Top 10 Best Minecraft Horror Maps

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Minecraft is one of the most versatile games ever created. The simple block-built world makes creative control easy, giving designers and game architects the perfect sandbox to play in. Because of this open world and free control, we can find thousands of free maps ready for download for the Java version of Minecraft. There are maps for every genre, so there is always something for everyone, even fans of scary movies. Today we want to discuss some of the best Minecraft horror maps available for the game and hopefully show you how much fun it can be to be scared in this boxy world.

Product FAQ

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Before we get into the top ten horror maps available for download, we want to talk about some of the most common questions people have about these types of user-generated maps. Minecraft is a simple game at face value, but when you get into multi-player settings like this, you can find new and more difficult challenges to face.

1. What Are Minecraft Maps?

One reason Minecraft has remained so popular is the creative aspect of the game. This is because the developers included a creative mode which enables limitless building without having to worry about constraints like mining, farming, or gravity. These open and free games allow creative designers to create new worlds from scratch. Each of these different custom designed worlds can be converted into maps, a format that enables sharing between users.

There are endless types of maps, with different users bringing their own creative flair to the worlds. The Minecraft horror maps are just one of the different genres of worlds you can encounter in this diverse realm. People are always adding new designs to the mix, so the diversity of map types continues to grow every day.

2. How Do Minecraft Maps Work?

Each map is a file, or a series of files, that you can download and run through your Java version of Minecraft. Each file contains everything needed to generate the custom map as designed by the game programmers. The basic vanilla version of Minecraft contains all the basic building blocks needed for these custom maps, so there is rarely a need for more than the basic map download.

Some level and map designers take it a step further and add in their own textures and sounds, referred to as “resource packs” in Minecraft terms. These can be downloaded with the maps and included in the basic install. When everything is properly loaded into the Java version of the game, you can run the custom maps whenever you want. Most of these maps even work offline, so you can take them with you to adventure off of WiFi.

3. What Are Minecraft Horror Maps?

There are so many genres of maps it’s hard to keep up. There are custom made adventure maps for fantasy worlds, there are modern-style survival maps, and there are even futuristic space themed maps. There truly is a map type for every type of Minecraft player. The Minecraft horror maps are, as you might guess, designed for fans of being scared. These maps cover the gambit of horror, from zombies all the way to evil ghosts, offering every fear seeker something to scream about.

4. Where Can I Get Minecraft Horror Maps?

There are dozens of different repositories of custom made maps, so finding the maps can be easy. If you’re looking for something of quality, you might need to dig a little deeper and look into more review based sites for your leads. Since it’s free to download and play any of these maps, it is also free to peruse any of these online map archives. Each of the ten maps below includes a link to one of the source sites you can visit to download the files needed to play that custom scenario.

5. Are There Other Types of Maps?

There are hundreds of different game types and map styles for Minecraft. Since there are no preset limits on world generation or block combinations, designers have taken the core game to new heights. You can find maps for every genre you can think of, be it a game, movie, or sometimes even music. It’s surprising how much versatility can come from a game made of plain old textured blocks.

How We Reviewed

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We played each of these maps and looked for the playability, design, rule functionality, and difficulty. Each map had different strengths and weaknesses, which we have taken care to call out with detail. These ten maps were the most popular and best reviewed Minecraft horror maps available on the most popular user networks, and we think they are all worth a play or two.

Overall Price Range of This Product (and Similar Products)

Most user-created content for this game is free, and these Minecraft horror maps are no exception. The developer is adamant about keeping this community free and open for all the public, so we don’t expect there to be maps-for-money anywhere in the near future. That being said, many of these maps have been designed by experienced and educated build teams.

Some of these maps even contain advanced plug-ins and mods that could only be built by educated programmers. All of that means quality maps take a lot of time, skill, and sometimes out-of-pocket money. Because of this, these developers offer donation options to players that wish to support their time and effort.

If you enjoy any of these free Minecraft horror maps, especially with other friends, we urge you to donate to these build teams. Every couple of dollars encourages these programmers to develop more great content for the most popular game in the world.

What We Reviewed

  • Late
  • The Orphanage
  • No Words
  • Asleep
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Deep Space Turtle Chase
  • Five Nights At Freddy’s
  • Slender Escape
  • A Long Walk
  • Deadly Orbit



You have awoken at your desk. You fell asleep at work, again, and this time there’s no making up for it. A corpse is next to you and a screeching monster is running afoul in your great city. You must fight to solve the mystery and relearn your lost memories. With an original voice cast and a narrative story, this immersive level is one of the most detailed Minecraft horror maps on the internet.


