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In a game like Minecraft, it’s very easy to do everything the game wants you to do. That’s why the sandbox aspect is so handy, as to allow you to do whatever you like beyond the confines of what the game says. This is one of the reasons added Minecraft is so fun. However, if you are unable or just don’t want to download mods, you’ll have to find another way to fill your days in-game. This is where Minecraft challenges come in.

Minecraft challenges are missions that one person comes up with and presents to the community online. The players pick them up and run, playing the game with this challenge in mind or finding a whole new way to play. The point is to have fun and find creative ways to see the game like never before. Out of all the Minecraft challenges out there, we compiled the best we could find in this list.

Product FAQ

1. What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game created to allow players to build and craft and mine whatever they desired. In the game, blocks are used by players to build anything they can imagine, from weapons to buildings.

2. What Do Minecraft Challenges Do?

Minecraft challenges are ideas of how to play the game without creating a map or asking the players to download mods or texture packs. They’re simply missions or new premises and let loose on the world.

3. How Do Minecraft Challenges Work?

The person coming up with the challenge shares their idea online. The idea consists of missions or a new way to play the game to make it new; and potentially harder. The player takes these challenges and creates a new server or seed to begin their challenge.

4. Where Can You Find Minecraft Challenges?

Minecraft challenges can be found online in various places. A great place to start looking is 

How We Reviewed

The basic principle of Minecraft challenges is that they have to be fun! We made this list with fun and creative ideas in mind. All of the Minecraft challenges listed here don’t require extra downloads unless you want to make the experience different for your own reasons.

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Minecraft challenges don’t cost a thing as they’re simply story ideas: not even a map to share to the community. Minecraft itself can be purchased for PC at for around $27 or from retailers on consoles.

Overall Price Range of This Product (and Similar Products)

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  • Post Nuclear War Challenge
  • The Floor Is Lava Challenge
  • The Tree Spirit Challenge
  • Water Spirit Challenge
  • The Mercenary Challenge

Post Nuclear War Challenge


This challenge is something you can do in vanilla Minecraft without downloading a mod. The Last Days Texture Pack and Solar Apocalypse Mod are recommended but not required. Basically, this challenge is all about living underground after the nuclear war has wiped out civilization. Everything above ground, including the sun, is too dangerous now. 

All of your resources must be found underground. Even the shelter itself must be three blocks thick on all sides to keep out the radiation. Assuming you’re looking for a way to win this challenge, you can either wait 180 Minecraft days for the radiation to wear off, dig a three-by-three tunnel 256 blocks away from base, or create a cure by making five Regeneration II potions.


  • The outside world is completely off-limits during the day
  • You may be able to scavenge after sunset but not for very long
  • Everything outside of the base is contaminated
  • You can’t eat anything from the overworld, and all loot from overworld mobs are off-limits completely
  • Water is also contaminated: if you need water, you’ll have to find a spring or lake in caves
  • The shelter has to have walls that are three blocks thick, and the outer layer must be smooth stone
  • Any entrance to the outside must have an airlock or a room with doors on each end
  • The airlock needs to contain a safe water source to clean any items you’re bringing in, but the aforementioned ones are still off-limits
  • All rooms except farms must be kept small

If you want the challenge to be harder, assume that everything is also extremely cold. You must burn one unit of coal in every room of your base every day or else freeze to death. Once you go to the nether and get some netherack, you can build a fireplace or a heating room, which would negate the use of coal consumption.


  • You should give yourself one Minecraft day to collect supplies in the overworld before the proverbial blast
  • Building a full set of armor should protect you from the radiation, but leave the armor outside in a chest
  • Mushrooms are a great way to eat during these harsh times, so consider building a mushroom farm
  • You can have windows in your base so long as they’re as thick as the walls

The Floor Is Lava Challenge


You’ve played this before, right? The same rules apply in Minecraft. You can’t touch the ground. Any naturally occurring dirt, stone, grass, water, or sand means instant death.

You start this challenge by entering a new seed with a spawn chest. Find your chest, jump on top of it, and never touch the ground again. Some extra challenges included are building a tree house, building a dark platform for loot, obtaining one of every animal, building a cobble generator, building a farm, and building a tree farm. This might sound a lot like skyblocks: well, it is! 


