you are out a furry friend.

When building and exploring in the endless possibilities of Minecraft worlds, it can be very inspiring and helpful to see what others have created. This provides a sense of motivation to create and share your creations. It also helps to practice some building before starting on a large project. Get to know the materials and all of their possibilities for crafting, cooking and mining. Journey deep into the darkness of caves to mine gemstones. Building a Minecraft barn will become second nature, and soon, all of your builds will be epic!

Top 10 Best Minecraft Horror Maps

minecraft horror maps block game
Via Pixabay

Minecraft is one of the most versatile games ever created. The simple block-built world makes creative control easy, giving designers and game architects the perfect sandbox to play in. Because of this open world and free control, we can find thousands of free maps ready for download for the Java version of Minecraft. There are maps for every genre, so there is always something for everyone, even fans of scary movies. Today we want to discuss some of the best Minecraft horror maps available for the game and hopefully show you how much fun it can be to be scared in this boxy world.

Product FAQ

Via Pixabay

Before we get into the top ten horror maps available for download, we want to talk about some of the most common questions people have about these types of user-generated maps. Minecraft is a simple game at face value, but when you get into multi-player settings like this, you can find new and more difficult challenges to face.

1. What Are Minecraft Maps?

One reason Minecraft has remained so popular is the creative aspect of the game. This is because the developers included a creative mode which enables limitless building without having to worry about constraints like mining, farming, or gravity. These open and free games allow creative designers to create new worlds from scratch. Each of these different custom designed worlds can be converted into maps, a format that enables sharing between users.

There are endless types of maps, with different users bringing their own creative flair to the worlds. The Minecraft horror maps are just one of the different genres of worlds you can encounter in this diverse realm. People are always adding new designs to the mix, so the diversity of map types continues to grow every day.

2. How Do Minecraft Maps Work?

Each map is a file, or a series of files, that you can download and run through your Java version of Minecraft. Each file contains everything needed to generate the custom map as designed by the game programmers. The basic vanilla version of Minecraft contains all the basic building blocks needed for these custom maps, so there is rarely a need for more than the basic map download.

Some level and map designers take it a step further and add in their own textures and sounds, referred to as “resource packs” in Minecraft terms. These can be downloaded with the maps and included in the basic install. When everything is properly loaded into the Java version of the game, you can run the custom maps whenever you want. Most of these maps even work offline, so you can take them with you to adventure off of WiFi.

3. What Are Minecraft Horror Maps?

There are so many genres of maps it’s hard to keep up. There are custom made adventure maps for fantasy worlds, there are modern-style survival maps, and there are even futuristic space themed maps. There truly is a map type for every type of Minecraft player. The Minecraft horror maps are, as you might guess, designed for fans of being scared. These maps cover the gambit of horror, from zombies all the way to evil ghosts, offering every fear seeker something to scream about.

4. Where Can I Get Minecraft Horror Maps?

There are dozens of different repositories of custom made maps, so finding the maps can be easy. If you’re looking for something of quality, you might need to dig a little deeper and look into more review based sites for your leads. Since it’s free to download and play any of these maps, it is also free to peruse any of these online map archives. Each of the ten maps below includes a link to one of the source sites you can visit to download the files needed to play that custom scenario.

5. Are There Other Types of Maps?

There are hundreds of different game types and map styles for Minecraft. Since there are no preset limits on world generation or block combinations, designers have taken the core game to new heights. You can find maps for every genre you can think of, be it a game, movie, or sometimes even music. It’s surprising how much versatility can come from a game made of plain old textured blocks.

How We Reviewed

Via Pixabay

We played each of these maps and looked for the playability, design, rule functionality, and difficulty. Each map had different strengths and weaknesses, which we have taken care to call out with detail. These ten maps were the most popular and best reviewed Minecraft horror maps available on the most popular user networks, and we think they are all worth a play or two.

Overall Price Range of This Product (and Similar Products)

Most user-created content for this game is free, and these Minecraft horror maps are no exception. The developer is adamant about keeping this community free and open for all the public, so we don’t expect there to be maps-for-money anywhere in the near future. That being said, many of these maps have been designed by experienced and educated build teams.