  • Resource packs are included in the map
  • Great cast of voice actors


  • Only one hour of immersive play

Where to Download

You can find all the Late Minecraft horror maps at this link:

The Orphanage


Out of gas and in the middle of nowhere, you must find your way back home before dark. Welcome to the world of the Orphanage, where this dark and foreboding manor holds terrible secrets. You must follow the story and see where the clues lead you, hoping that every step takes you closer to home and further from the terror inside this place, a home for wayward children.


  • Great texture pack
  • Fun and engaging storyline


  • Buggy after effects

Where to Download

You can download and play this map at the following link:

No Words


This is one of the more simple Minecraft horror maps, bringing a streamlined single-player story to the world of blocks. A finely designed level brings jump scares galore, so be sure to turn out the lights and turn up the volume on your headphones. Everything is included in one Zip file, so there is no need to install added plug-ins or resource packs for the No Words map.


  • All-inclusive download
  • Full of good jump scares


  • Short and simple game story

Where to Download

No Words can be downloaded at the following link: †††



What happens when it gets dark, we lie in bed, and allow ourselves to drift off into sleep? Discover and explore your wildest dreams in this creative series of Minecraft horror maps, simply called Asleep. These maps take you through a dream world where your worst nightmares have come to take you away. Fight your way across this hellish and infinite landscape and reclaim your sanity along with your wildest dreams.


  • Immersive storyline
  • Gorgeous design and build


  • Need a powerful computer to run the map

Where to Download

You can download this and other Minecraft horror maps at:

Zombie Apocalypse


This is the end of days as you have always wanted it to be: bloody, explosive, and with a friend to watch your back. This is one of the few Minecraft horror maps designed for a minimum of two players, so finding a scary jump is harder than if you were alone. Adventure through this crumbling world and try to survive against the wandering hordes of the undead. This is a great map that includes new textures and animations that add in a real explosive element to the game.


  • Fun two-player game
  • Lots of new features


  • Heavy load for RAM

Where to Download

You can download and play the Zombie Apocalypse map at:†

Deep Space Turtle Chase


The name cannot prepare you for what is inside the world of Deep Space Turtle Chase. This is a standout entry on this list because it is not your traditional type of “scary” map. The space-based world relies on creating constant tension and rising stakes to make game-play fun, engaging, and at times, frightening. This space trek to find the missing turtles while evading the pursuing hunters is a great addition to the fear-generating-game library.


  • Engaging characters and story
  • Cool style and design


  • Hard to follow

Where to Download

This map can be downloaded at:

Five Nights At Freddy’s


This faithful recreation of the popular horror game comes to us with stunning detail. You wouldn’t think a game with blocks could create the same brooding rooms seen in the original Five Nights at Freddy’s, but the level designers here have done it. Wander the dark halls of this dilapidated children’s restaurant and pray that the evil animatronic creatures don’t end you before sunrise.


  • A faithful remake of the original
  • Very scary most of the time


  • Not for all ages

Where to Download

You can find and download this map at the following link:

Slender Escape


This is a small but elegant map, giving the beginning horror player a chance to dip their toe into the scary waters. This mob-riddled map will only allow escape once you have braved the wilderness and discovered the six missing rune pages. Fight through the jungles and make your way to the safe zones, being careful not to draw the attention of the vengeful spirits that wander the land.


  • Quick and easy game-play
  • Good level design


  • Bland texture design

Where to Download

This map is valuable at the following link: †

A Long Walk


This is not the longest walk you will ever take, but it might be the scariest. You awaken in a dark room with nothing but your wits—can you escape this haunted space before you lose everything, including your own soul? This is a map designed for quick play, somewhere between two and five minutes, so the scares are packed in pretty tightly.


  • Dark and brooding themes
  • Good jump scares


  • Way too short

Where to Download

You can download a copy of this map at:

Deadly Orbit


Your space station is damaged, possibly because of some escaped monster, and you must now fight to survive. As the sole survivor of a disaster on a space station orbiting Earth, it is your responsibility to secure the craft, stop the monster, and save yourself from the cold depths of space. This is a vast and detailed map with great textures and added resources for more ambiance and mood lighting.


  • Super detailed level design
  • Great floating mechanics


  • Difficult game-play

Where to Download

You can find more information about this map and download it at:

The Verdict

Via Pixabay

These were all terrific Minecraft horror maps, so choosing a favorite is difficult for us. We would love to call out Zombie Apocalypse and The Orphanage as both were above and beyond what we expect from user-generated maps. Zombie Apocalypse was engaging, exciting, and just the right level of difficulty to keep it entertaining. The Orphanage was scary, above all else, giving us the best frights out of all the maps in this article. For these reasons we highly recommend downloading these maps and giving them a scream or two.

