Top 10 Minecraft Skyblock Servers

Minecraft has become a sort of cult-classic game that almost everyone has had a chance to play. There’s not much to it. The main aspects are to mine and craft which includes exploration, building, and creating. You can even do so with friends on private or public servers. However, even with the constant updates, things can sometimes get a little boring. Public servers are here to spice up your adventures which is where Minecraft Skyblock servers enter the game.

Minecraft skyblock servers - one you have to try
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Minecraft Skyblock servers offer a whole new and exciting game mode to a game you already know and love. By giving the player a very limited amount of materials and space to work with, you’re getting a whole new challenge from any previous Minecraft experience. Adding adventure, tasks, and player-versus-player aspects make the game mode even more exciting and new.

In order to enjoy the full-depth that a Minecraft Skyblock server brings, it’s recommended that you experience it with friends. After all, that tiny island might get a little lonely otherwise. That’s where these servers come in. You get to experience Skyblocks with friends no matter where they are or even new friends you met on the server.

Regardless of how you enjoy playing them, this list is here to give you some of the best Minecraft Skyblock servers available to the public right now. Have fun and enjoy the new aspects this game mode brings to the table.

Product FAQ

1. What Is Minecraft? 

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Minecraft is a 2011 sandbox video game primarily for the PC that allows players to build and explore. With constant updates and lots of multi-player options, the game continues to find ways to stay relevant, unique, and fun. By going online and allowing users to create game modes for themselves, like the Minecraft Skyblock servers, players stay engaged for years on end.

2. What Do Minecraft Skyblock Servers Do? 

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A Minecraft server is a place where people can play online with multiple players. Skyblocks are a type of user-built environment where the player is given a very small piece of land comprised of a few blocks to work with. From there, different servers include a variety of rules and features but the main rule is to survive. With limited materials and a small space, this is more difficult and a lot more fun than you may think.

3. How Do Minecraft Skyblock Servers Work? 

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Most of Minecraft Skyblock servers allow the user to create and build around the Skyblock with the challenge of survival. These have evolved into player-versus-player modes where different teams are given their own Skyblocks. Now there are infinite ways to play Skyblocks with different roleplay themes.

4. Where Can You Buy Minecraft? 

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Minecraft can be purchased at but the servers are a little different. You’ll have to find open ones online, like in this article, to get involved. Joining a server is often free but many of them have pay-to-win options that include different bundles players can buy depending on the game or server.

5. Where Can You Find More Minecraft Servers?

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There are many places online where you can find a Minecraft server to suit your wants and needs. However, is a great place to start your search as the site provides information about almost every public server in the game.

How We Reviewed

All of these Minecraft Skyblock servers have a great reputation in the Minecraft community. Many of them are very popular while some have a smaller player base. More importantly, not all of them offer just Skyblocks to play in. We’re all about giving you a variety to choose from, so enjoy what you can find on this list.

Overall Price Range of This Product (and Similar Products)

Joining any of these Minecraft Skyblock servers are free. However, the extra add-ons can sometimes cost. Prices can range from $15 to $300 depending on the server you’re in and what you plan to buy. Just remember that everything you buy isn’t permanent and is generally acting as donations to the server you’re a part of. These bundles are ways to show appreciation and get ahead of the competition at the same time.

What We Reviewed

  • Hypixel
  • Kannukas
  • ExtremeCraft
  • SkyLords
  • MC-Ages
  • GrandTheftMC
  • MysticCraft
  • Mafia Craft
  • Prime Network
  • Mineplex


Image from Hypixel

Hypixel is a community-run server with tons of different game modes. Being one of the most popular and well-known servers in the Minecraft community, there are also tons of people always available. Included in their games list is Skywars, which is one of the Minecraft Skyblock servers. This mode creates a player-versus-player experience where everyone is assigned to a team with their own Skyblock. The aim is to be the last players standing by using weapons or intuition to knock other players off.


  • This Skyblock server inspires a competitive environment without getting dull.
  • The Skyblock games don’t last long enough for you to get frustrated or bored.


  • There aren’t a lot of options to be creative in this game mode.
  • The player-versus-player mode may not be for everyone.

Where to Find or join the server in Minecraft multi-player.


Kannukas is a server set out of Estonia. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information about this server anymore and there are rumors that it is offline. However, Kannukas is an older server that once offered Skyblocks for players to enjoy even if they were the original kind.


  • The original Skyblocks are a lot of fun and never really get old.
  • Kannukas is an old server in good standing.


  • May be offline now.
  • The Skyblocks aren’t very unique.

Where to Find or join in Minecraft.


extremecraft minecraft skyblock server
Image from ExtremeCraft

ExtremeCraft, much like Hypixel, offers a variety of game modes for people to enjoy. The difference is that they have more than one Skyblock inspired mode. They offer the original Skyblock mode as well as Skywars like the Hypixel server and Skygrid. The Skygrid is made out of many different blocks to create a grid-like pattern that you have to survive on. The blocks include chests and mob spawners.


