How To Keep Inventory In Minecraft

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Oh no, you died and all your inventory is gone! Whether you finally got eaten by that zombie or you fell into a pit of lava, having to respawn with zero items is no fun. Luckily, if you know how to keep inventory in Minecraft after you die, then there’s no need to suffer this fate again. Keeping your inventory involves using a cheat code that you can easily plug into the console, and it can save you a lot of hassle. You’ll still go back to your spawn point when you die, but at least you won’t be empty-handed!

Storing Your Items

Before we go into how to keep inventory in Minecraft when you die, let’s go over some things that you can do without a cheat code. In order to safeguard against the loss of your items in the first place, you’ll want to take on some of these habits:

  • Avoid walking around with very valuable items on your person
  • Make a large chest to store expensive or hard-to-find items
  • Don’t mine straight down; you could fall into a deep cavern or into lava and lose everything
  • Keep your chest of items near a respawn point (your bed), so that you don’t forget where you put it
  • If you’re about to do something risky, rid yourself of every item that isn’t absolutely necessary for the task

You should especially be careful around lava, because there’s no way to go back and recover the items if you lose them in there. Items that fall in lava get burned up, which is not something you want after working so hard to craft that diamond pickaxe.

How to Keep Inventory in Minecraft in a Wooden Chest

If you’re running out of room in your pocket and you’re a newbie to Minecraft, you may not realize that you can store more items in a wooden chest. You can make a wooden chest very easily, but first you need to have a wooden craft table and some wooden planks.

Harvest some wood from nearby trees and craft them into planks by pressing “E” and dropping them into your 2 x 2 crafting grid. Once you have the planks, put one into each spot in your crafting grid, and you should have a crafting table. From there, you can use the rest of the planks to craft your chest and store your items.

To make a chest, take eight planks of wood of any kind and put them on your craft table. Arrange them in all of the gridded slots except for the middle one. This should result in a chest where you can store a lot of inventory. It has 27 slots where you can place bundles of items.

Gaming has been a great way to get to know people. That’s part of what I love about games, that they are social. -Rich Sommer

If you need more room than that, you can make a large chest. You can build one of these by simply making two small chests on your crafting table and then placing them side by side in the environment. They will naturally fuse to form a large chest, which has 54 storage slots.

Besides building chests, you can also find them. They are common in areas like dungeons or in villages. Very often, they will have loot in them, so you might even find something interesting waiting for you in there. You can also store your own loot in these chests if you want; just remember where you put your stuff!

Chests can also be handy when you’re mining, since you only have so much room in your pockets for the tons of cobblestone that you will be accumulating.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Inventory After You Die

In theory, you can recover your items even if you don’t know how to keep inventory in Minecraft using the cheat code. You can simply go back to the place where you died and you might find that your items are still floating around waiting for you.

This isn’t always feasible, though. For example, you might have died somewhere really far away from your spawn point, and you don’t know how to get there again, or you simply don’t want to travel that far. You might have also lost them somewhere dangerous, like in a dungeon, and you don’t want to face endless skeletons and zombies just to get your stuff back. You can also lose your stuff somewhere where it’s all but impossible to recover, such as a lava flow or in an underwater cavern that would be hard to dive in.

If you learn how to keep inventory in Minecraft when you die, then this changes the game a little. There are a few benefits that you’ll notice right away:

  • You won’t have to worry so much about taking risks
  • You can carry around your valuable stuff with you everywhere without having to necessarily hide it in a chest
  • Naturally, you save a lot of time because you won’t have to remake your tools every time you die

Also keep in mind, though, that using the cheat code takes away one of the few consequences to dying in Minecraft. You may find that this then makes the game too easy. It may solve an annoying problem, but it also takes away your incentive to obey the laws of physics in the game. That might not be what you’re looking for if you want a challenge, but of course you won’t know for sure unless you try playing like this.

How to Keep Inventory in Minecraft After You Die

Let’s say you just fell off a cliff and your inventory was scattered all over the place. How do you recover it without going to the location of your death and picking up all of that stuff? Well, in a case like that, it’s actually too late!

To be able to keep your items after you die, you’ll after set the cheat command before you die. Once you’ve already lost your items, it will be too late to recover them without actually going to the place where you died. If this is what happened to you, then take heart: learn how to keep inventory in Minecraft now, and this won’t happen to you again in the future.

Here is how to keep inventory in Minecraft after you die:

1. Open Up a Chat Window

minecraft ship

How this is done will depend on the version of Minecraft that you have, but you will have to open this dialog to be able to interface with the software. On the PC—including Windows, Mac, and Linux—you can open the chat box by pressing T. On the Nintendo Switch or the Xbox One, press on the right arrow button on the D-pad. In Minecraft Pocket Edition, you’ll want to tap the little speech bubble icon at the top.

2. Input the Cheat Code

close up hand on keyboard

Once the window is open, input this command into the console:

/gamerule keepInventory true

Press Enter or whichever button on your machine is used to confirm, and now the cheat code should take effect.

As the syntax implies, there is basically a binary condition in the software that controls whether you keep your inventory or not, and you are setting this to “true.” If you want to switch it back, so that you lose your inventory when you die, you can set it to “false” at a later time.

3. Test to Make Sure That You Did It Right

boy crying looking at his cellphone

Now you’ll want to test to see if you put the command in correctly. Store all of your valuable items in a chest just in case, but keep a few of the less critical things that you don’t mind losing in your standard pocket inventory. Now do something to injure your avatar. Have the player jump from a cliff or swim in some water for too long.

It doesn’t matter what you do; just make sure that you have a spawn point that you actually want to go back to. Build a bed and sleep in it for a night if you want to set your respawn location to somewhere specific.

After you die and come back, check your inventory to see if the items that you were carrying are still on you. If they are, then you’ve successfully learned how to keep inventory in Minecraft! You will now always respawn with your items after you die, unless you set the “keepInventory” condition back to “false.”

Now you can enjoy walking around at night without the fear of losing your stuff, though keep in mind that you will always end up waking up at your most recent spawn point.


Once you know how to keep inventory in Minecraft after you die, survival mode gets a bit easier. You don’t have to worry as much about avoiding spiders or falling off huge embankments. You can freely swim underwater without risking losing all your stuff if you get lost and can’t come up for air. It takes away one of the core challenges of survival mode, but if you’ve been dying a lot lately and you’re sick of having to go back to look for all your stuff, then this might just be the cheat code that you need.

Top 10 Best Minecraft Magic Mods

Image source: Pixabay

Minecraft magic mods allow the typical Minecraft player to make their game, well, more magical. All of the mods are there to change the game for the better or to just change the game completely. Magical mods give the player access to become a witch, wizard, sorcerer, or whatever their nerdy heart enjoys. While vanilla Minecraft isn’t a stranger to magical happenings such as enchantments, potions, and dragons, adding mods to the mix does make the game entirely new.

This list includes some of the best Minecraft mods with the added bonus of having magical elements. While some are incomplete, they’re all there to enjoy in various ways. So here is just the start of Minecraft magic mods!

Minecraft Magic Mods FAQ

1. What Is Minecraft? 

Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows users to create anything they wish. Using mods, players can go much further into the game and create entirely new worlds, items, bosses, and campaigns. Using Minecraft mods enhances the experience and makes a whole new game with every mod.

2. What Do Minecraft Magic Mods Do? 

Like with any mod that changes the game in some form, Minecraft magic mods give the player some sort of magical aspects whether these be items, abilities, or something else. More often than not, the player is given new items to create spells or similar functions.

3. How Do Minecraft Magic Mods Work? 

To install the mod, you’ll usually need Minecraft Forge already installed on your computer. For the mod itself, they’re all different. Most come with a separate file to explain the mod while others explain as you play or in some other fashion. Most Minecraft magic mods use vanilla items or items already in the game to craft new items that the player can use to cast spells or do something else.

4. Where Can You Find Minecraft Magic Mods? 

There are Minecraft magic mods and many other projects available at You should also feel free to search for more, but this website is a popular hub for Minecraft creators.

5. Why Are There Unfinished Minecraft Magic Mods on This List?

Just because a mod isn’t one hundred percent complete doesn’t mean that you can’t install and start playing it. As the mod updates, the creator will allow you to update your already installed mod pack. The incomplete percentage is simply to warn you of potential bugs and that more updates will be on the way.

How We Reviewed

All of these mods, while most not complete yet, have reputable developers and lots of interesting aspects to add to your game. If you’re looking for Minecraft magic mods to enhance your gaming experience, this is a great place to start your search.

Overall Price Range of Minecraft Magic Mods

All of these Minecraft magic mods and similar ones found elsewhere are available for free. While some creators may ask for donations, there will be very rare instances you’ll have to pay for a mod. Always make sure there isn’t another one available for free before you buy. As for Minecraft itself, you can buy the game at for around $27. Console versions are available through retailers.

What We Reviewed

  • Magic Dust Mod by Wixey99
  • mcEXP Heroes – Magic & Adventure Add-on for mcEXP
  • MMORPG MOD – Tibia Minecraft MOD
  • Extra Minerals
  • ExtraGems
  • End Teleporters – A Balanced and Quick Way to Travel Around Your Minecraft Worlds
  • The Harry Potter Mod
  • Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle Mod
  • CTD Mythos
  • Age of Weapons

Magic Dust Mod by Wixey99

minecraft dust mod
Image source: Planet Minecraft


To start off the list, we have a mod that’s simple to use and doesn’t do anything too game breaking. The Magic Dust mod allows the player to put certain items on the ground and turn those into new items to use for magical purposes. The player can make artifacts that give different abilities; summons for various mobs; and spells for status effects, changing the environment, and other things. This mod is for version 1.13.2.


  • This mod is for 1.13 version of Minecraft
  • Simple to figure out and use


  • Doesn’t have a lot of room to grow
  • Is almost too basic

mcEXP Heroes – Magic & Adventure Add-on for mcEXP

minecraft moon
Image source: Planet Minecraft


While this is more of an add-on for another mod than a mod itself, mcEXP Heroes had to be included for the abilities alone. Once the player creates a wand with a stick, diamond, and blaze powder, spells like magic missile and fireball can be cast. This one also adds four new bosses. The Necromancer is in the overworld, Aereolueus is in the sky, Aquarius is in the water, and Magmora is beneath the lava in the Nether. This mod is definitely worth trying out. This mod works on version 1.13.