Some of these maps even contain advanced plug-ins and mods that could only be built by educated programmers. All of that means quality maps take a lot of time, skill, and sometimes out-of-pocket money. Because of this, these developers offer donation options to players that wish to support their time and effort.

If you enjoy any of these free Minecraft horror maps, especially with other friends, we urge you to donate to these build teams. Every couple of dollars encourages these programmers to develop more great content for the most popular game in the world.

What We Reviewed

  • Late
  • The Orphanage
  • No Words
  • Asleep
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Deep Space Turtle Chase
  • Five Nights At Freddy’s
  • Slender Escape
  • A Long Walk
  • Deadly Orbit



You have awoken at your desk. You fell asleep at work, again, and this time there’s no making up for it. A corpse is next to you and a screeching monster is running afoul in your great city. You must fight to solve the mystery and relearn your lost memories. With an original voice cast and a narrative story, this immersive level is one of the most detailed Minecraft horror maps on the internet.


  • Resource packs are included in the map
  • Great cast of voice actors


  • Only one hour of immersive play

Where to Download

You can find all the Late Minecraft horror maps at this link:

The Orphanage


Out of gas and in the middle of nowhere, you must find your way back home before dark. Welcome to the world of the Orphanage, where this dark and foreboding manor holds terrible secrets. You must follow the story and see where the clues lead you, hoping that every step takes you closer to home and further from the terror inside this place, a home for wayward children.


  • Great texture pack
  • Fun and engaging storyline


  • Buggy after effects

Where to Download

You can download and play this map at the following link:

No Words


This is one of the more simple Minecraft horror maps, bringing a streamlined single-player story to the world of blocks. A finely designed level brings jump scares galore, so be sure to turn out the lights and turn up the volume on your headphones. Everything is included in one Zip file, so there is no need to install added plug-ins or resource packs for the No Words map.


  • All-inclusive download
  • Full of good jump scares


  • Short and simple game story

Where to Download

No Words can be downloaded at the following link: †††



What happens when it gets dark, we lie in bed, and allow ourselves to drift off into sleep? Discover and explore your wildest dreams in this creative series of Minecraft horror maps, simply called Asleep. These maps take you through a dream world where your worst nightmares have come to take you away. Fight your way across this hellish and infinite landscape and reclaim your sanity along with your wildest dreams.


  • Immersive storyline
  • Gorgeous design and build


  • Need a powerful computer to run the map

Where to Download

You can download this and other Minecraft horror maps at:

Zombie Apocalypse


This is the end of days as you have always wanted it to be: bloody, explosive, and with a friend to watch your back. This is one of the few Minecraft horror maps designed for a minimum of two players, so finding a scary jump is harder than if you were alone. Adventure through this crumbling world and try to survive against the wandering hordes of the undead. This is a great map that includes new textures and animations that add in a real explosive element to the game.


  • Fun two-player game
  • Lots of new features


  • Heavy load for RAM

Where to Download

You can download and play the Zombie Apocalypse map at: https://hypixel.net/threads/zombie-apocalypse-minecraft-adventure-map.662/†

Deep Space Turtle Chase


The name cannot prepare you for what is inside the world of Deep Space Turtle Chase. This is a standout entry on this list because it is not your traditional type of “scary” map. The space-based world relies on creating constant tension and rising stakes to make game-play fun, engaging, and at times, frightening. This space trek to find the missing turtles while evading the pursuing hunters is a great addition to the fear-generating-game library.


  • Engaging characters and story
  • Cool style and design


  • Hard to follow

Where to Download

This map can be downloaded at:

Five Nights At Freddy’s


This faithful recreation of the popular horror game comes to us with stunning detail. You wouldn’t think a game with blocks could create the same brooding rooms seen in the original Five Nights at Freddy’s, but the level designers here have done it. Wander the dark halls of this dilapidated children’s restaurant and pray that the evil animatronic creatures don’t end you before sunrise.


  • A faithful remake of the original
  • Very scary most of the time


  • Not for all ages

Where to Download

You can find and download this map at the following link:

Slender Escape


This is a small but elegant map, giving the beginning horror player a chance to dip their toe into the scary waters. This mob-riddled map will only allow escape once you have braved the wilderness and discovered the six missing rune pages. Fight through the jungles and make your way to the safe zones, being careful not to draw the attention of the vengeful spirits that wander the land.