  • Offers different Skyblock modes for you to enjoy.
  • There’s also a game mode called Acid Island that’s similar.


  • More player-versus-player modes that may not be for everyone.
  • The Skyblock you create must remain on that server with other people.

Where to Find


SkyLords is a server strictly for Skyblocks and everyone who enjoys them. There’s a pretty large community to get involved with if you consider joining a server by yourself. However, this server is pay to win, so to speak. They have an online store that offers bundles to help your Skyblock and overall game in the server. If you don’t want to put out any money, you may find the server a little lacking.


  • The server is strictly for Skyblocks.
  • There’s a pretty large community.


  • Doesn’t offer a lot of variety.
  • The payable options are a bit unfair to users not willing to pay money.

Where to Find


Mc-Ages minecraft skyblock server
Image from MC-Ages

MC-Ages is an older server that has a strong and loyal community. While they have a few different modes, they also offer a Skyblock mode. There are commands that the moderators installed to change or teleport to your Skyblock and work from there. The server also has guilds and events to enjoy.


  • The guilds and events ensure that you won’t get left out of the fun.
  • The commands for the Skyblock mode makes things much easier.


  • Hard to get into for beginners.
  • Also has payment options.

Where to Find


GrandTheftMC is a Minecraft inspired by the game Grand Theft Auto V. They have a few game modes to celebrate Grand Theft Auto, including Vice. The Vice mode is a new take on Skyblocks, connecting everything with the theme of Grand Theft Auto running throughout.


  • Interesting new take on Skyblocks to try out.
  • Big player community.


  • If you’re not a Grand Theft Auto fan, this might not be for you.
  • There are a few problems with lagging in the server.

Where to Find or join the server on Minecraft.


MysticCraft is a bit of a smaller server but is just as fun as those massively popular ones. They have two primary game modes both center on player-versus-player called Hurus and Ultra. Ultra is a sort of new take on Skyblock as the player is given a very large piece of land to work with. This changes the game and makes it a little easier while also prolonging the game.


  • Another new take on typical Skyblocks.
  • The server offers something refreshingly different to the Minecraft community.


  • More payable options.
  • There aren’t as many players.

Where to Find or join the server in Minecraft.

Mafia Craft

As another roleplaying map, Mafia Craft is based on an earlier sandbox game called Mafia. The environment is very player-versus-player with some acting as criminals and others as cops. There are ways to build guns, grow drugs, and become a kingpin on the black market. Regardless, there aren’t a lot of Skyblock options in this game, but the available game can be fun.


  • A different sort of roleplaying adventure.
  • The modpack adds new recipes to play around with.


  • Not really a Skyblock style map.
  • Not appropriate for all ages.

Where to Find or join the server in Minecraft.

Prime Network

prime network skyblock server
Image from

Prime Network or PrimeMC is a huge server with a lot of players and different game modes. Included among prison, factions, and kit there is the infamous Skyblock mode. Sadly, this one isn’t a very unique Skyblock except for the roleplaying elements and player-versus-player attitude. If you’re interested in classic Skyblock with an interesting group of people, this is the one to try.


  • Sometimes the most classic option is the best one.
  • The roleplay elements add just enough of a twist to be engaging.


  • Not terribly unique and memorable compared to others.
  • The player-versus-player aspects may not be for everyone.

Where to Find


Mineplex is so massive and popular that it’s even an official partner with Minecraft. This server has four categories (Classics, Arcade, Survival, and Champions) each with their own game modes. A few of the different game modes offer a Skyblock style map to work with as players try to survive, fight, or play out Super Smash Bros from their tiny island. Mineplex is huge and works as a good start for beginners.


  • Thousands of players online at any given moment.
  • So many game modes to choose from and enjoy.


  • There is a such thing as a crowd in Minecraft and this might be it.
  • Server may lag with so many people involved.

Where to Find

The Verdict

While Hypixel is a classic server that everyone should experience at least once, ExtremeCraft is a great place if you’re looking for Skyblocks and lots of fun. It has a vast community and lots of different Skyblock modes unique to the server that allow users to enjoy new aspects of the mode they may not have thought of before, particularly the Skygrid.

When it comes to Minecraft Skyblock servers, you’re going to find a lot of the same. The trick is to discover an engaging community you click with and game modes you enjoy. Even if you get tired of Skyblocks, Hypixel, ExtremeCraft, and other servers offer different modes to keep you coming back for more again and again.

Minecraft itself might be an old game, but the online communities and the new updates keep players interested. Not to mention the sandbox aspect that allows players to do whatever they want with whoever they want. The special thing about Minecraft is giving players the tools to create and leaving them to it without any set rules to stop them. This is how Skyblocks came to be and how other modes just as popular have been created or are coming up as we speak. The point is, if you’ve already signed off on Minecraft, give it another chance. You may be surprised.

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