  • Easy to get the hang of
  • Adds some exploration elements


  • Must have the original mcEXP installed before the Heroes add-on will work
  • Only fifty percent complete

MMORPG MOD – Tibia Minecraft MOD

minecraft chests
Image source: Planet Minecraft


Tibia is a massive mod that turns Minecraft into an entirely new game. The Tibia Minecraft Mod turns the game into a massive-multiplayer roleplaying game where the player can be a knight, paladin, sorcerer, or druid. Additions to the game include magic, runes, backpacks, and much more. Tibia promises a fantastic new experience if modded Minecraft is something you are after. This mod runs on version 1.10 but promises to update to 1.12 in an upcoming release.


  • Massive amounts of new items, abilities, creatures, locations, etc.
  • Changes the game completely


  • Only sixty percent complete
  • While the alpha version is available to download, it only works in creative mode

Extra Minerals

minecraft materials
Image source: Planet Minecraft


While not very magical, the extra minerals mod certainly lives up to its name. In addition to the vanilla minerals, you also get amethysts, sapphires, rubies, pink diamonds, and silver. Pink diamonds can be crafted into tools and armor and silver can be crafted into a sword. All of the new minerals, except silver, can be crafted into rings to enhance potions. There are plans to add topaz, necklaces, and customizable armor and weapons. The mod works on version 1.12.2.


  • A mod that adds in new materials is always welcome
  • The rings and necklaces interact with vanilla effects


  • Only thirty-five percent complete
  • Doesn’t have a lot of magical properties right now


minecraft book shelves
Image source: Planet Minecraft


Again, getting new materials to work with is always a pleasure. In this case, the ExtraGems mod gives us emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, topaz, and crystals. While emeralds are already a part of the game, this mod allows them to spawn more often and be used in crafting. All of the gems, in fact, can be made into tools, weapons, and armor. There’s the bonus of using these gems to create amulets that give the player buffs like speed, luck, health, etc. This mod is available for version 1.12.2.


  • Adds lots of new gems and ores to your game
  • The amulets provide a whole new aspect to love


  • Not very magical other than the amulets
  • New gems are great but that’s all there is

End Teleporters – A Balanced and Quick Way to Travel around Your Minecraft Worlds

minecraft teleporter
Image source: Planet Minecraft


Teleporting is probably one of the best skills a magical mod pack can offer to the player. Since ender eyes already teleport players around, this mod pack uses materials from the end to create teleporters. By using a new block called the ender frame, the player can build teleporters to transmit themselves all over the map. While the materials needed are vanilla and expensive, the price is worth the reward. This mod is available on version 1.12.2.


  • By using materials in-game, the player can teleport anywhere another teleporter exists
  • Is very easy to use and get started provided the materials are available


  • Expensive to make but the reward is worth the trouble
  • Only adds mechanics and one new item
  • Not very magical other than the one ability, no matter how useful

The Harry Potter Mod

minecraft harry potter mod
Image source: Planet Minecraft


If you were looking for Minecraft magic mods to be more like Harry Potter and Hogwarts, then this is definitely the mod for you. This mod has everything, from owls to brooms to even Voldemort as a boss. There are new biomes, new armor sets, new mobs, and loads of spells. From herbology to patronus casting, this mod has everything for any Harry Potter fan. The Harry Potter mod currently runs on version 1.12.2.


  • This mod is super steeped in magic
  • Adds new landscapes, bosses, and other things to explore and use


  • Only ninety-five percent complete
  • Sometimes creates endless biomes

Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle Mod

minecraft dark chronicle mod
Image source: Planet Minecraft


In the event you were ever thinking there aren’t enough items in Minecraft, this mod is here to change that perception. Based on the PlayStation 2 game, Dark Cloud 2, this mod adds items from the video game. There are 109 new weapons, fourteen new ores, three new biomes, and the ability to dye iron ingots. There are tons of weapons and items to create, some of them even using blaze powder as ammunition, and lots of new crafting recipes. This mod uses version 1.12.2.


  • Absolutely tons of new items to create and enjoy
  • In addition to weapons, adds a lot of new exploration options


  • Only sixty percent completed
  • Lots of weapons but not a lot of magic-based items

CTD Mythos

ctd mythos
Image source: Planet Minecraft


The CTD Mythos mod promises a lot of magical potential with the added element of Greek mythology being a major influence. There are a lot of crafting items available that give different status effects when in the inventory, as well as wands, weapons, and shears that remove souls. Even though this mod is only announced and not available, it certainly sounds exciting. It’ll be available on version 1.12.2.


  • Lots of new items to work with
  • Plays off of mythology and other magical elements


  • Still on zero percent after being announced more than six months ago
  • So far, only has a few items announced

Age of Weapons

age of weapons
Image source: Planet Minecraft


This is yet another mod with a ton of weapons. This one is unique because it allows the player to work through time periods of different weapons and levels of advancement. There are swords, hammers, bows, axes, guns, daggers, staves, and everything in between from the stone age to the future. The mod also adds new tools, blocks, items, workbench, and armor. The Age of Weapons mod is available on version 1.12.2.


  • Adds a ton of new weapons to the game
  • Has fantasy and mystic categories


  • Only eighty-five percent complete
  • Has magical items but isn’t a magic based mod

The Verdict

While not many of the mods on this list are finished, just going with ExtraGems and Magic Dust may leave some left to be desired. By far, the best magic mod on this list seems to be Tibia. We can only hope that Tibia won’t be stuck in development forever, as the mod was first published in January of 2017, but the ideas and passion behind this idea allow players wanting to explore more.

That said, mod developers aren’t getting paid to create these. They make all of these mods in their spare time for fun, whether they just enjoy making mods or they wanted something to enjoy with their friends. The point is if something seems to be taking a long time to get finished, don’t get impatient. Pet projects on this scale take a lot of time to create.

While you’re waiting, feel free to explore other aspects mods have to offer. Aside from the realm of magic, there are mods for automation, combat, mobs, farming, mining, building, crafting, and anything else you may enjoy. Keep an eye out for anything you’re interested in and allow yourself to have an open mind when it comes to new mods. You never know what new favorite thing you’ll stumble on next.

Featured image via Pixabay

Minecraft Blueprints – Top 10 Most Beautiful Picks

minecraft village blueprint

Minecraft, a small game that came up in 2011, has become a cultural sensation with no signs of slowing down. While there are a lot of exploration and survival elements to the game, one of the main aspects that got it popular are the building mechanics.

When a user builds something they want to share, they do so by uploading it to the internet as a blueprint or project for others to use and download at their leisure. Minecraft blueprints can vary from very simple designs to detailed and complex. There are blueprints from complexes to buildings to machines using redstone or similar items. The limit is only the imagination of the user base. If you want to get involved with your own Minecraft creations, we have some excellent suggestions of where you can start.

Product FAQ

1. What are Minecraft Blueprints? 

A blueprint in Minecraft is either one of two things. The first is the basic idea of a blueprint with plans that you can use to build your own structure. The second and most used version is a downloadable map that allows you to instantly use whatever structure the creator made in either your own server or a new one.

2. What Does Minecraft Do?

Minecraft is a sandbox PC (and recently console) game where players are put into a three dimensional world of different blocks. They can build, create, explore, and do whatever they like inside the game. They can play with friends or single-player in a world they or someone else created. There are infinite ways to enjoy Minecraft.

3. How Do Minecraft Blueprints Work? 

The basic blueprint kind is pretty self-explanatory but the downloadable kind is a bit trickier. First, you’ll need to have the game on your PC and then download the build or project you’re interested in. Once you have the file out of the zip folder and put it into the ‘Saves’ file in your Minecraft folder. Start up Minecraft and find the project as a world. You can use other tools to take that building out and copy it into another world or server.

4. Where Can You Buy Them? 

Most Minecraft blueprints and projects are free to use. They can be found almost anywhere but good places to start include and Minecraft itself can be bought in stores or you can purchase the PC version at

5. How Can You Build Your Own Blueprint?

Well, the first step is to get into Minecraft and just start building. Once you’re satisfied with your project and decide to share it with others, you can upload the map on to the websites mentioned above or other places. Don’t forget to leave pictures and maybe even a video tour. Allow room for constructive criticism and get better at projects over time.

How We Reviewed

All the Minecraft blueprints on this list are of quality design and have versatile uses. There’s a variety put in place so that you can have a better pick of your options. If there’s not one on here that immediately catches your eye or is the inspiration you’re looking for, keep looking! Your dream Minecraft blueprints are out there somewhere.

Overall Price Range of This Product (and Similar Products)

minecraft video game blocks
Image Source: Pixabay

Most Minecraft blueprints are free. Every now and then, the creator will ask for money before using the build, but you can almost always find an identical or similar build for free. Donations to the creator, however, can be a good idea.

What We Reviewed

  • Zevandir’s House Plan
  • Small Tradtional Suburban
  • Church of the Dead
  • Wizard Tower
  • Layered House
  • Palazzo House
  • 51 Mott Street (China Town Building 3)
  • JUMP
  • Real Life Hotel
  • Manhattan, New York City

Zevandir’s House Plan


This blueprint is pretty straightforward and allows for customization in both survival and creative servers. Since the blueprint is displayed in layers, this mansion can be started as a small, early build house with whatever materials you have on hand. It’s also great for servers with lots of people as it can be treated like a hotel of sorts. The house is sized twenty by twenty by seventeen.


  • This plan can be used as an early build with any material.
  • Great for servers with friends.


  • The plans don’t come with an image of the finished product.
  • The roof isn’t spider-proof.
  • You have to build it from scratch.

Small Traditional Suburban House


The title pretty much explains this one completely. If you’re looking for a small house that looks like it belongs in the suburbs, this is the build for you. There’s nothing grand or terribly unique about the build aside from the fact it looks like an actual house, which is pretty cool in and of itself. There’s a porch, flower bed, and even a trampoline in the backyard.


