How To Install Minecraft Mods

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Mods (or to be more specific, the act of modifying a game and its files) are one of the best things out there in the video game industry. Through mods, players can greatly enhance their game and play through it from a completely different angle, an experience that is sure to bring plenty of fun and good times. Due to mods, the game can either have an extended life cycle or become something memorable to the player base and the community. As a result, knowing how to install Minecraft mods is extremely important if you play the game frequently and wish to enhance the overall experience.

Although the main purpose in Minecraft is to try to survive while building various things, mods can really turn the game into a whole new, different experience. Through this guide, we will teach you how to install Minecraft mods into your version of Minecraft correctly.

What Are Minecraft Mods?

Before we can even begin explaining how to install Minecraft mods, it’s best to acquaint ourselves with the mods and understand how they work and what they do.

In Minecraft, players can create their own mods and share those mods with others within the community. However, the fun doesn’t necessarily have to end there, because it is also possible to remix other players’ mods, thus creating a constant evolution of the ways to play the game. A simple and generic mod can become the next big thing within the Minecraft community if a bunch of players download it and enhance it with their very own ideas and designs.

Although there are mods that can, for example, change your inventory or add a new element or feature into the game, there are also mods known as resource packages. Resource packages are images that replace the original versions within Minecraft so that objects end up looking different. For instance, you can install a resource package mod that changes the game’s sky into a far more realistic version, thus adding more depth, realism, and shadow into the game. 

Why Is There a Need for Minecraft Mods?

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Now, before you find out how to install Minecraft mods, there is just one more thing that you need to know, and that is the purpose of Minecraft mods. Why do Minecraft players need mods?

As we have stated at the beginning, mods are generally used to either change or enhance the overall experience and feel of the game. Take the resource packages that we talked about in the previous section. Would you rather survive in a Minecraft world that has the boring, default, and unoriginal sky, or would you rather have a far more realistic sky that makes the world feel more alive and unique?

Resource packages aren’t the only things that can be considered mods in Minecraft. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different mods out there, each one bringing something completely different to the table. Do you have problems with managing items and things you acquire? It’s not a problem, because there is a mod for that! Perhaps you wish to be challenged and want to take on tougher and scarier enemies? Well, there is a mod that takes care of that! Whatever your needs are, there is sure to be a mod for it.

How To Install Minecraft Mods

With the basics of mods and what they are and do out of the way, it’s time to finally answer the question of how to install Minecraft mods. But before you can download and install your favorite mods, there are a few things you need to take care of first.

Back Up Your Game Files and World

Since mods tend to mess around with the game and its files, there is always a chance that something could go wrong, especially if the creator behind the mod is a novice and is inexperienced. As a result of that, it’s best to back up the game’s files and keep them safe from any potential harm that a mod might cause.

The three most important files that pertain to Minecraft are minecraft.jar, .minecraft/saves, and .minecraft/stats. Those are the three files you want to back up. In order to back up those files, all you have to do is simply create a new folder and copy the files into the new folder. That way, if something goes wrong, all you will have to do is copy the files back into the original Minecraft folder.

Now that we have that out of the way, the next thing you want to do is download Minecraft Forge.

Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge is a program that is associated with Minecraft and mods pertaining to the game. This is the program you will use to install your mods.

The first thing you will have to do is download the application itself by going to the following website: Find the version that you need and then download it and make sure it corresponds with your version of Minecraft. If it is your very first time downloading the application, choose the “Recommended” option.

Once you have downloaded Minecraft Forge, you then have to install the application, and after successfully installing Minecraft Forge, you must open up Minecraft itself. After you have opened up Minecraft, look in the profile drop-down menu, and you should see that you now have a new profile called Forge. Select Forge and launch the game. The good news is that you are now halfway there to knowing how to install Minecraft mods.

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Downloading a Mod

Finding a mod for Minecraft can be done pretty much anywhere on the internet, but that can create a bunch of problems. For example, the mod might not be compatible with Minecraft Forge, might not work at all, or might be corrupted. The safest and best places to download mods are PlanetMinecraft and ResourcePack. The mods from those two websites are safe to download and install without creating any unnecessary problems.

To download the mod, all you have to do is simply download it. All of the mods will either come in a ZIP, RAR, or JAR format. Make sure you have the corresponding program so you can unzip the mod itself after downloading it.