  • Quick and easy game-play
  • Good level design


  • Bland texture design

Where to Download

This map is valuable at the following link: †

A Long Walk


This is not the longest walk you will ever take, but it might be the scariest. You awaken in a dark room with nothing but your wits—can you escape this haunted space before you lose everything, including your own soul? This is a map designed for quick play, somewhere between two and five minutes, so the scares are packed in pretty tightly.


  • Dark and brooding themes
  • Good jump scares


  • Way too short

Where to Download

You can download a copy of this map at:

Deadly Orbit


Your space station is damaged, possibly because of some escaped monster, and you must now fight to survive. As the sole survivor of a disaster on a space station orbiting Earth, it is your responsibility to secure the craft, stop the monster, and save yourself from the cold depths of space. This is a vast and detailed map with great textures and added resources for more ambiance and mood lighting.


  • Super detailed level design
  • Great floating mechanics


  • Difficult game-play

Where to Download

You can find more information about this map and download it at:

The Verdict

Via Pixabay

These were all terrific Minecraft horror maps, so choosing a favorite is difficult for us. We would love to call out Zombie Apocalypse and The Orphanage as both were above and beyond what we expect from user-generated maps. Zombie Apocalypse was engaging, exciting, and just the right level of difficulty to keep it entertaining. The Orphanage was scary, above all else, giving us the best frights out of all the maps in this article. For these reasons we highly recommend downloading these maps and giving them a scream or two.

What Is Minecraft Mending?

Minecraft is one of the best-selling games of all time, and it’s positioned to become the biggest game in the world. Minecraft has continued to dominate the global gaming market for several reasons, but the biggest might be the developers’ constant need to not only improve on the core game but to also continually add new elements to the world. There have been a lot of additions over the years, but today we want to talk about a newer magical spell you can cast: the Minecraft mending enchantment.

This is one of the more radical changes to the enchanting system, adding a popular request from fervent players of the game. Today we will look at the finer details you should know before going on your search for this elusive, powerful, and helpful enchantment.

The Basics of Minecraft

We could be a little sarcastic and just describe Minecraft as “a survival game,” and we wouldn’t be wrong. At the core, this game is most definitely about long-term survival. Sure, there are creative modes and entire communities of people that use it as a Lego-like building kit, but all of that exists as mechanics of the survival mode. The trick to surviving in Minecraft is realizing there’s more than one way to do it. You start simple, chopping wood and digging dirt, but it’s not long before you’re smelting ore and enchanting weapons.

Before we get to the Minecraft mending enchantment and how it can help your game, we want to talk about some of the basics you need to know. Enchanting is a fairly advanced action in this game, so there are a lot of things you’ll need to do before moving on to using the Minecraft mending enchantment on your tools and weapons.

Work and Survive

You need to eat. You need a place to sleep. You need to be inside at night; otherwise, monsters will kill you. This is a world of death made of cubes, and the fight to survive in the endless expanses is real. If you want to live in this world, you will have to forage and chop and dig and dig and dig and dig. We’re not kidding, you will do a lot of digging and pickaxing.

This all serves a greater purpose, though, because all of this digging will give you the resources necessary to build the fortress of your dreams. The world only gets more forgiving as you move on because you’re amassing the goods needed to live and to construct the haven needed to keep the monsters away.

Resources Aplenty

Everything in this world is a resource of some type. The grass can give you seeds. The trees give you apples, sticks, and logs. The ground can give you dirt, sand, gravel, and the ever plentiful cobblestone block. These basic resources will build the base of what can become your home center in the Minecraft empire. Dig deeper and then you’ll start to find the iron and gold ore deposits that dot the subterranean landscape. Go even deeper, and you will find the rare red stone and Lapiz Lazuli, which is the key ingredient in enchanting your items.

Dig Deep and Dig Big

The deeper you go, and the further you go, the more likely it is you’ll find the rarest of the elements: diamonds. These are not only the base currency of the game, but they are also the base ingredients for the most powerful tools and weapons. Finding these rare minerals should be one of the big focuses in your early game building. The upside to this long-hour labor is you’ll accumulate a huge amount of blocks to build your fortress, and isn’t that what we all want in the end?