  • If you’re working on building a town, this is a great blueprint for you.
  • Simple, practical, and kind of cute.


  • Very small. Not much room to expand and keep the aesthetic.
  • A cool build for looks but not really one to make a base in.

Church of the Dead


If you’re looking for something grand and creepy, look no further. The Church of the Dead is not just a single building but a large outdoor complex as well. The church itself, touched with a lot of satanic motifs, reaches a height of ninety-seven blocks. The landscape is 221 by 195, leaving room for large trees, half chopped logs, and a few stray buildings here and there.


  • Quite large.
  • Detailed with not a spot of empty space.


  • A little too detailed. The outdoors area is a bit congested.
  • Very spooky and could be out of place in some servers.

Wizard Tower


Kind of odd to call this one a wizard tower when there’s only part of a normal tower there. Regardless, this is an excellent base blueprint to get your creative juices flowing. This tower soars high into the clouds, allowing users to look down on land below, assuming their view range is set appropriately. This blueprint makes the perfect home for an aspiring wizard.


  • Very large, tall build.
  • Allows for the user to great creative and make theirs unique.


  • The tower is incomplete, missing a roof and detailed work.
  • The tower is likely much too large for some people, especially if not in peaceful mode.

Layered House


The Layered House is pretty quaint. There is an open floor plan for users to set up their own interior design and plenty of room to work with everything. There’s also an attic, front porch, and a fireplace. The design on the home is adorable and looks great from a distance.


  • Offers plenty of space without lacking aesthetic.
  • Calls for easy materials to find.


  • Brick around the interior of the fireplace with inflammable materials (e.g. obsidian) so the house doesn’t catch on fire.
  • Doesn’t allow a lot of room for expansion.

Palazzo Home


This is another modern-looking build. The house screams expensive. The centerpiece is the beautiful chandelier in the center made out of glass panes and banners. The entire interior is made of white and off-gray blocks, completing the look with a fireplace, car garage, and swimming pool. If you’re looking for sleek and modern, you’ve found it.


  • Looks just like a wealthy, modern-style mansion.
  • Plenty of room inside to do whatever you wish.


  • The build is only eighty-five percent complete.
  • Doesn’t allow a lot of creativity options to add.

51 Mott Street (China Town Building 3)

China Town Building minecraft blueprints


This blueprint was based entirely on a real building in Manhattan, 51 Mott Street. The special thing about this build is that the creator made completely recreated the building in minecraft, down to the air conditioner units in the windows and the gravel on the roof. This building is incredibly detailed. However, it’s still a simple brick tenement and may not fit in with most maps.


  • If you’re building a city landscape, you can’t pass this build up.
  • Incredible detail on the designer’s part.
  • Lots of room to work.


  • Has a modern but basic aesthetic not really suitable for most servers.
  • Very little creativity can be applied to this build, if any.


Jump minecraft blueprints


JUMP is yet another real place. Standing for Jack’s Urban Meeting Place in Boise, Idaho, JUMP is a sort of cultural hub. The builders of this blueprint recreated the entire complex to make it look as similar to the real JUMP as possible. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the place, the modern complex acts as a fantastic place of operations or even the start of a roleplay or adventure map.


  • A large build with lots of modern-style buildings.
  • Looks just like the real place.
  • Allows for you to add on and let your creativity through.


  • With this being a complex instead of a building, this would take a long time to put together without downloading the map itself.
  • No interiors were done.

Real Life Hotel


While this recreated hotel was inspired by a real building, it can easily duplicate as a mansion with some changes to the interior. Regardless, this is a large building with lots of detail that allows for the user to have tons of room indoors. There are lots of different materials involved, so this isn’t a starter build, but it definitely looks great with all the contrasting colors and textures.


  • This building can be whatever you want to suit your needs.
  • Has a lot of variety to detail.


  • Isn’t an early build despite being a single building with a small complex.
  • Only seventy-five percent complete.

Manhattan, New York City


This one is by far the most ambitious project on this list. A server of builders have decided to recreate Manhattan and, while progress is slow going, it’s looking really great. They have Times Square and the WTC memorial site completed along with several iconic skyscrapers. While this download won’t be available for some time yet, this is one to look forward to and maybe even get involved with.


  • A scaled-down version of Manhattan that looks exactly like the description.
  • There is no lack of detail to this build.


  • Very massive and not great for beginners.
  • Only fifteen percent completed with slow progress.

minecraft graveyard
Image Source: Pixabay

The Verdict

A lot of the reason this list was created was to provide you with ideas for your creations. Pinning down just one perfect blueprint is a bit impossible, as all builds depend on what you need and your tastes. Zevandir’s House Plan is great as it gives the user a lot of leeway. JUMP is a wonderful complex to get your creative juices flowing. The Church of the Dead is fantastic for more adventurous playthroughs.

Depending on what sort of Minecraft blueprints you’re looking for, the options may be totally different for you. These are some of the best projects to help you get inspired about something to build on your own; but they may not be exactly what you’re looking for. If you know what you need, either building it yourself or getting inspiration from similar sources by doing a quick internet search may be your best bet.

Regardless, Minecraft is what you make it. Choosing which Minecraft blueprints to use doesn’t have to be a commitment, as you can just start over again and again with infinite replay value, especially with almost constant updates the main game and mods. The mods, however, are another beast entirely. For now, get your creativity started and enjoy the builds.

No Sound In Minecraft? Here’s A Quick Fix

mine craft
image by pixabay

Being an enthusiastic Minecraft player has a lot of great perks. For example, you get to be part of a global community where fans interact with one another. Users can simply play the game or mod it as much as they wish to enhance the experience for themselves and others. However, just like everything else in the world, Minecraft has flaws, particularly when it comes to playing the game. Having no sound in Minecraft can be a miserable experience because not only is it less fun to play, but you could also miss audio cues and other important information.

There is absolutely no reason to worry if you have no sound in Minecraft. We are here to help you fix the problem and get you back to enjoying the game in all of its glory! So whether you are a newcomer who is experiencing the problem or a veteran who encountered the issue out of the blue, we will guide you through the process and make sure the audio problem doesn’t happen again. 

An Introduction to Minecraft

minecraft character
image by pixabay

If you are new to Minecraft, you might wonder what it is and why is it so popular. You are probably aware of Minecraft as a game, but don’t really know what it is.

Minecraft is not your traditional video game in that it has no levels nor any particular objectives. Instead, Minecraft is an open-world sandbox game where players build various items in order to survive from the monsters that come out at night. You can use the entire world at your disposal by harvesting what it has to offer and using what you harvest to build items, including weapons. Minecraft offers many possibilities, and you can build whatever you want. Whether it’s a complicated structure, weapon, or some kind of underground cave, you get to decide; you’re only limited by what you can find.

As you might have guessed, sound can be very important when dealing with the monsters. You have to know if they are close by or somewhere in the distance. With no sound in Minecraft, you are playing a guessing game. In the next section, we will help you troubleshoot Minecraft if you ever experience any issues or difficulties with the game, particularly with regards to sound.

Troubleshooting Audio

phone and headset
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This first part applies to audio in Windows 10, which includes all Windows apps as well as Minecraft. First, try playing audio through another app, such as Media Player. If the sound works, the issue is likely with Minecraft, so you can skip ahead to that section of this article. If the sound does not work, then you know the problem is likely elsewhere in the system. While some of these solutions are specific to Windows 10, others are general enough to be helpful if you’re playing Minecraft on a Mac.

Solution 1: Check if Audio Is Muted

You may have accidentally muted the audio at one point. To easily fix that, select the Windows icon in the lower-right corner of your device. Then, find the volume icon on the task bar and make sure the volume is set higher than zero and isn’t muted.

Solution 2: Check Connection

If you hear any crackling sounds in your headphones or through your speakers, check to ensure all the cables are securely connected. If not, try to reconnect them. If you only hear the distortion while using that accessory, it may be faulty and need to be replaced.

Solution 3: Check and Unplug Audio Accessories

If there’s another audio accessory plugged into your device and you’re not using it, the audio may be diverted to that accessory. Check the accessory to hear if there is any sound. If there is sound, unplug the accessory, and check for sound in your speakers or headphones.

Solution 4: Run the Troubleshooting Wizard

On the task bar, either right click or press and hold the volume icon. Next, select “Troubleshoot sound problems” and follow the instructions given to you. Windows troubleshooter has grown quite helpful in recent years.

Solution 5: Check for Updates

Your device may require an update which you haven’t installed yet. Sometimes, system updates can contain updates for the audio as well. Check your system to see if an update is required. If that’s the case, go ahead an update your system and device.  

Solution 6: Check for Issues and Updates from the Manufacturer

Your Windows 10 device relies on your audio hardware which in turn relies on software called “drivers.” Drivers are updated frequently, so even if your hardware is brand new, it’s a good idea to check for updates. To check, first select the Windows icon in the lower-left corner. Then, in the search bar, type “dxdiag.exe” and then select “dxdiag Run Command” in the list of results, or press Enter.

Next, in the sound tab, find the provider of the audio device and then note the name, model, and version number. Then go online and use the information to find if there are any required updates.

Once again, this section is meant to help you resolve audio problems on your device, not Minecraft. If you have no audio at all, then the problem will affect Minecraft as well. Hopefully, you found a solution. In the next section, we will help you fix any audio problems pertaining exclusively to Minecraft. If you do have audio on your device but no sound in Minecraft, chances are, there is something within Minecraft itself. It’s also noteworthy that some of the solutions might overlap because they are similar in nature.  

No Sound in Minecraft? Here’s a Quick Fix

child using a headphone
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What do you do when you have no sound in Minecraft? Luckily, there are multiple easy solutions for fixing the problem, some which are similar to the troubleshooting ones.

Solution 1: Check if Minecraft Is Muted by Accident

As with Windows, Minecraft has its own mute button. Right click on the volume icon (lower-right corner of taskbar) and select “Open Volume Mixer.” From there, check if Minecraft’s audio is at zero or is muted. If so, adjust the volume to hear sound. If you still don’t hear any audio, go to the audio settings in Minecraft (options > settings), click “Music & Sound” and/or “Audio” and check if the audio settings are at 100%. Finally, click “Done” and relaunch Minecraft.  