Installing a Mod

Now comes the part of figuring out how to install Minecraft mods.

To properly install the mod, all you have to do is copy the entire zip file of the mod into the mods folder that Forge has created in the .minecraft folder. Once you have managed to transport the mod from its zip file to the Forge file folder, you will need to open up Minecraft again. Minecraft Forge will check the folder to see if there are any changes. If there are, then the mod installation process was done correctly, and you have managed to install your mod.

As far as resource packages go, they are opened from the Options menu within Minecraft itself. Simply navigate to the Options menu, and you should be able to see the resource packages selection on the screen.

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A Few Things to Mention

Before you can begin enjoying your mods, it’s best to keep some things in mind. Always read the instructions that come with each mod. They can be found either on the website where you downloaded the mod or as a text file within the zip file. If Minecraft freezes or crashes when launching the mod, make sure that the mod’s version is compatible with Minecraft’s; the same goes for Minecraft Forge. Make sure that the mod is also compatible with the program.

If the versions do match but the mod still crashes, perhaps the mod needs another mod to run properly. Read the mod’s instructions for possible answers or clues. Again, be sure to back up your three most important files pertaining to Minecraft: minecraft.jar, .minecraft/saves, and .minecraft/stats


You finally know how to install Minecraft mods. Well done! If you followed all the instructions precisely, you shouldn’t experience any problems with Minecraft or any mod you might have downloaded.  

With Minecraft being extremely popular and played by millions all over the world, it’s no surprise it has so many unique mods. And since you now know how to install Minecraft mods, you can now join many other players and have a completely different and unique experience while playing.  If you wish to test the entire installation process, there are two very simple mods you can download right now. Lucky Block is one mod that was inspired by the memorable yellow blocks from Super Mario. This mod provides players with a block that generates a completely random item upon harvesting it. From over 100 different items to choose from, what will the Lucky Block give you?

TooManyItems is a second mod you can use that helps you organize, sort, and manage all the items you collect during gameplay. With additional buttons and a useful inventory search tool, you are sure to feel more comfortable when browsing and searching through your items. Hopefully, the next time you launch Minecraft with mods, you will be able to enjoy a whole new experience.  

How To Use The Minecraft Banner Maker

Minecraft banners first appeared in Version 1.8 of the game and have been a fun feature of the game ever since. Banners are highly customizable, and you can make them into nearly any color or pattern you could dream of. Luckily, with all the options for your banner available to you, it’s easy to make banners just to your liking using the in-game Minecraft banner maker.

What Are Minecraft Banners?

minecraft town
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Minecraft banners are crafted in the game using a stick and some wool. The banner will always turn out to be the color of the wool being used, but there are tons of ways to further customize the banner by using the Minecraft banner maker. Banners can be placed pretty much anywhere in the game, including on walls and the ground. Most notably, though, banners are often used as a design on shields.

What Is the Minecraft Banner Maker?

minecraft tower
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What we will call the Minecraft banner maker can be used to craft many more in-game objects other than banners. The Minecraft banner maker is most commonly known as the crafting table.

When you first begin playing Minecraft, you are supplied with a 2-by-2 crafting grid. It’s useful at first, and you can make simple items with it, but as you advance in the game, you will soon see the need to upgrade to the bigger and better-crafting table. The crafting table is a 3-by-3 grid that can be used to make a variety of different objects such as weapons, tools, armor, and of course, banners.

How to Use the Minecraft Banner Maker

minecraft bridge
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The Minecraft banner maker, or crafting table, is simple to use once you get the hang of it. Customizing a banner is a precise process, with the exact turnout depending on the colors of dye and items you have, and where you place these pieces of dye and items on the grid. Luckily, some steps can help ensure that you get the Minecraft banner of your dreams.

How to Create a Blank Banner

minecraft house
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To get a fully customized banner, you must first start with a blank one. To create a blank banner, you will use the crafting grid as your Minecraft banner maker. To create a banner, you need to have six pieces of wool and one stick and then place them all on the crafting grid. Now that you have a banner, you get to let your imagination run wild and make it look pretty much any way you want it to.