From Farm to Adventure

Even once you’ve built the perfect seaside villa or put together your own working farm, there are still several other things that await you out in the world of Minecraft. Hidden desert temples are out there, waiting for you to dig and plunder their ancient chests. The dense jungles have temples with emeralds guarded by traps. And even the benign forests have super rare woodland mansions, sprawling buildings with treasures and ghosts inside its halls. There are so many amazing things to find in the world, and setting up the perfect home base is the first step in the adventure.

Once you’ve built your home, accumulated the strongest armor and weapons, and have the will of magic and power on your side, then you can storm the world at large and venture our far and wide in search of rare treasures and hidden ruins.

Minecraft Mending

Minecraft mending is an enchantment you can apply to your tools, armor, and weapons. This enchantment allows you to bypass the standard repair process for items and directly applies earned XP, which replaces the need to use an anvil or enchanting table to repair items. If you have a favorite weapon or a tool you consider particularly useful, then this enchantment ensures the best life for the item without consuming valuable minerals and other resources.

This is a rare enchantment that requires work to find. If you have more than one item that needs this handy spell, then you will need to spend some considerable time dedicated to finding the right books. Finding the necessary books need not be a chore as long as you know what you’re looking for and how to find it.

How Can I Get the Mending Enchantment?

Mending is one of the rare enchantments, right up there with silk touch and infinity for bows. Because of this, you will have to spend a good amount of time trying to accumulate the spell books for this meld. Fishing is a time-consuming method, but it’s also reliable on a long timescale. That’s a great option if you don’t want to work for it but you have all the time in the world. If you’re looking for a faster route to the enchantment, then try finding a village with a librarian. You can trade up a few levels with the librarian, and they will eventually offer you the mending book.

The librarians never really ask for much – sometimes just a bale of hay or two with some leather hides thrown in. Finding a village isn’t necessarily hard in this game, but when you consider that it has to be big enough to have a librarian and that not all big villages have libraries, that makes the trade method less than desirable.

We really can’t say which method takes less time because each game seed has a different configuration. If you are lucky enough to have spawned near a village with a library, then the trade method is preferable. If you’re on an island out in the middle of the sea, then maybe it’s time to fish

What Items Can Be Enchanted?

Image From: Pixabay

This is an all-inclusive enchantment, so you can apply mending to nearly everything. This includes the basic tools: the shovel, pickaxe, ax, and the hoe. You can also apply it to shears, fishing rods, the carrot on a stick, as well as on any of your worn armor. The enchantment will work as long as the item or armor is being worn or currently used. We want to mention that while the bows can be enchanted with mending, it is a mutually exclusive enchantment with infinity. Being that infinity is a preferred enchantment on any pro bow, you might want to think twice before burning a fished out spell book on your archery setup.

If you really want to have your cake and eat it too, then you can use the command prompts to force both of the enchantments onto the bow. This doesn’t cause any bugs in the game, but it might invalidate your trophies or lock you out of awards from your console.

Are There Different Levels of This Enchantment?

While most enchantments have different levels, ranging from one to five, the Minecraft mending enchantment has one single level. This means that once applied to a tool, it need not be upgraded or melded with other leveled tools of the same type. This makes it a lot easier to apply a single spell book to each of your preferred tools, weapons, or armor pieces.

How Does the Minecraft Mending Enchantment Work?

While you have this enchantment applied to an item, be it a tool or weapon, then any XP you earn will go towards repair of the item with the enchantment. Normally the XP would go straight to your level bar and store it there until you spend it at an anvil or enchanting table. Now, instead of using the applicable minerals to repair the item, the XP directly restores wear and tear out in the field.

Why You Should Use Minecraft Mending

In a game where resources mean survival, anything you can do to make your rare minerals last is worth whatever effort is necessary. When you enchant things, then a world of repeat resources and plentiful drops becomes a world of magic. You can have that one special tool, that dream shovel with the silk touch enchantment or a sharp diamond sword; you can ensure they are always maintained first, without having to constantly eat into the mineral blocks you have saved away.