Solution 2: Update the Audio Driver

Another solution is to update your audio driver. For that, there are two methods: manual and automatic.


Go to the manufacturer website of your sound card, find the latest version of the driver, and install it in your computer. Please refer to solution six in the above section for the exact steps.


If you do not have the time nor the skills to update your driver manually, you can use the automatic method instead. Go to the Driver Easy website, download and install the program. Run the program and choose “Scan Now.” Then, if the program detects a problem with your audio driver, select “Update,” and let Driver Easy do the rest.

Solution 3: Try the F3 + S or F3 + T Key Combination

Press F3 and S at the same time to force reload the game. If that fails, try F3 and T. Reportedly, many players who had no sound in Minecraft stated that this solution worked for them.

Solution 4: Change the “Mipmap Levels”

If your version of Minecraft is the JAVA Edition, try changing the “Mipmap Levels” option in the video settings. To do that, first open options within Minecraft and go to video settings. Once in video settings, move the slider to change mipmap levels. Afterwards, select “Done” to save changes. Finally, relaunch Minecraft.

Solution 5: Reinstall Minecraft

Another solution you can try is to reinstall Minecraft. Find Minecraft on your computer and uninstall it; this will be under settings > apps. Scroll until you find Minecraft and uninstall it. Then, go back to the Microsoft store (or wherever you downloaded the game from) and reinstall the game.

Solution 6: Modify the Sound Settings

Right-click the volume icon, select “Sounds,” then select “Playback.” Next, select your default playback device and then click “Configure.” For the audio channels, choose stereo. After selecting stereo, check the box next to “Front Left and Right.” Finally, select “Finish.”

We hope that one of these solutions has worked out for you and you have managed to restore audio in your version of Minecraft.


Having no sound in Minecraft can be a terrible experience, especially if you play the game on a daily basis. From 12 different solutions to choose from, each ranging from Minecraft itself to the PC device, you will hopefully find one that does the trick. Some of them are simple while others are slightly more complicated. However, by following the steps we have given you, you should have no problems!

If any of the solutions have worked out for you, be sure to reference this article to a friend or anyone else that you know who might experience an audio problem with Minecraft.

How To Make A Cobblestone Generator In Minecraft

Buildings in minecraft
image by pixabay

If you’ve been playing Minecraft for more than a few minutes, then you already realize the importance of cobblestone. It’s an extremely useful material for a variety of applications, which is why you may want to learn how to make a cobblestone generator. Having one of these can simplify your construction projects and save you time. It also allows you to leave the terrain in your environment untouched and pristine.

What Is Cobblestone in Minecraft?

Cobblestone is one of the most important types of blocks that you can mine in Minecraft. It’s essential for creating many of the basic stone tools and it’s a foundational element in building design, especially when you’re starting out.

You can find cobblestone in many places. It’s present underneath the first few layers of dirt in most biomes, so often all you have to do is dig down far enough and you’ll stumble upon it. Many times, it will simply be in exposed rock on the side of a cliff. This is one of the easier ways to get some. It’s also common in the dark caverns deep in the earth. Watch out for monsters while you’re down there, though!

Cobblestone is automatically generated in the landscape, but it can also be generated by contact between lava and water. You may have noticed this if you’ve ever lurked inside a cave and gone deep enough to see the lava flows. Sometimes you’ll see a spread of cobblestone along the ground surrounding a lava waterfall near a water source.

What Is a Cobblestone Generator?

A cobblestone generator is a simple “machine” that you can build for yourself that will make unlimited cobblestone. This way, you don’t have to hunt for your cobblestone or dig deep in the ground for it.

Sometimes it’s easy to find cobblestone in the environment, like on the side of a cliff. If you build a huge structure, though, you may eventually run out in the more obvious places and you’ll have to start digging. In some biomes—like the desert biome, for instance—it can actually be a bit hard to find exposed cobblestone at all.

You may also find that you don’t want to dig up the terrain around you for aesthetic reasons. Maybe you have a really beautiful yard and you don’t want to mess things up by mining for cobblestone.

This is where the cobblestone generator comes in. It takes advantage of the fact that lava and water mix to make cobblestone, and it results in a simple, automated method for generating cobblestone blocks.

When it comes to how to make a cobblestone generator, it’s just a matter of gathering materials that any beginner could get their hands on. These generators can be simple or have a complex design—but we’ll focus on making one that will only require you to dig a few holes.

Materials to Make a Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft

minecraft man with pig
image by pixabay

You don’t need much to make a cobblestone generator. It only requires four—maybe five—materials:

  • 2 buckets
  • 1 shovel (optional)
  • Water
  • Lava

How to Make the Buckets

The first thing you’re going to need are some buckets to hold the liquids—in this case, water and lava. There’s no difference between a water bucket and a lava bucket, but you’ll want to make two buckets so that you can carry both at the same time. To make a bucket, you’ll need three iron ingots. You get these by mining iron ore and smelting it into iron ingots.

If you have no iron at all, you may be able to find some iron ore exposed on the side of a cliff, but you’ll usually have to dig for it. Iron ore blocks look a bit like cobblestone blocks, but with rusty red particles in them. Once you smelt enough iron ore in a furnace and get three ingots, you will add them to your crafting table. Place one ingot in the middle square of the bottom row, one on the first square of the middle row, and one in the last square of the middle row. This will make a bucket for you. Do this twice to get two buckets and put them in your inventory. You’ll have to go looking for the lava and water after that.

How to Make the Shovel

The shovel is easy enough to make. If you want a stone shovel, you’ll just need two sticks and a piece of cobblestone. They go in the middle column of the crafting grid—the cobblestone goes on top and the two sticks go in the squares below.

What if you don’t have any cobblestone, though? After all, you don’t know how to make a cobblestone generator yet, right? No problem, you can just make a wooden shovel. Replace the cobblestone block in the crafting recipe with any type of wood planks.

If you want a fancier shovel, you can make them out of iron, gold, or even diamond as well. You can also just dig with your hands, which is what we recommend since you’re not going to need to dig much to make the generator.

Where to Get the Water

There should be a body of water nearby, but if you can’t find one, you could also try digging until you find some source of groundwater. By far the easiest way is to just keep walking until you find a lake or pond, though. If you’re in a desert biome, you may have to go to a wetter one.

Once you find the water, just dip your bucket in and put the full bucket in your inventory.

Where to Get the Lava

Lava is a bit harder to find than water, usually. Sometimes it is exposed and flowing at the surface. In that case, it’s easy to just take your second bucket and scoop some up. Often, though, you will have to dig and walk around in some caves until you find some lava. If you happen to see the mouth of an underground cave at night and there is light coming from inside of it, this is also a good sign that there is lava down there.

Just as with the water, dip your bucket in the lava and put it in your inventory. Be careful, though, since lava can be dangerous. Never touch it directly or you could catch on fire.

How to Make a Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft

Finally, let’s discuss how to make a cobblestone generator once you have all of your materials.

How to Make a Cobblestone Generator: The Simple Way

minecraft horse
image by: pixabay

The simplest way to make a cobblestone generator is like this:

  1. Dig a trench in the dirt that is six blocks long, one block wide, and one block deep.
  2. In one of the middle blocks of the trench itself, dig another one-block hole so that it’s deeper in that one spot. This is where the fluids will meet and your cobblestone will be born.
  3. Pour your water on one side.
  4. Pour your lava on the opposite side.
  5. If you’ve done everything right, a cobblestone should appear in the center block between the two liquids. Mine the cobblestone and you will notice that another cobblestone appears to take its place! This is how to make a cobblestone generator that endlessly produces more cobblestone. Just keep mining and you’ll have all the cobblestone that you want without having to damage any of the landscape.
  6. There are a few things that you should keep in mind, though: when pouring the water, be careful not to allow it to touch the source of the lava. If it does, this will turn it into obsidian instead of cobblestone and your lava will disappear as well. Obsidian is a really strong block, but it’s kind of a pain to work with because it can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe.
  7. Another thing to watch out for is the cobblestone block falling into the lava itself when you mine it, which can cause you to lose the cobblestone. There are a few ways around this, but the easiest way is to build a cover around the lava so that the cobblestone can’t drop into it. This will also keep you from falling into the lava yourself!

How to Make a Cobblestone Generator: The Fancy Way

minecraft buildings using cobblestone generator
image via pixabay

There are variations on this simple idea that automate the cobblestone generator. For example, you can add a piston to the system that pushes the cobblestone out of the way periodically, so that the generator can make more cobblestone without your having to mine it right away.

This is more advanced stuff, though. You’ll have to learn how to create a piston, a clock circuit, and other elements that would allow you to automate the process. For now, start with the simple version and then add components as you improve and refine the design.


minecraft landscape with house
image by: pixabay

If you’re sick of having to go searching around the landscape to find cobblestone to mine, then making a cobblestone generator might be exactly what you need. It’s particularly convenient when you’ve found an area that you really like and you don’t want to mess up the terrain. It makes it easier to settle down in a single area without having to make long trips underground, too.

These generators are very easy to make even if you only have simple tools. With a couple of buckets and some lava and water, you can make endless cobblestone to suit all of your needs in Minecraft.

Top 10 Minecraft Skyblock Servers

Minecraft has become a sort of cult-classic game that almost everyone has had a chance to play. There’s not much to it. The main aspects are to mine and craft which includes exploration, building, and creating. You can even do so with friends on private or public servers. However, even with the constant updates, things can sometimes get a little boring. Public servers are here to spice up your adventures which is where Minecraft Skyblock servers enter the game.

Minecraft skyblock servers - one you have to try
Image by Paulo O from Flickr

Minecraft Skyblock servers offer a whole new and exciting game mode to a game you already know and love. By giving the player a very limited amount of materials and space to work with, you’re getting a whole new challenge from any previous Minecraft experience. Adding adventure, tasks, and player-versus-player aspects make the game mode even more exciting and new.