  • If you touch the ground, you must kill your character and destroy all the loot on your person
  • You can still mine but as you get deeper, the lava gets hotter: place one block of cobblestone between you and the lava for every ten blocks below sea level you are
  • Some blocks are too heavy to build sky bridges with
  • Wood and leaves are light enough to build with 
  • Heavy structures need support with pillars
  • No flammable block can be placed on the ground
  • If flammable blocks touch the ground, you’ll have to destroy them as if they’ve burned up
  • All mobs are fire resistant and can walk on the ground: you’ll have to lure them to you
  • Mined materials can be used like regular blocks
  • Being in water is enough to survive in the lava, but there must be a source block touching you


  • Mobs can be lured in with a fishing rod or wheat
  • To destroy loot, you can either throw it into fire, lava, cactus, or any other block that deals damage
  • For mining, stone bricks count for three blocks of cobblestone

The Tree Spirit Challenge


This challenge is a little like the lava one, but a little more aching. The first step is to find a tree and chop it down, collecting all the logs and saplings while leaving the bottom log alone. Then you hop up on your log and you begin the challenge. You can now only go where there are tree logs connected to the center-most log.


  • Start the game in a new seed
  • Pick a single tree in any area to cut down and use while leaving the bottom log alone
  • You cannot move away from your tree
  • So long as the log is directly next to, under, or on top of you, you cannot mine or dig or fight anything
  • You can chop down other trees but you can’t use their logs to build on
  • The only logs you can use are from the saplings of the original tree
  • You can build with any materials; but remember that you’re a tree, not a castle
  • Play on easy or normal as peaceful removes most of the challenge and takes away bone meal
  • You can replace the center log to be more aesthetic if you like, so long as that block is also fragile, like wool or glowstone
  • If the center block is somehow destroyed, the challenge is over


  • If your source tree drops no saplings, just get saplings from another tree to start out with
  • Use dirt to create a shelter on your first night
  • Be extremely wary of any fire
  • Consider building water locks to automatically dispense water anywhere blocks are destroyed
  • A fishing rod can be extremely useful

The Water Spirit Challenge


This is another challenge where the player has restricted movement. In this case, you cannot leave the nearest water source you spawned in and can start with a diamond armor set, diamond tool set, and a single bucket. Your mission is to expand to other water sources and grow your empire.


  • Most important rule: never leave the water
  • If you build a house out of dirt, you cannot place a chest inside it
  • Whenever possible, make a house out of glass
  • Connect every water source you can find
  • You must stay connected to the home water or the water you spawned near
  • Any monsters that touch the water must be killed, except for monsters that live inside the water, which are optional targets
  • If a slime touches your water, you must break the connection to their position and get rid any water from it that’s in buckets


  • Luring your enemy into deeper water and striking them from below gives you an advantage
  • When making a house, empty all of the water except the bottom layer
  • To travel far, use two water source blocks and alternate
  • Pour water behind animals or objects to push them out to sea

The Mercenary Challenge


If you were looking for a more freeing and combative challenge, this is the one for you! The premise is that you wake up in a new land with nothing except your skills as a swordsman. Complete missions to access new materials and equipment to survive and create your paradise. Each mission is divided into stages; creating something similar to a roleplaying game without any mods.


  • Stage zero is all about finding a village: be sure to find a good one with lots of NPCs.
  • Build a small home for yourself or take an abandoned house, then begin your first mission
  • Patrol the town all night with extremely basic tools, gathering any loot dropped by mobs and freedom to use the village’s farm
  • In stage one, you can use wood and stone swords, leather armor, and bows, as well as tame wolves 
  • You must build a central compound that contains your quarters (bed, chest, and painting), storage room (one double chest), and a meeting room (two by three table and two chairs)
  • Build a wall around the village to keep out all hostile mobs, including spiders, then light the entire village
  • Be rewarded with the ability to use metals
  • In stage two, you can use iron and gold
  • You must build a blacksmith shop with a furnace, workbench, and anvil
  • Then build a watchtower at least ten blocks high
  • Connect all buildings by a wall enclosing your area
  • Then explore caves and destroy a mob spawner
  • Be rewarded with the use of enchantments and potions
  • In stage three, you can use enchantments
  • You must build a nether portal, a library, and an alchemy workshop
  • Then go into the nether, find a nether fortress, and retrieve lava from a lava well
  • Be rewarded with the use of diamond tools
  • In stage four, you can use everything
  • You must build a throne room with a big chair and vaulting ceiling, as well as a treasury to contain valuables and a monument to yourself
  • Go to The End and defeat the dragon


  • You can complete other quests that you can think of and fortify your village even more
  • Create a chest to house all of your gold and valuables
  • Incorporate redstone into your game

The Verdict


There are a lot of challenges out there for you to try out, and the ones listed here are a lot of fun to try some time. However, the most fun one sounds like the Mercenary Challenge. It doesn’t restrict you, and you’re able to complete missions. However, the Mercenary Challenge does have a clear ending. If you want something for the long haul, pretending that the floor is lava might just do the trick. No matter what you decide to do, remember to stay chill about the more difficult rules and have fun.

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