It may be hard to find, but it is worth it. That is especially true for a game that has no real ending. Sure, it can run credits once you find and kill the Ender Dragon, but even after that, someone has to tend to the sheep you dyed red and blue, right?


The Minecraft mending enchantment is one of many great tools to have in your inventory in this game. If you have a special tool or weapon you really want to keep around and in tip-top shape, then you should take the time to find the Minecraft mending enchantment book.

We highly recommend taking the steps we walk through in this article as those steps lead down a proven path to not only finding this rare enchantment but also how to best apply it to your favorite tools or weapons. This is just another great improvement in Minecraft in a long list of recently added features, and it won’t be the last. As long as people are still playing, the developers of Minecraft will still build.

How To Build A Minecraft Castle – The Basics Of Building

Minecraft is a fun, slow-paced game that kids and adults of all ages can play. It is a game made for creating different things, exploring, destroying and even problem solving. It adds the fun by having different types of monsters come out during the night that you can hunt or hide from.  You can build your own world, shaping the land and building anything you want. From building Minecraft farms and cottages, to grander aspirations like Minecraft castles, palaces or fortresses, the only limiting factor is you own creativity.

About Minecraft

Minecraft building

There are several ways to play Minecraft: You can play in survival mode or creative mode, or even switch between the two of them. It makes the game easier to start in creative to build and stock up lots of supplies to make your life in survival a lot easier. It can be a lot of fun, whether you are more of a survivalist or a creative person. You can build anything you want, including a Minecraft castle.

History of Minecraft

Minecraft was a “sandbox” game developed first by Swedish game designer Markus Persson. In 2011, Mojang developed it further. Since its release in 2009, over 29 million copies have been sold.

What Game Consoles Can I Use to Play Minecraft?

Minecraft castle

Minecraft can be played on many different devices, including phones, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4, and on any computer. It can be bought online or in any game store or large supermarket.

What Are the Differences between Creative and Survival Modes?

Creative and survival are the two different modes that you can choose between while playing Minecraft.

Creative is great for small children and everyone when they just want to create. In creative mode, you immediately have unlimited access to all of the different blocks of materials, and all of the different tools, beds, eggs, and animals. In creative mode, characters are also able to fly. One of the other positives about creative mode is that while you’re in it your character can’t die no matter what.

Survival is a whole different story. In survival mode, you have to maintain your characters health and diet. You have to go hunting for food, and have to find shelter from the monsters that come out at night. You have to mine for different materials to make tools like axes and pick axes, and once you have those tools you can mine for different minerals and rocks to make tougher and better tools.

You can tame wolves, using bones from skeletons, and they become your watch dog. They will follow you everywhere, and if it sees a monster it will attack it for you. You can find villages and steal their supplies from their houses and castles. Be careful of the castles though! The wizards live there.

What Different Kinds of Monsters Are There?

Minecraft character

In Minecraft there are lots of different monsters. You may encounter witches, wizards, zombies, baby zombies, skeletons, spiders, creepers, endermen, and slime blobs. These monsters attack you in different ways and inhabit different places. Witches live in the swampy areas of the Minecraft world, and will throw potion at your character to poison them. You can hear them laughing before they throw the potions at you. Wizards use magic to kill you, they like to stay in buildings, like in the Minecraft castles.

Zombies just like to hit you over and over. Baby zombies do the same, but they are super fast. Skeletons have bows and arrows that they use to shoot you with. Spiders just chase you and bite your character. Creepers will blow up if you get close enough to them. Slime blobs are usually in the same swampy areas as the witches, they can swim, and they just blob you to death. if you attack a slime blob in an attempt to kill it, it multiplies. The endermen are strange black monsters that can teleport. Do not look into its eyes if it comes near you, because then it will scream and attack you. It also likes to steal blocks.

Tips & Tricks

Creative Mode Tips and Tricks

In creative, you can do anything. You have unlimited supplies, building blocks, access to spawning animals, and you can fly. The best thing to do in creative, is build. You can build anything from scratch, or you could fly all over the map and find a village that has things built already. The villagers won’t harm you, and they don’t really seem to care if you take over their house.

You could build a farm, and spawn a bunch of animals, or you could build pretty much anything else. Monsters won’t try to hurt you in creative mode, so don’t be scared to explore in the dark. If you do only want to play in the light, get a bed and go to sleep, it will take you straight to sunrise.