In order to enjoy the full-depth that a Minecraft Skyblock server brings, it’s recommended that you experience it with friends. After all, that tiny island might get a little lonely otherwise. That’s where these servers come in. You get to experience Skyblocks with friends no matter where they are or even new friends you met on the server.

Regardless of how you enjoy playing them, this list is here to give you some of the best Minecraft Skyblock servers available to the public right now. Have fun and enjoy the new aspects this game mode brings to the table.

Product FAQ

1. What Is Minecraft? 

minecraft characters
image by pixabay

Minecraft is a 2011 sandbox video game primarily for the PC that allows players to build and explore. With constant updates and lots of multi-player options, the game continues to find ways to stay relevant, unique, and fun. By going online and allowing users to create game modes for themselves, like the Minecraft Skyblock servers, players stay engaged for years on end.

2. What Do Minecraft Skyblock Servers Do? 

castle in minecraft
Image by pixabay

A Minecraft server is a place where people can play online with multiple players. Skyblocks are a type of user-built environment where the player is given a very small piece of land comprised of a few blocks to work with. From there, different servers include a variety of rules and features but the main rule is to survive. With limited materials and a small space, this is more difficult and a lot more fun than you may think.

3. How Do Minecraft Skyblock Servers Work? 

minecraft castle
Image by pixabay

Most of Minecraft Skyblock servers allow the user to create and build around the Skyblock with the challenge of survival. These have evolved into player-versus-player modes where different teams are given their own Skyblocks. Now there are infinite ways to play Skyblocks with different roleplay themes.

4. Where Can You Buy Minecraft? 

minecraft character
Image by pixabay

Minecraft can be purchased at but the servers are a little different. You’ll have to find open ones online, like in this article, to get involved. Joining a server is often free but many of them have pay-to-win options that include different bundles players can buy depending on the game or server.

5. Where Can You Find More Minecraft Servers?

disney land in minecraft
Image by pixabay

There are many places online where you can find a Minecraft server to suit your wants and needs. However, is a great place to start your search as the site provides information about almost every public server in the game.

How We Reviewed

All of these Minecraft Skyblock servers have a great reputation in the Minecraft community. Many of them are very popular while some have a smaller player base. More importantly, not all of them offer just Skyblocks to play in. We’re all about giving you a variety to choose from, so enjoy what you can find on this list.

Overall Price Range of This Product (and Similar Products)

Joining any of these Minecraft Skyblock servers are free. However, the extra add-ons can sometimes cost. Prices can range from $15 to $300 depending on the server you’re in and what you plan to buy. Just remember that everything you buy isn’t permanent and is generally acting as donations to the server you’re a part of. These bundles are ways to show appreciation and get ahead of the competition at the same time.

What We Reviewed

  • Hypixel
  • Kannukas
  • ExtremeCraft
  • SkyLords
  • MC-Ages
  • GrandTheftMC
  • MysticCraft
  • Mafia Craft
  • Prime Network
  • Mineplex


Image from Hypixel

Hypixel is a community-run server with tons of different game modes. Being one of the most popular and well-known servers in the Minecraft community, there are also tons of people always available. Included in their games list is Skywars, which is one of the Minecraft Skyblock servers. This mode creates a player-versus-player experience where everyone is assigned to a team with their own Skyblock. The aim is to be the last players standing by using weapons or intuition to knock other players off.


  • This Skyblock server inspires a competitive environment without getting dull.
  • The Skyblock games don’t last long enough for you to get frustrated or bored.


  • There aren’t a lot of options to be creative in this game mode.
  • The player-versus-player mode may not be for everyone.

Where to Find or join the server in Minecraft multi-player.


Kannukas is a server set out of Estonia. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information about this server anymore and there are rumors that it is offline. However, Kannukas is an older server that once offered Skyblocks for players to enjoy even if they were the original kind.


  • The original Skyblocks are a lot of fun and never really get old.
  • Kannukas is an old server in good standing.


  • May be offline now.
  • The Skyblocks aren’t very unique.

Where to Find or join in Minecraft.


extremecraft minecraft skyblock server
Image from ExtremeCraft

ExtremeCraft, much like Hypixel, offers a variety of game modes for people to enjoy. The difference is that they have more than one Skyblock inspired mode. They offer the original Skyblock mode as well as Skywars like the Hypixel server and Skygrid. The Skygrid is made out of many different blocks to create a grid-like pattern that you have to survive on. The blocks include chests and mob spawners.


  • Offers different Skyblock modes for you to enjoy.
  • There’s also a game mode called Acid Island that’s similar.


  • More player-versus-player modes that may not be for everyone.
  • The Skyblock you create must remain on that server with other people.

Where to Find


SkyLords is a server strictly for Skyblocks and everyone who enjoys them. There’s a pretty large community to get involved with if you consider joining a server by yourself. However, this server is pay to win, so to speak. They have an online store that offers bundles to help your Skyblock and overall game in the server. If you don’t want to put out any money, you may find the server a little lacking.


  • The server is strictly for Skyblocks.
  • There’s a pretty large community.


  • Doesn’t offer a lot of variety.
  • The payable options are a bit unfair to users not willing to pay money.

Where to Find


Mc-Ages minecraft skyblock server
Image from MC-Ages

MC-Ages is an older server that has a strong and loyal community. While they have a few different modes, they also offer a Skyblock mode. There are commands that the moderators installed to change or teleport to your Skyblock and work from there. The server also has guilds and events to enjoy.


  • The guilds and events ensure that you won’t get left out of the fun.
  • The commands for the Skyblock mode makes things much easier.


  • Hard to get into for beginners.
  • Also has payment options.

Where to Find


GrandTheftMC is a Minecraft inspired by the game Grand Theft Auto V. They have a few game modes to celebrate Grand Theft Auto, including Vice. The Vice mode is a new take on Skyblocks, connecting everything with the theme of Grand Theft Auto running throughout.


  • Interesting new take on Skyblocks to try out.
  • Big player community.


  • If you’re not a Grand Theft Auto fan, this might not be for you.
  • There are a few problems with lagging in the server.

Where to Find or join the server on Minecraft.


MysticCraft is a bit of a smaller server but is just as fun as those massively popular ones. They have two primary game modes both center on player-versus-player called Hurus and Ultra. Ultra is a sort of new take on Skyblock as the player is given a very large piece of land to work with. This changes the game and makes it a little easier while also prolonging the game.


  • Another new take on typical Skyblocks.
  • The server offers something refreshingly different to the Minecraft community.


  • More payable options.
  • There aren’t as many players.

Where to Find or join the server in Minecraft.

Mafia Craft

As another roleplaying map, Mafia Craft is based on an earlier sandbox game called Mafia. The environment is very player-versus-player with some acting as criminals and others as cops. There are ways to build guns, grow drugs, and become a kingpin on the black market. Regardless, there aren’t a lot of Skyblock options in this game, but the available game can be fun.


  • A different sort of roleplaying adventure.
  • The modpack adds new recipes to play around with.


  • Not really a Skyblock style map.
  • Not appropriate for all ages.

Where to Find or join the server in Minecraft.

Prime Network

prime network skyblock server
Image from

Prime Network or PrimeMC is a huge server with a lot of players and different game modes. Included among prison, factions, and kit there is the infamous Skyblock mode. Sadly, this one isn’t a very unique Skyblock except for the roleplaying elements and player-versus-player attitude. If you’re interested in classic Skyblock with an interesting group of people, this is the one to try.


  • Sometimes the most classic option is the best one.
  • The roleplay elements add just enough of a twist to be engaging.


  • Not terribly unique and memorable compared to others.
  • The player-versus-player aspects may not be for everyone.

Where to Find


Mineplex is so massive and popular that it’s even an official partner with Minecraft. This server has four categories (Classics, Arcade, Survival, and Champions) each with their own game modes. A few of the different game modes offer a Skyblock style map to work with as players try to survive, fight, or play out Super Smash Bros from their tiny island. Mineplex is huge and works as a good start for beginners.


  • Thousands of players online at any given moment.
  • So many game modes to choose from and enjoy.


  • There is a such thing as a crowd in Minecraft and this might be it.
  • Server may lag with so many people involved.

Where to Find

The Verdict

While Hypixel is a classic server that everyone should experience at least once, ExtremeCraft is a great place if you’re looking for Skyblocks and lots of fun. It has a vast community and lots of different Skyblock modes unique to the server that allow users to enjoy new aspects of the mode they may not have thought of before, particularly the Skygrid.

When it comes to Minecraft Skyblock servers, you’re going to find a lot of the same. The trick is to discover an engaging community you click with and game modes you enjoy. Even if you get tired of Skyblocks, Hypixel, ExtremeCraft, and other servers offer different modes to keep you coming back for more again and again.

Minecraft itself might be an old game, but the online communities and the new updates keep players interested. Not to mention the sandbox aspect that allows players to do whatever they want with whoever they want. The special thing about Minecraft is giving players the tools to create and leaving them to it without any set rules to stop them. This is how Skyblocks came to be and how other modes just as popular have been created or are coming up as we speak. The point is, if you’ve already signed off on Minecraft, give it another chance. You may be surprised.

How to Breed Villagers in Minecraft – A Simple Guide

how to breed villagers minecraft

Do you love Minecraft? Are you looking for a way to advance your game, trade more, and have easy, consistent, access to iron ingots? Learning how to breed villagers in Minecraft is a beneficial tool that not only advances your gameplay but also works to unlock new items for you and your village.

If you are interested in learning how to breed villagers keep reading! Below we have compiled a step-by-step guide on how to successfully produce Minecraft villagers for a number of uses. We will also answer some of your burning questions regarding the game and its mechanics.

Quick Navigation
What Is the Purpose of Breeding Villagers in Minecraft?
Is There a Need to Breed Villagers in Minecraft?
How to Breed Villagers in Minecraft
Step One: Create a Tall Square
Step Two: Place Doors
Step Three: Lure Villagers
Tip: Genders
Step Four: Feed
Step Four: Feed
Step Five: Wait
The Importance of Doors
The Importance of Height
Creating a Villager Farm
Can You Create Too Many Villagers?