What Is Minecraft Mending?

Minecraft is one of the best-selling games of all time, and it’s positioned to become the biggest game in the world. Minecraft has continued to dominate the global gaming market for several reasons, but the biggest might be the developers’ constant need to not only improve on the core game but to also continually add new elements to the world. There have been a lot of additions over the years, but today we want to talk about a newer magical spell you can cast: the Minecraft mending enchantment.

This is one of the more radical changes to the enchanting system, adding a popular request from fervent players of the game. Today we will look at the finer details you should know before going on your search for this elusive, powerful, and helpful enchantment.

The Basics of Minecraft

We could be a little sarcastic and just describe Minecraft as “a survival game,” and we wouldn’t be wrong. At the core, this game is most definitely about long-term survival. Sure, there are creative modes and entire communities of people that use it as a Lego-like building kit, but all of that exists as mechanics of the survival mode. The trick to surviving in Minecraft is realizing there’s more than one way to do it. You start simple, chopping wood and digging dirt, but it’s not long before you’re smelting ore and enchanting weapons.

Before we get to the Minecraft mending enchantment and how it can help your game, we want to talk about some of the basics you need to know. Enchanting is a fairly advanced action in this game, so there are a lot of things you’ll need to do before moving on to using the Minecraft mending enchantment on your tools and weapons.

Work and Survive

You need to eat. You need a place to sleep. You need to be inside at night; otherwise, monsters will kill you. This is a world of death made of cubes, and the fight to survive in the endless expanses is real. If you want to live in this world, you will have to forage and chop and dig and dig and dig and dig. We’re not kidding, you will do a lot of digging and pickaxing.

This all serves a greater purpose, though, because all of this digging will give you the resources necessary to build the fortress of your dreams. The world only gets more forgiving as you move on because you’re amassing the goods needed to live and to construct the haven needed to keep the monsters away.

Resources Aplenty

Everything in this world is a resource of some type. The grass can give you seeds. The trees give you apples, sticks, and logs. The ground can give you dirt, sand, gravel, and the ever plentiful cobblestone block. These basic resources will build the base of what can become your home center in the Minecraft empire. Dig deeper and then you’ll start to find the iron and gold ore deposits that dot the subterranean landscape. Go even deeper, and you will find the rare red stone and Lapiz Lazuli, which is the key ingredient in enchanting your items.

Dig Deep and Dig Big

The deeper you go, and the further you go, the more likely it is you’ll find the rarest of the elements: diamonds. These are not only the base currency of the game, but they are also the base ingredients for the most powerful tools and weapons. Finding these rare minerals should be one of the big focuses in your early game building. The upside to this long-hour labor is you’ll accumulate a huge amount of blocks to build your fortress, and isn’t that what we all want in the end?

From Farm to Adventure

Even once you’ve built the perfect seaside villa or put together your own working farm, there are still several other things that await you out in the world of Minecraft. Hidden desert temples are out there, waiting for you to dig and plunder their ancient chests. The dense jungles have temples with emeralds guarded by traps. And even the benign forests have super rare woodland mansions, sprawling buildings with treasures and ghosts inside its halls. There are so many amazing things to find in the world, and setting up the perfect home base is the first step in the adventure.

Once you’ve built your home, accumulated the strongest armor and weapons, and have the will of magic and power on your side, then you can storm the world at large and venture our far and wide in search of rare treasures and hidden ruins.

Minecraft Mending

Minecraft mending is an enchantment you can apply to your tools, armor, and weapons. This enchantment allows you to bypass the standard repair process for items and directly applies earned XP, which replaces the need to use an anvil or enchanting table to repair items. If you have a favorite weapon or a tool you consider particularly useful, then this enchantment ensures the best life for the item without consuming valuable minerals and other resources.

This is a rare enchantment that requires work to find. If you have more than one item that needs this handy spell, then you will need to spend some considerable time dedicated to finding the right books. Finding the necessary books need not be a chore as long as you know what you’re looking for and how to find it.

How Can I Get the Mending Enchantment?

Mending is one of the rare enchantments, right up there with silk touch and infinity for bows. Because of this, you will have to spend a good amount of time trying to accumulate the spell books for this meld. Fishing is a time-consuming method, but it’s also reliable on a long timescale. That’s a great option if you don’t want to work for it but you have all the time in the world. If you’re looking for a faster route to the enchantment, then try finding a village with a librarian. You can trade up a few levels with the librarian, and they will eventually offer you the mending book.

The librarians never really ask for much – sometimes just a bale of hay or two with some leather hides thrown in. Finding a village isn’t necessarily hard in this game, but when you consider that it has to be big enough to have a librarian and that not all big villages have libraries, that makes the trade method less than desirable.