Survival Mode Tips and Tricks

In survival, the bet thing to do is build shelter first. Then, go hunting, find a sheep for wool to make a bed. In survival, monsters can kill you. The next day, start mining to make tools to make the game easier. Whatever blocks you dig up, you get to keep. Dirt is the easiest to dig, so we would recommend using that for your first shelter.

How to Build a Minecraft Castle

Minecraft Castle

Step One

Start in creative mode. It will be much easier to build a Minecraft castle in creative mode with the unlimited blocks and building materials. You can always switch it to survival mode once the Minecraft castle is finished.

Step Two

Find a suitable place to build your Minecraft castle. Good places are flat mountain tops, on top of rivers, or maybe even next to a village. It could be in between two mountains, high up in the sky, or even underground.

Step Three

Level out the land. If you were really building a castle, you won’t want a bunch of bumps in the floor – you don’t want that with your Minecraft castle either. Decide on how big you want the castle to be, and clear out the blocks that are in the way.

Step Four (Optional)

If you are super serious about the design of your Minecraft castle, you could get out some pencils and paper and pre sketch what you want it to look like. Decide what type of castle you want. You can add stairs and secret passageways and all sort of surprises. You can have a color theme, or you could even base it off of a real castle.

Step Five

Start building the base and room outlines. During this step, you should build the outline of the castle, and the outlines of the hallways, rooms, secret passageways, and whatever else you decided to put in your castle earlier.

Step Six

Start building your second level. Build stairs to get up to the second level, maybe even a secret staircase. Just build up the walls from the first level, and create a different room pattern. Different floors could also have different themes.

Step Seven

Continue building up, making as many floors as you like. You could add more rooms or bigger hallways or anything you think would look good in your castle.

Step Eight

Once you’ve finished making the rooms and hallways, consider adding any color of carpet down the middle to make a walkway. You could also put chests in some rooms to keep a bunch of supplies if you wanted to switch over to survival. Also add furnaces and crafting tables. You could also put pressure plates near to all of the doors so that they open automatically, making walking through the castle even easier.

Step Nine

Start landscaping around your Minecraft castle. Think about what kind of yard you want around your castle. Do you want pretty gardens and trees? Or do you want it to look deadly? Or Swampy? Create what effect you want your castle to give off.

Step Ten

Decide if you want an outer wall. It could be helpful to defend yourself in survival mode because it will give you extra protection. If you do decide to build an outer wall, make sure it’s a good portion away from your castle, just in case you later decide to extend your castle. Build your wall high and put torches all around it so that monsters can’t spawn in your castle or its grounds. Be sure to check if the wall is higher than treetops, otherwise everything can get past your wall.

Step Eleven

Make guard towers on top of your wall. It adds character and again it might just be helpful in survival mode.

Step Twelve

Enjoy being King (or Queen) of your very own, custom built Minecraft castle.


Minecraft is a game with a simple concept that allows gamers to make their playing experience as simple or as complex as they like. It’s a great way to exercise some creativity or even survival skills. Minecraft is a fun game to play with or against others, and it makes building things very fun. You can battle monsters, find hidden worlds, create portals, find Atlantis, create your own world, take over pre-made castles in survival mode, or even just fly around in creative. You can do very different things in each mode, and you can build anything your heart desires: even a Minecraft castle!

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Minecraft Makes Kids Smarter


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We’ve known it all along, but it is great to hear others say it!

Now, they aren’t really saying that Minecraft makes kids smarter, but it is saying that tomorrow’s entrepreneurs are today’s Minecraft players.

Here are Joe’s points:

1. Kids are using  online video production software and equipment  to make Minecraft videos.  This is a great skill!

2. Minecraft inspires kids to develop amazing niche content delivered on a consistent basis leveraging a subscription component. Little entrepreneurs!

3. To create mods, you have to learn 3D modeling, APIs, integrated development environment and protocol analysis.  Developers from birth!

4. Teaching kids that a winning media business model can be found by werving a small, defined niche with epic content. The smaller the niche, the better.   Niche marketing for kids!

What skills do you learn playing Minecraft?  What did Joe miss in his list above?