What Is the Purpose of Breeding Villagers in Minecraft?

minecraft grass
Image Via: Pixabay

Learning how to breed villagers in Minecraft can be beneficial for a number of reasons. One of the most useful reasons to breed villagers in Minecraft is for the purpose of creating an iron golem farm. Iron golem farms are used to gain continuous iron ingots and poppies.

If your goal is to create an iron golem farm, you will have to consider learning how to breed villagers. The reason breeding villagers is necessary for iron golem farms is because, for each golem, ten villagers are needed. That means, if you want to have ten golems in your village, you will need at least 100 extra villagers. Villagers are not easy to come by, so many players resort to breeding villagers in bulk.

Is There a Need to Breed Villagers in Minecraft?

One of the most significant needs for villager breeding in Minecraft is for trading halls. A villager trading hall is a literal hall in which villagers line up to trade with you. The best part about villager trading halls is that you can discard the villagers who are in the hall trying to trade unwanted items.

Learning how to breed villagers in Minecraft is the best way to make a successful villager trading hall. Villager trading halls open your game up to new items you wouldn’t typically have access to. We also know how hard it is to kidnap other villagers and bring them to your villager trading hall; so breeding is going to be your best method here.

How to Breed Villagers in Minecraft

minecraft video game
Image Via: Pixabay

Are you ready to starting learning how to breed villagers in Minecraft? Below is a step-by-step guide on one of the easiest ways to encourage your villagers to produce. Keep reading to learn more:

Step One: Create a Tall Square

To start learning how to breed villagers in Minecraft you will need to create a hollowed-out square. We suggest making a 12 x 12 square of blocks. For this step, it does not matter which type of blocks you use.

You will want to ensure that you make your 12 x 12 square of blocks at least two blocks tall. Making your square two blocks tall keeps the box secure. You will want this box to be protected because you will be putting villagers inside of it, and you do not want them hopping out.

Step Two: Place Doors

The second step to successfully breeding villagers is to place your doors on your square of blocks. Place a door around each side and edge of your square. Make sure you have the doors facing the right way otherwise you won’t be able to get your villagers inside.

Step Three: Lure Villagers

Image Via: Pixabay

The third step to successfully knowing how to breed villagers in Minecraft is to lure villagers into your newly constructed square of blocks. If the villagers don’t make their way over to your structure, naturally you can attract them in a few ways. We recommend luring villagers using a minecart to push them into your structure using a lead. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different lead methods or lures.

Tip: Genders

Not sure how to tell apart men from women villagers? That is because villagers have no gender. You do not need to make sure there are any number of men or women because if both parties are willing, a child will be created.

Step Four: Feed

Once you have lured villagers into your enclosure, you can begin to work on their willingness to breed. A villagers willingness to breed can be based on a number of factors. First and foremost, one of the easiest tricks to increase breeding willingness is to provide food.

Food is an essential step to learning how to breed villagers. To feed villagers, throw food at their feet in order for them to obtain it into their inventory. If the villager has too much food, it will throw the food to other villagers for them to receive. The amount of food to provide a villager before they are willing to breed varies depending on the type of food. We recommend trying the following amounts and types:

  • Bread: 3
  • Carrots: 12
  • Potatoes: 12
  • Beetroot: 12

Step Four: Feed

minecraft watermelon farm
Image Via: Pixabay

Are you feeding your villagers and taking all of the necessary enclosure precautions and still not seeing an increase in willingness? Try trading with your villagers to grow your relationship. Trading with villagers can often heighten their desire to breed.

Step Five: Wait

After you have ensured that your villagers are willing to breed (If you are not sure if your villagers are willing to breed, check for hearts floating around their person), you can go about your business. All you have to do now is to wait. Luckily, in the world of Minecraft, waiting for villagers to breed and produce a child only takes around 20 minutes.

The Importance of Doors 

Doors have a very important use in Minecraft and breeding. In your village, a detector is counting your villagers and doors almost every minute. In order for a door to be counted as a door in your specific village, it needs to have an inside and an outside. This is why door placement is so important; you want to ensure that your door can actually function in order to be counted. If the door opens from the inside but not the outside, this is not a proper door.

The Importance of Height 

How tall you make your breeding enclosure is very important. If you have followed the instructions above and are still not seeing an increase in willingness, your structure may be too high. As we learned above, your structure should stick to around two blocks tall. Three blocks or more will cause any doors attached to the blocks to not register properly. Doors that are not registered will stop your villagers from breeding.

Creating a Villager Farm

minecraft village
Image Via: Pixabay

Do you love the idea of endless iron ingots? Who doesn’t? If you want even more iron or even more trading opportunities, you will need to be creating new villagers on a consistent basis. One of the best ways to breed villagers consistently in Minecraft is to create a villager farm. To set up a villager farm, make sure that no other villages are in the surrounding 80 block radius.


You will need three different types of villagers to get the process started. First and foremost you will need a farmer to tend to the crops that are used to feed the villagers inside your farm. The farmer itself will not deliver the crops to your farm.


The second villager you will need to create a villager farm is a breeder. The designated breeder will take the food the farmer makes and provide it to the villagers. The breeder is also the one who will be performing the breeding work and producing children.


The detector is an essential part of the village breeding farm process because they register doors to the village. Villagers will only be willing to breed if the population is lower than 35% of the number of doors in the village. Ensuring you have a detector will ensure that breeding can occur inside your villager farm.

Can You Create Too Many Villagers? 

Believe it or not, if you have set up a villager farm or a designated breeding station, you will acquire new villagers every twenty minutes or so, if done correctly. If you lose track of time or forget about your continuous breeding, chances are you may have more villagers than you know what to do with. This is why it is imperative to have a way to halt breeding at any given time.

If you do not find a way to stop your villagers from breeding, they can cause some serious game lag. That’s right, the villagers will continue to breed, much like rabbits, until you forcibly stop them. If you already have too many, try creating a new village to add the extras to or set up an iron golem farm!


minecraft horse
Image Via: Pixabay

You have finally done it; you have learned how to breed villagers in Minecraft. No matter your reason for creating more villagers, you now have an effective and quick way to do so. Just make sure that you remember to provide food and check back often. You don’t want to accidentally lock doors and forget about all of the new villagers that were just created.

As always remember to have fun. After all, Minecraft is just a game. Best of luck breeding villagers and gaining new trades!

Top 10 Minecraft Faction Servers

Minecraft Faction Servers

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, having the distinction of the most concurrent players at any one time for a single game. This block-built world has expanded beyond the initial survival adventure and spawned different ways to play, some expanding into worlds with friends. Minecraft faction servers are one of the top-rated versions of the game, pitting large teams of players against one and other for dominance over the vast lands of Minecraft.

This list will introduce you to the top ten Minecraft faction servers currently accepting new members. If you are looking for a new challenge in Minecraft with a team play element, then this list of Faction based servers will be an excellent place to start.

Product FAQ

Before we discuss the various Minecraft faction servers you can join, we want to cover the basics you need to know to make an informed decision about which faction to join.

1. What Are Minecraft Faction Servers?

Minecraft offers a bunch of different game styles to choose from, each one offering a different game-play experience. One of the most popular styles of Minecraft is called Factions. A Minecraft faction server is a dedicated world where hundreds of players can join up in the same game and play at the same time.

2. How Do You Play Minecraft Factions?

These Minecraft servers allow you to join up with a group of fellow players with the united goal of building a fortress to protect your valuables from the other factions in the world, which is self-contained on that server. The specific rules for each of the servers may differ, but the primary goal is always the same: be the best and strongest faction, and thus dominate your world.

Minecraft Landscape
Image via Pixabay

3. Who Can Play on Minecraft Faction Servers?

Anyone with a good internet connection and a basic understanding of the mechanics of the game can join up on any of these servers. There are wonderful starting options in each world that allow you to step into the faction experience and build your character one fight at a time. There are no restrictions on who can join as long as you obey the server specific rules and obey the commands of the appointed admins.

4. How Is Each Server Different?

Each of these Minecraft faction servers offers a different team play experience. Each one has a custom built play area where the world can offer vastly different options for defense and attack of the rival factions. Be careful when making your decision for which servers to join as each one posts different rules of what is allowed in battle and how you can fairly attack the other factions. It’s always a good note to make sure the individual faction will respond well to your specific play style.

Minecraft Castle
Image via Pixabay

5. Can You Join More Than One Server?

One of the awesome parts about these multi-network factions games is you can join as many as you want. There’s really no way for these servers to demand you restrict yourself to just one game mode, so try multiple servers or even maintain simultaneous characters in different Minecraft faction servers without repercussions.

How We Reviewed

We reviewed some of the most popular Minecraft faction servers on the multi-player platform. We looked at reliability, user scores, the suite of options, and the overall playability for each server. After that, we compiled a list of the best and broke down the best and worst features of each one.

Overall Price Range of This Product (and Similar Products)

Each of these servers is free to join—even the ones that have a pre-approval or application process for full membership. Though they cost nothing for an initial play, all the Minecraft faction servers we reviewed have perks and special items available for anyone that’s kind enough to donate to their server community. This isn’t a nefarious way for them to rake in the bucks on the most played game in the world because running an efficient and reliable server for thousands of players requires money and expert time.

Because of these necessary running costs, these server administrators offer fun and powerful perks for people that spend real money to help them maintain the community at the highest standards. Most donation packages range from $5 up to $250, with a wide variety of options and special packages.

Minecraft Ingame
Image via Pixabay

What We Reviewed

Strongcraft Logo
Image via Strongcraft

Strongcraft is working hard to grow the number of daily users, so they are offering a lot of incentives for any new payer to join their faction ranks and vote for them every chance they get. The team here earns the daily votes with a clean and streamlined faction experience. This is a great community of servers to get into and make some new friends, and maybe a few enemies.


Clean and streamlined design of the faction maps

● Strong vote incentives
● Clean and streamlined design of the faction maps


● Few perk options


Strongcraft has a system like most where you can exchange money for in-game currency. The prices range from $5 to $100 in most cases.