How to Make a Banner Pattern

To make a pattern on your banner, you must re-add your banner to the crafting table. While you can’t draw on your banner in Minecraft just yet, you can place items on the grid to create your banner just as you’d like it. Since you can use up to six patterns per banner, banners can become quite intricate. So as you look through the instructions on how to create each pattern, you might think of combinations of patterns you want to use together to make the perfect Minecraft banner.

How to Make Halves

minecraft statues
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The proper way to divide your banner into colored halves is by using a pattern of six dyes arranged either to the left, right, top, or bottom of the crafting table. If you’d rather divide your banner diagonally, you can use a pattern of three pieces of dye in any of the corners, corresponding to where you would like the color to be on your banner.

How to Make Stripes

To make a stripe on your banner, you can create a section of three pieces of dye on your crafting table, lined up either vertically or horizontally depending on how you would like the stripe to show up on your banner. Alternatively, if you would like a vertical stripe pattern on your banner, there’s a way to do this too.

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Simply use four pieces of dye on the crafting grid, place two of them on the top corners and then place a second piece of dye underneath each of the first two pieces of dye. Once you do this, your banner will have four vertical stripes on it.

How to Make Crosses

If you would like a cross consisting of a vertical stripe and a horizontal stripe, make sure that the three middle sections on the grid are covered in dye – both horizontally and vertically. This will only take five pieces of dye. If you would like a diagonal cross on your banner, you will put one piece of dye in the middle, and then another piece of dye in each of the four corners, also requiring only five pieces of dye.

How to Make Gradients

minecraft city
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To make a gradient, you will need four pieces of dye. To make the color gradient go from top to bottom, put two pieces in each of the top corners, and then one in the middle of the grid, and another one just below it. To make the color gradient go from bottom to top, all you will need to do is reverse this. Put two dyes in each of the bottom corners, one dye in the very center of the grid, and another just above it – in the top center section of the grid.

How to Make Brickwork Patterns

To make a brickwork pattern, you must put a brick block on the crafting table. This will make a very simple black and white brickwork pattern. To spice it up and add color, add some dye to the crafting table along with the brick block to further customize your banner.

How to Make Borders

To make a plain border, you will need eight pieces of dye, placed along every edge of the crafting grid. To make a more elegant border, you can use one piece of dye and a piece of vine. This makes for a more intricate and fancy border.

How to Make Shapes

minecraft character running
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Shapes are fairly easy to do, but there’s a lot to memorize.

To make a square in the corner of your banner, you can place a single piece of dye in any of the corners on the crafting table.

To make a triangle on either the top or the bottom of your banner, you will need three pieces of dye. To make a triangle at the top, you will need to put a piece of dye in each of the top corners, and one in the very middle of the grid. Inversely, to do this at the bottom of the banner, do the opposite, with a piece of dye in each of the bottom corners, and one in the very center of the grid.

To make a set of teeth on either the top or bottom of your banner, you will also need three pieces of dye. The pattern for this is very similar for making a triangle, so try not to get them confused. To make a set of teeth at the top, you will need to have one piece of dye in the center of the top row and one on either side of the middle row, using three pieces of dye in total. To do this at the bottom, do the exact opposite. Leaving the two pieces of dye on either side of the middle row, add the third piece of dye to the center of the bottom row.

To make a circle in the center of your banner, add one piece of dye to the center of the crafting table.

To make a diamond shape in the center of your banner, you will need four pieces of dye, each placed in the center of each side of the grid.

How to Make Icons

You can make icons by adding any of a number of different items to the crafting grid. Simply adding an item will give you an icon in plain black, but you can spice this up by adding a dye along with the item to give it some color. There are a few different items that can be used to make an icon on a banner. For example, placing a Creeper Head on the crafting table will result in a Creeper face on your banner.

How to Reuse a Banner Pattern

Considering how complex banners can become once you’ve used the six allotted patterns, it’s a good thing that you won’t need to go through all the steps again to produce an identical banner later on. You can reuse the pattern time and time again provided that you are using the same color of wool as you did to make the original banner. All you must do is copy your previous design onto a blank banner of the same color wool by using the crafting table.


Minecraft is full of customizable options, and banners are no exception to this rule. Banners can be made as simply or as extravagantly as you’d like, and luckily, the in-game Minecraft banner maker makes every step of this process easy. There’s no better way to show your flair on your walls or your shield than by using a banner.