We really can’t say which method takes less time because each game seed has a different configuration. If you are lucky enough to have spawned near a village with a library, then the trade method is preferable. If you’re on an island out in the middle of the sea, then maybe it’s time to fish

What Items Can Be Enchanted?

Image From: Pixabay

This is an all-inclusive enchantment, so you can apply mending to nearly everything. This includes the basic tools: the shovel, pickaxe, ax, and the hoe. You can also apply it to shears, fishing rods, the carrot on a stick, as well as on any of your worn armor. The enchantment will work as long as the item or armor is being worn or currently used. We want to mention that while the bows can be enchanted with mending, it is a mutually exclusive enchantment with infinity. Being that infinity is a preferred enchantment on any pro bow, you might want to think twice before burning a fished out spell book on your archery setup.

If you really want to have your cake and eat it too, then you can use the command prompts to force both of the enchantments onto the bow. This doesn’t cause any bugs in the game, but it might invalidate your trophies or lock you out of awards from your console.

Are There Different Levels of This Enchantment?

While most enchantments have different levels, ranging from one to five, the Minecraft mending enchantment has one single level. This means that once applied to a tool, it need not be upgraded or melded with other leveled tools of the same type. This makes it a lot easier to apply a single spell book to each of your preferred tools, weapons, or armor pieces.

How Does the Minecraft Mending Enchantment Work?

While you have this enchantment applied to an item, be it a tool or weapon, then any XP you earn will go towards repair of the item with the enchantment. Normally the XP would go straight to your level bar and store it there until you spend it at an anvil or enchanting table. Now, instead of using the applicable minerals to repair the item, the XP directly restores wear and tear out in the field.

Why You Should Use Minecraft Mending

In a game where resources mean survival, anything you can do to make your rare minerals last is worth whatever effort is necessary. When you enchant things, then a world of repeat resources and plentiful drops becomes a world of magic. You can have that one special tool, that dream shovel with the silk touch enchantment or a sharp diamond sword; you can ensure they are always maintained first, without having to constantly eat into the mineral blocks you have saved away.

It may be hard to find, but it is worth it. That is especially true for a game that has no real ending. Sure, it can run credits once you find and kill the Ender Dragon, but even after that, someone has to tend to the sheep you dyed red and blue, right?


The Minecraft mending enchantment is one of many great tools to have in your inventory in this game. If you have a special tool or weapon you really want to keep around and in tip-top shape, then you should take the time to find the Minecraft mending enchantment book.

We highly recommend taking the steps we walk through in this article as those steps lead down a proven path to not only finding this rare enchantment but also how to best apply it to your favorite tools or weapons. This is just another great improvement in Minecraft in a long list of recently added features, and it won’t be the last. As long as people are still playing, the developers of Minecraft will still build.

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Minecraft Makes Kids Smarter


minecraft builds skillsTell your parents!

We’ve known it all along, but it is great to hear others say it!

Now, they aren’t really saying that Minecraft makes kids smarter, but it is saying that tomorrow’s entrepreneurs are today’s Minecraft players.

Here are Joe’s points:

1. Kids are using  online video production software and equipment  to make Minecraft videos.  This is a great skill!

2. Minecraft inspires kids to develop amazing niche content delivered on a consistent basis leveraging a subscription component. Little entrepreneurs!

3. To create mods, you have to learn 3D modeling, APIs, integrated development environment and protocol analysis.  Developers from birth!

4. Teaching kids that a winning media business model can be found by werving a small, defined niche with epic content. The smaller the niche, the better.   Niche marketing for kids!

What skills do you learn playing Minecraft?  What did Joe miss in his list above?


Horse Racing Event

Today’s Horse Racing Contests were a lot of fun and congrats to all the winners. Everyone’s horses look great in their stables at /warp ranch. Thanks for making The L33t one of the world’s best Minecraft servers. Shadie


Campfire Song Video by AquaticDoom

I had to share this awesome video with everyone. Admin Aqua made this and it really cracked me up. Awesome work Aqua.



Hot-Air Balloons & Blimps, Minecraft-Style

Today's Hot-Air Balloon/Blimp Contest Time Build Event was a lot of fun and all of you really showed your creativity. Thanks Shadie

Today’s Hot-Air Balloon/Blimp Contest Time Build Event was a lot of fun and all of you really showed your creativity. Thanks Shadie

Minecraft Go-Cart Building Event

Everyone did an amazing job on their Go-Cart builds at the Contest Time Build Event. Thanks Shadie

Everyone did an amazing job on their Go-Cart builds at the Contest Time Build Event. Thanks Shadie



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