Where to Play

You can find the entire list of Strongcraft servers at this link:

Image via Snapcraft

The team at Snapcraft work every day to make sure the game experience on their servers gets better and better. This is one of the most updated server networks on this list, with almost daily additions and style updates to the Minecraft factions servers. These are some fastest growing, dedicated groups of players and admins around. These admins and designers just want to deliver a superior faction experience.


● Diverse modes of play
● Daily competitions and reward opportunities


● Still developing back-end team


The Snapcraft network offers perk packages that start around $20 and go up to $170, with a wide variety of extended packages you can buy for the game.

Where to Play

The Snapcraft server list can be found at the following link:

Hypixel Logo
Image via Hypixel

Hypixel is an old network of game servers for Minecraft, an empire that’s been built on a strict line of quality and dedication. The design and admin teams for this server family have put together the largest group of playable worlds in the Minecraft universe. This is one of the top performing Minecraft faction servers on this list.


● A high number of daily repeat users
● A huge network of players


● Challenging field of players


The Hypixel network of Minecraft faction servers are all connected through a central purchase house, so you can trade using items purchased with real-world money. Sellers set the prices, which vary widely.

Where to Play

The Hypixel network of servers can be accessed at the following link:

Manacube Logo
Image via Manacube

Manacube is a stylized collection of servers that have a well thought out rule set and good looking designs. This is still a growing community, so there is room for the Minecraft faction servers to expand into new territories and find new leaders in the team ranks.


● Fun game designs
● Great admin and staff


● Still a growing community


Manacube has an internal purchase system for trading real money for the in-game currency. The prices start around $5 and go up to $100 for expanded game packages.

Where to Play

You can find the Manacube server list at this link:

PrimeMC Logo
Image via PrimeMC

The Prime network for Minecraft is a great collection of playable game modes with articulate design and well thought out rule sets. This is still a growing network, so the people at Prime are working hard every day with new build and faction upgrades to drive a more consistent play base of users.


● Great daily promotions
● Generous donation packages        


● Low daily player count


Prime MC has an excellent barter system in place, making the real world money you spend stretch a lot further than you would see on other Minecraft faction servers. The prices start as low as $2 and go up to around $60 for the more advanced add-ons.

Where to Play

You can register to gain access to Prime MC at the following link:

Conspiracycraft is one of the newer entries on this list, but that doesn’t take away from the gorgeous collection of worlds and game styles they have built. An expert team of designers has built some detailed and immersive worlds for you to survive and fight in. The Minecraft factions servers listed in this network are fun, reliable, and easy to learn.


● Beautiful and unique map designs
● Immersive game play


● Limited mod capabilities


This network has a few purchase options if you want to rank up faster. The rank awards start at around $5 and go up from there, sometimes having packages around the $150 mark.

Where to Play

You can gain access to the Conspiracy Craft network of servers at this link:

MC Central is one of the best-reviewed collections of multi-player worlds we played. This network is a fine collection of the favorite game styles in Minecraft, and factions modes are right at the top. These are challenges for even the most seasoned warrior, so bring your diamond sword and enchanted helmet to your faction and fight for prizes and glory.


● Amazing game design
● Lots of game styles to choose


● Expensive high-end rewards


MC Central is one of the Minecraft faction servers that have a global trading system, allowing the real-world currency to exchange hands through their auction network. Prices for add-on items start around $10.

Where to Play

You can find the MC Central server access at the following link:

Mineverse Logo
Image via Mineverse

The people at Mineverse have dedicated themselves to building the best PvP maps available on the Minecraft network of multi-player servers. This dedication to fine detail sometimes leads to extended wait times for new content and updates to game-play, but that’s often worth it for the quality of design and implementation of this family of Minecraft faction servers.


● Dedicated new build team    
● Inexpensive donation packages


● Long waits between updates


Mineverse has a more limited purchase system, offering donation options that start around $5.

Where to Play

You can access the Mineverse server list through the following link:

Purpleprison logo
Image via Purple Prison

Purple Prison is a massive community of players dedicated to maximizing the excitement of Minecraft. What started as an exclusive prison network has blossomed into a multi-play style series of individual servers. With generous donation packages and reliable connections, this is a strong contender for the best Minecraft faction server.


● Challenging faction play
● A friendly community of gamers


● Difficult play settings


The Purple Prison network has an expanded auction system, especially when you compare it to the other Minecraft faction servers. The prices start around $5 for a basic contribution and top at around $100. There is no max spending cap for individual players.

Where to Play

You can access the Purple Prison server at this link:

Momentonetwork Logo
Image via Momento

The Moment Network is a collection of game style servers that have been up and running reliably since 2014. The dedicated community of managers and administrators are well-reviewed and loved by the community of long-time players. The Minecraft faction servers on the Momento Network are fun and massive, giving way to large groups of crusaders fighting for territory.


● Reliable network of players
● Dedicated and communicative admins


● Expensive perk packages in the beginning


This is one of the more expensive Minecraft faction servers, making the ranking system more “pay-to-play” than some other entries on this list. The prices start out around $10 for basic rewards and go up from there, with no max-spending limit for players.

Where to Play

You can connect to the Moment Network at this link:

The Verdict

This was a full list of Minecraft faction servers, with each network offering their unique brand of massive multi-player play. All the server families offer an excellent play experience and a chance to meet and bond with other lovers of this game. We are compelled to pick a favorite from the ten: MC Central. This massive network of well-worn, reliable, detail oriented servers is the best experience when you’re looking for massive faction battles.

We believe the best experience of faction play, especially for a beginning player, can be found on the MC Central network. It was reliable, creative, and has a beloved team of admins. We single out MC Central as the best of the top Minecraft faction servers.

How to Build a Minecraft Tower: A Complete Guide

minecraft tower
Image from Pixabay

Building things in Minecraft is something that every player does in some way or another. Whether you are building a temporary shelter to weather the night, a mob grinder to harvest resources, a farm for food or a vast stone fortress, re-shaping Minecraft’s game world should be a familiar concept. In this article, we will go over the steps to build a basic Minecraft tower, as well as some other helpful tips and tricks that can be useful in your future Minecraft projects.

Introduction to Minecraft

If you are reading this article, then the odds are good that you’re already plenty familiar with Minecraft already and don’t need a fancy introduction to it. As video games go, Minecraft is one of the most popular games, not just in the last few years but of all time. And the game is getting better and better as time goes on.

In July of 2018, the 1.13 version of the game was released. Dubbed ‘The Update Aquatic,’ this latest update overhauled several aspects of Minecraft, most notably the game’s oceans. In addition to the seas, there were many technical improvements and bug fixes as well, showing that despite being in development for almost 10 years, the game is still being maintained by dedicated developers.

Much of the game’s popularity can perhaps be attributed to its free-form and open-ended gameplay. Beyond a basic goal of reaching the End and defeating the Ender Dragon, Minecraft as a whole leaves gameplay objectives solely in the hands of the player.

Benefits of Building a Tower

Back on topic, building a Minecraft tower (or any defensive structure for that matter) has several benefits, both tactically and appearance-wise. Keeping a degree of separation from your player avatar and the ground is a good idea, especially in Survival Mode.

Most of the game’s numerous hostile Mobs spawn on the ground, in poorly lit or unlit areas of the world. Therefore, having a measure of security in the form of distance and strong walls is a good thing. And this is best represented in the form of a tower made of stone bricks.

A Minecraft tower also looks good when designed properly. Through careful use of cosmetic blocks and greebles (the technical term for fine details that make something more visually interesting), you can transform an otherwise plain-looking tower into something visually striking and impressive.

How to Build a Minecraft Tower

What Tools You Will Need

Before we go out and get started, there are different items you are going to want in your inventory, especially if you are playing on Survival Mode:

  1. Weapons. Minecraft’s world is treacherous, so having a weapon to fend off those dangers should be common sense at this point. Bring an enchanted sword of you can.
  2. Armor. For the same reason as above, having a good set of armor protecting you can be the difference between life and death. We recommend iron armor or stronger.
  3. Tools. Pickaxes, lumber axes and shovels will all probably be necessary to some degree. Bring spares just in case your tools break.
  4. Food. It wouldn’t do you any good to starve to death while laying the groundwork of your next construction project, so bring along a stack of food. We recommend pork chops.
  5. Potions. If you can spare them, having a few Potions of Healing in your quick bar can be useful in many situations, especially combat.
  6. Torches. As mentioned above, Minecraft’s hostile Mobs spawn in poorly lit areas. So be sure to light your build area with plenty of torches.

What Blocks You Will Need

Understandably, your building materials are going to be the essential part of building a Minecraft tower. While these are recommended, they are just a guideline. This being Minecraft, feel free to substitute blocks for another kind if you desire it. One tip we can offer you regarding this is replacing sandstone for the stone bricks if you are building in the desert.

  1. 5-6 Stacks of Stone Bricks. In this build, Stone bricks will form the majority of the tower, mainly the walls.
  2. 1 Stack of Stone Brick Stairs. Stairs can serve not only as stairs, but they can double as decorations in the forms of crenellations and arrow slits.
  3. 1 Stack of Cobblestone Blocks. Cobblestone blocks will serve as the base and first floor of the tower.
  4. 1-2 Stacks of Oak Wood Slabs. Oakwood slabs will serve as the floor of any levels between the ground floor and roof, as well as the roof itself.
  5. Other Blocks. A door, ladders, torches, a trapdoor, and a few other blocks are either necessary or optional. Refer to the instructions below.

With the above said, we can move on.

Step 1: A Flat Place to Start

Before you start your Minecraft tower, you are going to want to find a flat and level place to build on. Preferably, high on a hill or a mountain. The reasoning here is that when your tower is itself high up, it will be harder to reach by both hostile mobs and players alike.

Having a height advantage against attackers is also advantageous, allowing you to fire arrows or throw potions down at them with ease. Water and lava buckets can also be used offensively from the top of the tower, adding yet another obstacle any would be attackers would have to contend with.

If the place you want to build isn’t flat and level to your liking, you can, of course, level it flat using your shovel and pickaxe, or by adding dirt and cobblestone to create a large and flat area. A roughly 9-by-9 block area should be adequate for this tower.

Step 2: Lay the Foundation

Once you have cleared or leveled out the appropriate area for your Minecraft tower, the next step is to lay the foundation. As outlined above, we are going for a foundation of cobblestone blocks, seven blocks in diameter.

If you are unsure at this part, the following website has a useful tool for checking circle size and shape in Minecraft: ( Otherwise, you’ll know you’ve got the right shape when the outermost sides are three blocks long, and the total number of placed blocks is 37.

Step 3: The Door and Walls

Next, begin placing stone bricks around the edge of the foundation, leaving a space for a door in the middle of one side of the ring. There are several doors to choose from here. We recommend using the spruce version of the wooden door as it helps to provide a nice medieval aesthetic to a given build. Once the first two ‘rings’ of stone brick blocks are placed, continue adding rings of stone bricks upward. At four blocks high you should have used about 62 blocks, discounting the two blocks unused in place of the door. This means that every four additional blocks of height in our tower will require at the most 64 blocks or one full stack of stone bricks. 

The tower we will be building here will be 12 blocks in height, meaning about three stacks of blocks total. However, feel free to add or remove layers if you feel the need to.

Step 4: Stairs or Ladders?

Now that we’ve completed the lower and central portions of the Minecraft tower, we can work on the upper portion. First, however, we should add a way to reach the top from the ground more easily. You have a couple of options here: You can use a simple wooden ladder that reaches from the ground floor to the top, or you can place a staircase going up and down.

Both of these approaches have their own advantages and disadvantages, but for simplicity’s sake, we recommend using ladders. Placing the ladder is straightforward: simply attach it to any of the interior walls of the tower, reaching up to the top. Add or remove as many ladder blocks as you need to, depending on the height of the tower.

Step 5: Topping it Off

Once you are satisfied regarding the height of the tower, we can now go about topping the Minecraft tower off. First, start by using stone brick blocks to make a 9-block diameter circle around the top of the middle section of the tower. Again, you can refer to the website linked above here. The 9×9 ring should be about 20 blocks in total. Fill the ring in with either up-facing wood slabs (wood slabs placed in the ‘upper’ portion of a block space) or more stone brick blocks, leaving space for either the ladder or the staircase as mentioned previously.

Once you’ve laid down the floor/roof of your tower, you can start to work on the crenelations. I.e., the decorative notches that form the tops of castle walls or battlements. These are easy and simple to do in Minecraft. 

First, add a second 9×9 ring of blocks, forming a low wall around the top. Next, add alternating blocks around the rim of the top of the tower. There are a couple of different layouts, so feel free to experiment here to see what’s more comfortable with you. We recommend placing blocks on the corners of the outermost sides.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Congratulations! Your tower is complete. Now all you need to do is add the finishing touches. You can add furniture in the form of a bed, chests, furnaces and crafting tables. Add lighting by placing torches on the inner walls. You can even go the extra step and add additional floors inside the tower, dramatically increasing the available space to build on. You can hang custom banners on the sides of the tower’s crown, as a way of giving your personal touch to the building. Finally, if you want to add some variety and uniqueness to the outside, consider using vines or mossy stone brick blocks to give your tower an air of age and weathering. You can also add arrow slits in the walls of the tower by combining stone brick stairs with their upside-down variants.


There are many things to build in Minecraft. Whether it’s a house, a castle or something else, a degree of skill and some effort can make anything look good. With that said, we hope this guide for building a Minecraft tower is of help to you.

How To Build A Minecraft Barn: The Tips and Tricks

simple minecraft barn
Image from Pixabay

Minecraft is so exciting when you gather resources to build something epic. However, building can also be a little frustrating, especially when you need the structure you are building to survive, but a Minecraft barn is just for storing cattle and various farming tools and items. So, for the sake of survival, the barn is not really something to stress over. In this tutorial, we will just focus on making a basic Minecraft barn. If you are new to Minecraft or just refreshing your memory, making a barn for your cattle and various animals is fairly simple. However, before we jump into the steps, let us briefly overview some basic information about a Minecraft barn and why it is significant in the game.

Why You Need a Minecraft Barn

Minecraft offers worlds upon worlds of pure adventure, along with complete control over the things within each created world. However, survival in the game is entirely dependent on resources found within the world. With these resources, the player will be able to craft and build a shelter, as well as other various buildings. Players can also add crops and collect harvest by planting seeds. Ideally, the barn would be in proximity of where crops are planted and harvested.

The Importance of a Minecraft Barn

minecraft game 3d
Image from Pixabay

A Minecraft barn is a self-made structure where you can keep various animals that produce some kind of resource. This structure protects cattle from zombies, skeletons and spiders, as well as the occasional witch or enderman. It also keeps the animals from spawning and despawning and keeps them in the chosen pens. Barns keep the player stocked with resources like beef, milk, pork, eggs and wool. What is great about having resources nearby is that the less distance you travel, the slower your stamina depletes. There would also be less enemies to fight if you have to travel at night. All the way around, the barn is a necessary structure for survival in the game.

How to Build a Minecraft Barn

Brief Overview

Before the building starts, all the necessary resources must be gathered and crafted into building materials for the planned structure. If you want to build freely with all the items in Minecraft already in your inventory, just change the gamemode from “survival” to “creator” and build away! However, we are sticking to the former for this build to keep things casual and fair.

Prep Materials

Venture out into the wilderness to gather materials of your choice, and put them in a large chest near the area you will build on. You will need some space in your inventory for later. Be sure that you have enough of the right resources. To prepare for building a Minecraft barn, gather as many as desired of the following materials below:

  • Logs to craft into wooden planks                
  • Fencing Torches
  • Wooden doors
  • Signs
  • Pickaxes
  • Axes
  • Shovels
  • Hay
  • Glass/windows

Digging the Floor

Dig one block down and remove blocks in the shape of a large rectangle or square. Fill in the hole with blocks of your choice for the floor. Make this barn as big as you would like in length, width or height. However, do try to keep the base and walls of the barn at an even number of blocks. An odd number of blocks will make your building a bit funky, but if you do not mind it, go for it. It will still be a barn and hardly noticeable once the barn is finished.

Putting Up Some Walls

Now that you have the layout of the floor of the barn, it is time to build walls. Make the walls as tall as you would like the barn to be by adding layers of blocks around the floor. Build the outside walls up at least to where you would like to place the second floor. However, do not add the floor, yet. It will be easier to build the stables inside. Stables will keep the cattle from leaving your farm and protect against the beasts of the night.

Inside the Barn

Make a doorway in the wall by removing two blocks in any wall. This will give you the ability to enter the structure and start on stables for the animals. Each pen should be at least two blocks wide and three blocks long. If the barn is large enough, feel free to make the stables bigger. Make sure that you have a hallway through the middle of the barn for easy access to the stables. If it helps to see exactly how much space is desired for, as well as in between the stables for the animals, set up a stall outside of the structure and place any large animal within it using a lead. Find the perfect stable layout for the barn and the animals.

Time for the Stables

Building stables will be the most intensive part of the barn. Section off each stable by adding wooden fencing between and around each stall and insert a wooden gate in the front. Place hay in the stalls for food, use it to make the floor and in or around each stall, if desired. The layout of the stables is up to the player and can be done in a number of ways. Besides, it is not a complete barn if does not hold a ridiculous amount of hay, which is not only for eating, but for covering the barn floor, and feeding cows and other animals.

Upward onto the Attic

After the stables are done, you can now apply a layer of wooden planks over the top of your fist floor. The attic can be accessible by adding a ladder and making a hole in the floor. It is a normal trait for a basic barn of this style, and it could be used for storage or serve as a second floor of stables. Put a bed up there if you would like to stay close to something you may be working on or establish a spawning point.

Put a Roof over Their Heads

The roof is a little tricky. To achieve an A-frame style roof, place an extra layer of blocks on the surrounding walls. Then, place another layer on the outside of that addition and on top of the blocks for the walls. Delete the first layer you added, as this will provide a somewhat stair-like result. Repeat until the blocks meet in the middle of the roof. Fill in various open spaces in the front and back of the barn with blocks, stairs or slabs. This gives the roof a more realistic trim and shingles. Another option is creating a roof all your own. A flatter roof can be achieved in the same fashion, as you can simply add a smaller amount of layers.  The roof could also feature small side windows or patios, so get as fancy as your heart desires.

Rein in the Cattle

Add additional blocks to finish the details of the barn like the doors and windows, chests for storage, and torches for light inside and out to keep the monsters away at night. Add anything that achieves the desired look of your barn. The last thing to do is to move your cattle inside and let them provide you with sustenance. Cows, sheep, chicken, eggs, pigs, fish and rabbits are all sources of energy that you can cook to perfection in the brick oven. Catch fish nearby, or make a source of water and craft a fishing pole to catch a variety of fish from source water.  


Once you have finished the barn and brought in all the animals, you can get back to fighting for your survival. Hopefully, this tutorial was helpful for new players, parents, and even all the devout Minecraft players. While building can get confusing at times, the more you build, the more you learn. Dozens of reliable Minecraft video tutorials are available via YouTube for just about everything you can think of and every problem that you could run into.

However, not only is it just really cool to build a barn, but it is very important for the players’ chances of survival. The barn is meant to provide resources like milk, eggs and various meats. Having the barn makes finding food much less stressful, and a lot less time and stamina can be spent on wandering to find animals to kill for meat, eggs and milk. Tame wolves and horses to venture onward and upward, and you can have them carry items and wear armor. The wolves, when tamed, will attack hostile mobs to protect the player. However, they can only sustain so much damage before they inevitably die and you are out a furry friend.

When building and exploring in the endless possibilities of Minecraft worlds, it can be very inspiring and helpful to see what others have created. This provides a sense of motivation to create and share your creations. It also helps to practice some building before starting on a large project. Get to know the materials and all of their possibilities for crafting, cooking and mining. Journey deep into the darkness of caves to mine gemstones. Building a Minecraft barn will become second nature, and soon, all of your builds will be epic!